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Jason Maxiell considering opting out of his contract after comeback season

Vincent Goodwill of The Detroit News:

Maxiell, who signed a four-year, $20 million extension right before the 2008-09 season, has a player option for next season where he could become a restricted free agent.

If he did so, he’d leave $5 million on the table.

“It’s an option,” Maxiell said

While he’s unlikely to get $5 million a season from another team, long-term security could be in mind for the 29-year-old forward and now could be just as good a time as any to hit the market.

“That could be the smart thing to do, but Detroit’s my home and the security I have with them could be great for next season,” said Maxiell, who’s married and a father of an infant son. “But again, I had a great year but the time hasn’t come yet.”

Jason Maxiell would be an unrestricted free agent – not a restricted free agent, as Goodwill wrote said an editor inserted before the error was corrected in the story without acknowledging the article previously contained an inaccuracy – but otherwise, that’s the case. Maxiell could give himself a chance at more long-term money at the expense of a short-term pay cut by opting out.

It’s remarkable Maxiell is even in the position where this is relevant. He was a legitimate amnesty candidate before the season, but after dropping weight, he’s played very well as a starter this year.

It’s for that reason, I’d be leery of re-signing Maxiell if he opts out. He’d be opting out to get a long-term contract, and he hasn’t shown a motivation to stay in shape until his contract year.


  • Apr 19, 20122:08 pm
    by steve battle creek, mi


    Hope he opts out and pistons DO NOT resign him.   Just gives more cap space and can go after a bigger younger athletic player.  Jason Thompson?  

    • Apr 19, 20122:18 pm
      by Patrick Hayes


      Pistons are over the cap and still will be even if he does opt out.

      • Apr 19, 20123:21 pm
        by labatts



      • Apr 19, 20123:30 pm
        by Quick Darshan


        Do you think the Pistons will use the MLE (if that’s even a part of the new CBA)?  If so, who do you think they’d target?  Personally, I like Omer Asik but I would think that Chicago would match that offer.

        • Apr 19, 20124:07 pm
          by Patrick Hayes


          I think they’ll try, but most of the FAs they’d be interested in — young, big, possibly affordable with the MLE — would, like Asik, be restricted and likely to be matched by their current team.

          • Apr 19, 20124:58 pm
            by Andrew

            Spencer Hawes and Ian Mahinmi are a couple of decent, young unrestricted FA big men.  Hoping for one of the two.  Asik is also possible as matching would push the Bulls into luxury tax territory.

          • Apr 20, 201212:58 pm
            by Todd

            If the Pistons were to amnesty a player like CV31, and have Maxiell opt out, do you think they could show interest in a player like Emeka Okafor if he happens to be amnestied as well?

      • Apr 19, 20123:36 pm
        by Mark


        yeah, but like the article said, Maxiell opting out combined with say a CV amnesty, would put them under the cap by about $6-7 mil, I think.

        Another creative salary dump like trading Bynum for a 2nd round pick, and the Pistons could get close to $10 mil under the cap, if they really wanted to, depending on what cap is set at.

        Like we saw in ’09, if Joe has some capspace, which he could if Max opts out and CV gets amestied, and has a player he’s targeting in FA and needs a few more mil, he won’t hesitate to dump a few small contracts to get that player. Daye and Bynum could both be dumped for additional $6 mil if nec.

        I get the feeling Joe is planning on doing something like that and going after one of these  young bigs in FA like a McGee, Lopez, Hibbert, etc.

        • Apr 19, 201211:07 pm
          by neutes


          if Max opts out and they amnesty CV, with Wallace retiring, the front court is down to Jerebko, Monroe, and Macklin and that’s it. That’s pretty shallow. And they’d only have roughly the MLE to spend either way.

      • Apr 19, 20127:22 pm
        by Bygdygod


        They can use mid level exception. The closer to the cap gives you more of the mid level. Depending on how far over the cap you are, gives you less of the mid level

      • Apr 19, 20127:28 pm
        by Bygdygod


        Also look for salaries to come down greatly as the teams in luxury tax will have double the penalty. This starts in ’14. So contracts signed now have to look ahead to that year. And great news for pistons. Both bg an cv contracts expire then! So those luxury tax teams may look to get rid of a good player for a nice expiring contract.

    • Apr 19, 20122:49 pm
      by JT's Hoops Blog


      Jason Maxiel is a joke.  the Pistons are better off w/o him.

  • Apr 19, 20122:23 pm
    by vic


    if he opts out, let him go…
    leave more room for Macklin, multiple big draft picks, and *gasp* Chris Kaman if necessary.

  • Apr 19, 20124:50 pm
    by Daye and Knight


    I could care less where Maxiell goes but I wish him the best of luck wherever that is…as long as it’s not here

  • Apr 19, 20128:58 pm
    by frankie d


    only in detroit would a guy like maxiell describe his year as “great”.
    great?  are you kidding me?  competent play that could arguably be worth the  5 million they are paying him.
    incredible, but it gives good insight as to the delusional thinking that permeates the organization and the fan base.
    max had a great year.
    the pistons are playing so well that no one can crack the rotation absent experimentation with the lineup. 
    what a joke.
    i like max and he’s a nice player to have, but for him to declare that he had a great year indicates everything you need to know about the sorry state of the team.

  • Apr 20, 20126:00 pm
    by Trent


    Why all the hate for J-Max? Yeh he’s not the most talented guy on the roster but if we had more players with his heart and played with his hustle, grit and determination we would be a much better team. He is overpaid but thats not his fault. I hope he doesnt take the option for the betterment of the team but I appreciate what he has given to the franchise. Just imagine if we had CV31 starting all season? I get shivers down my spine just thinking about it.

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