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Greg Monroe: ‘My number is not getting called’

Vince Ellis of the Detroit Free Press:

"Defenses are playing me the way they have been playing me all season," Monroe said. "My number is not getting called, and we run the offense through other players now, so I got to work to get shots other ways, but I don’t think it’s anything the defenses are doing.

"Not to disrespect anyone we’ve played, but it’s not like they are trying to deny me or something like that. I think I’m still able to touch the ball. I just think we are focusing on other players more."

There’s certainly truth to that, but Ellis provides an excellent scouting report that explains why Monroe’s struggles deal with more than just Lawrence Frank not designing plays for him:

But teams are riding Monroe’s dominant left hand and are doing a good job of sending him to help defenders. Monroe is a good passer when surveying the floor, but when he puts the ball on the floor he almost always is trying to score, and opponents know that.

Also, his teammates don’t help him at times. If he established good position inside, a poor entry pass can force him away from the basket and he winds up forcing a shot against the 24-second clock.

That’s an especially great point by Ellis that Monroe rarely looks to pass once he starts dribbling. It’s scary and exciting how much better Monroe can be.


  • Apr 12, 201212:52 pm
    by MrBlockedShot


    I don’t buy Monroe’s explanation, at least not as whole excuse for his numbers dropping so much. Very accurate points by Ellis about him. imho Monroe has been given the ball many times but he just decided to pass, dribble in the paint or not to shoot and drive to the basket. Opponents have been scouting Monroe’s movements in the post and he has to figure out how to improve his game cos right now he is making bad decissions but not only due to the defense. His repertory is more limited than ever imho (right hand also exists…) He has to shoot more and make his range wider, it will open the defense and make it easier for him to score if he decides to drive to the basket. Forget about dribbling in the paint were he’s losing a lot of balls. His mindset must be shoot first, we do not need a center to pass the ball. What do you think about it? Hope we can watch some games of the remainder of the season were he plays with Macklin for several minutes…

  • Apr 12, 20122:57 pm
    by Max


    I think Monroe development is going to happen in fits and starts.  He seems to go through periods where he takes a step or two back, in my opinion, because he is in some kind of personal learning phase.  However, when he comes out of his learning phase, he starts to kill it and perform beyond expectations until he enters his next learning phase.  It’s as if he is in a cycle of putting it all together and excelling before realizing he still needs work which makes him regress and his aggression lowers as he takes in new information.
    If you remember last year,  it always seemed like Monroe played every team better the 2nd time he played them.  Remember his first game against Cousins this year where he got killed?  The next game, Monroe played a different style and dominated Cousins.  I’ve never seen a player who seems to profit so much from each experience but he seems to need to pace himself to assimilate information while he is learning.
    Monroe’s off hand is more proficient than nearly any player I can think of not named Nash,   He can throw a sweeping right hook and most big man can’t do so with their dominant hand.

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