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Jonas Jerebko guarantees Pistons will make playoffs next year

Jonas Jerebko, via Vincent Goodwill of The Detroit News:

"We’re going to the playoffs next year. We know what it takes. You can’t start off a season 4-20 and bounce back."

He was asked if he was guaranteeing anything, seeing as how former Piston Rasheed Wallace made headlines years ago with his famous boasts.

"Yes, sir," said Jerebko with a smile. "We’re a playoff team, with playoff-caliber players."

I don’t know whether Jerebko will be right, but the Pistons have a reasonable shot of making the playoffs next season – especially if their players prepare as though it’s an expectation.


  • Apr 23, 201210:33 am
    by domnick


    every team has a chance… even bobcats do have chance… but its all about preparation… and if Austin Daye improves

    • Apr 23, 20121:24 pm
      by David


      Please say that was sarcasm on the Austin Daye comment. If the Pistons making the playoffs depends on Daye’s improvement, well i may just have to turn in my fan card.

      • Apr 23, 20125:18 pm
        by tarsier


        It is totally conceivable that Daye would improve enough that having him as a 9th man or whatever would get the Pistons one or two more wins than they would otherwise get. It is also totally conceivable that one or two wins could be the difference between the Pistons making the postseason or missing it again. However, it is true that the concordance of these two possibilities is very unlikely.

  • Apr 23, 201210:49 am
    by Todd


    If the Pistons are able to make a move to free up the logjam at SF, while adding a defensive big, I think The Swedish Missile/Eagle could be spot on. Making the playoffs isn’t that far off – albeit as an 8 seed.

    Since starting 4-20, the Pistons have played .500 ball – scary to think about when most of us were wishing for an Anthony Davis or Andre Drummond to fall in our lap, the Pistons simply went out and played average basketball to make sure that they fell into the latter section of the lottery picks.

  • Apr 23, 201211:06 am
    by Mark


    If they continue to play like they have since the 4-20 start, and continue that through next year, they should definitely be at least around a .500 team, which should be good enough for a low seed. Especially if they make some good additions.

    Before ppl say, ‘wow, the 8th seed, I’d rather tank again’… No. Tanking ends this year, they need to get back into the playoffs next year if possible, even if only an 8th seed. You have to build success in the NBA in steps. There’s a big difference between making the playoffs an 8th seed with a team of veterans about to be blown up like in ’09, and doing it with a team of young players of your future.

    I like what IND has done. They were an 8th seed last year, fought hard with the Bulls, even if they lost 4-1. But then added David West, a year more experience for their young guys, and now they are the 3 seed. Thats how you do it when your a team like the Pistons that doesnt have the luxury of adding a superstar to transform them into overnight contenders like LAC or MIA.

    • Apr 23, 20125:21 pm
      by tarsier


      In a vacuum, an 8th seed seems totally doable. But who do you suppose would drop out to make that possible? I mean, Boston seems like an obvious choice. But we don’t yet know for sure if they will blow things up. There is also Orlando–if Dwight is traded before the season. But Milwaukee will also be looking to hop into any new playoff vacancy.

    • Apr 23, 20126:21 pm
      by tarsier


      Also, the really impressive thing about Indiana, why they have so much more potential that Detroit, is that only Granger, West, and Barbosa (barely) are making over $3M. The Pistons don’t have contract books that lovely.

  • Apr 23, 201212:03 pm
    by vic


    I totally agree with JJ. I said the same thing in my last comment on your previous blog entry. 

    This Pistons team that has been playing .500 ball is well improved, and with a couple pieces added, and a smart coach that knows how to tighten the rotation, we’ll definitely make playoffs next year.

  • Apr 23, 20121:18 pm
    by MrBlockedShot


    I agree we have a shot to make it to the playoffs, most of all because of  being a team in the East conference,  but it will depend on how good moves we make in the offseason. Draft is going to be an important part of it, but at least a couple of additional trades are needed too. If we add some athletism and fresh legs to our roster anything is possible. Anyway I hope Jerebko is not too optimistic about our chances. Hopefully he’s not wrong. It will be great to see the Pistons competing again for something but ping-pong balls…

  • Apr 23, 20121:49 pm
    by kiya nieman


    they better make the playoffs next year because it has been to long since the pistons went to they playoffs and they better go next year because as a fan i think it has been time for them to go and they better play the best basketball they have ever played next year and then they might win a freaking championship next year

  • Apr 23, 20125:07 pm
    by Trent


    I think its fair to agree that we can expect significant and continual improvement from Moose, JJ and Knight along with the same production we have seen out of Stuck in the mid-section of the year. This alone makes us playoff caliber. Add in some talent via the draft and some savvy free agents signings and i think we have a shot. There is a real chance for the pistons front office to be bald this off season. Cut/Trade Daye, Bynum, Wilkins, Russell, Prince and amnesty CV and continue to build with players of the same character as Moose and Knight. Not only are they talented but they are hard-working and modest, exactly what our city loves. We know there will be some good free agents floating around and all of sudden with a good young core coupled with the improvement in The Palace facilities and the winning traditions the Pistons is now and exciting place to ball.

    • Apr 23, 20125:29 pm
      by tarsier


      I strongly disagree that we can expect significant improvement for JJ. Moose and Knight are both liable to improve, but significantly? Who knows? Monroe in particular was steadily improving from the moment he started playing in the NBA until about this all-star break. Since then, he has totally plateaued.

      Also, the rationale that you use (internal improvement from young guys plus draft infusion and savvy free agent signings) are used by fans of every team. But the NBA is restricted to a zero sum game. Not everyone can improve. And Detroit has cause to be expected to be pretty average in improvement/degradation. They have a pretty even mix of young guys, guys around their prime, and players definitely on the downside of their careers–both if you just look at the roster and if you look at who gets minutes.

      Not to be too pessimistic. I expect Detroit to be in “contention,” as Langlois likes to say, for the last playoff spot. But try not to be too confident of strong progress.

      • Apr 24, 201210:34 pm
        by Max


        There were hardly any practices this year and Frank tried to improve the team defensively more than anything.  I strongly suspect we will see Monroe in the position of a full time offensive hub next season and as such, he will blow away what he did this year.

        • Apr 24, 201211:08 pm
          by tarsier


          But again, those are factors that apply to every team in the league. If you want to claim Detroit will be better next year, you need to choose a line of reasoning that fits the Pistons but not every other team. Again with the whole zero sum game thing.

  • Apr 23, 20126:18 pm
    by Jodi Jezz


    I think the Pistons have a good team…We’ve been playing .500 ball since the 4-20 start…If Dumars can draft, sign in FA, or trade for a good Center, we’ll have a good chance of making the playoffs next season…

  • Jun 22, 20124:27 pm
    by Kiya


    The pistons are coming back next year and they are going to the Playoffs I hope they win the whole thing next year

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