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Detroit Pistons #DraftDreams: Terrence Jones

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  • Measurables: 6-foot-9, 250 pounds, sophomore forward from Kentucky
  • Key Stats: 12.0 points, 7.0 rebounds, 1.8 blocks per game, 50 percent shooting, 33 percent 3-point shooting
  • Projected: Lottery to mid first round
  • Hickory High Similarity Score

Why I like this guy

The Pistons play two guards in Brandon Knight and Rodney Stuckey who aren’t natural pass-first players. They have one unselfish big man in Greg Monroe who is an excellent passer. Pairing him with another great passing big man in Jones could make the Pistons a pretty fun team to watch.

Pros for the Pistons

On the checklist of things the Pistons need in their frontcourt, Jones hits a lot of those marks — he’s big, he’s athletic, he can block shots. He’s not the traditional back-to-the-basket big man with those skills the Pistons covet, he’s more of a hybrid with a mix of small and power forward skills. That’s not necessarily a bad thing, as the Pistons don’t have a clear answer for the future at either position. If they’re picking late in the lottery from prospects who are more limited, at least Jones would have two possible positions they could try him at to see which he’d be best suited to play as a pro. Other late lottery prospects who have similar upside limitations basically only have one natural position, so if they can’t prove to be a starting caliber player at that spot, you don’t get a chance to see if they’d be more comfortable at another position.

Cons for the Pistons

I think it’s pretty clear the Pistons would rather not add another player whose position is somewhat a question into the mix. Austin Daye, Jonas Jerebko, Knight and Stuckey all fit that description to some extent — guys who can be effective at multiple spots, but not necessarily at any one spot full-time.

Jones also had consistency problems his sophomore season and regressed some from where he was as a freshman. That’s partially due to the makeup of Kentucky’s team drastically changing around him and impacting his role, but the Pistons have expressed a commitment to players with high energy levels who give consistent effort each game, and fair or not, that has been a criticism of Jones at times.

What others are saying

Chad Ford:

Sixteen months ago, after a torrid start to his freshman year, forward Terrence Jones was being mentioned as a potential top-five pick as well. His stock has since dropped considerably, but his strong play in the NCAA tournament has piqued the interest of scouts again. Jones is one of the most well-rounded prospects in the draft, has all of the physical tools to succeed, and when he’s on, he looks like a potential All-Star.

For Jones, the question marks are consistency and maturity. He can disappear for long stretches. Calipari has sometimes struggled to get him to play hard all of the time. Teams don’t always like his body language on the court. All of those issues seem to have lessened over the course of the past month. If teams are convinced those issues are over, he could go even higher than we currently have him ranked. We have him at No. 8 on our Big Board and going No. 12 to the Milwaukee Bucks in our Lottery Mock Draft.


When projecting Jones to the next level, there are many opinions on how he could best be utilized and what position he should play, as he seems to be stuck between small forward and power forward. He could probably get away with playing either spot depending on the team, style of play, and the personnel around him.


Length, lateral mobility and quickness off the deck make him a versatile force on the defensive end and on both backboards … Instant fast break potential with his ability to handle and push the rock in transition.

Kentucky Sports Radio:

He’s coming off a very strong finish to the season after his draft stock plummeted earlier in the year. The way he played in the tournament is fresh on scout’s minds and he should capitalize on that and keep it rolling through camps.

What is the best thing Terrence Jones does for his team?

Aaron Smith (follow him on Twitter) is the UK basketball beat writer for The Kentucky Kernel, UK’s student newspaper:

Terrence Jones provides a highly desirable and hard-to-find skill set in a forward. He’s a versatile scorer, able to drive from the perimeter or post up in the paint. He can defend on the wing or the interior. And he can rebound well when he’s asked. Jones has to work on playing with a more consistent effort, but the tools are there for an NBA team to work with.



  • Apr 19, 201212:07 pm
    by Daye and Knight


    If we get jones I want him to play SF and in free agency go after Chris Kaman, trade Prince for someone’s mascot, and let the good times roll

    Also, Knight played with him last year at UK so they already have some kind of chemistry…it’s a good match if we’re picking later in the lottery which is almost guaranteed at this point.

  • Apr 19, 201212:25 pm
    by Anthony


    Trade Stuck, rights to Singler and our second round pick(s) to the Kings for Cousins. They take drummond to replace him. With our pick we take PGIII, Lamb or Marshall whichever is available or trade up using Charlie V or Tay and our first round pick as bait to land Barnes.

    • Apr 19, 201212:44 pm
      by Daye and Knight


      You lost me at “trade stuck” but either way this would never happen. The Kings already have Evans, Thorton, Jimmer, Thomas and now Williams so why would they need Stuckey? I doubt they would pass on the opportunity to have Cousins and Drummond on the same team that would be a scary front court. The only way we get Cousins is if we throw in a first round pick and even that wouldn’t be enough because he’s been playing too good ever since Smart took over as coach.

  • Apr 19, 201212:44 pm
    by rick77


    Are you serious? Trade Stuckey and have to start over as far as chemistry goes. How bout we establish a team with an identity before we start trading players that are potential assets. The Kings and no other team in the history of the NBA does big men for small men trades unless their are more teams involved. How bout we get rid of dead weight like Austin Daye and second rounder for someone who has two first rounders in the draft? I would do that before I give Stuckey away and thats a NBA2K type of deal when the Kings have Evans playing the two. Id take Machado in second round if available and take best big men at whatever spot we get early, then go for a project with the third pick. Tayshaun is not going anywhere so people need to leave that one alone. Young teams need veteran leadership and Kaman surely wont provide that in my opinion. Hes a scorer and thats it. He does nothing exceptionally well besides getting dunked on. Prince on the other hand  eventually will grow into the same role as Ben Wallace and be happy with it. The fans need to stop focusing on the negative. We have been down and their is no way to go but up. It takes time but its coming soon. I look at teams like the Hawks, Magic, Pacers.Sixers,Knicks, Bucks, and yes the Celtics and say the Pistons, with the right moves and draft picks could easily surpass those teams if they buy into the coach and the team. Hawks will lose Smith eventually because he wants Joe Johnson $$$, Magic have discord with star player and coach, Pacers are young and will be there, Sixers will go as far as Collins takes them and losing Speights will hurt long term, Knicks are the Knicks, all you have to do is out defense them, Bucks do this same thing every year, and the Celtics are getting old. We know about the Alpha Dogs, Bulls and Heat, but first we need to pass those other teams up and then develop a strategy as to how to beat those two.

    • Apr 19, 20121:41 pm
      by Daye and Knight


      Tayshaun would be OK if he wasn’t trying to take the most shots in a team that has Knight, Stuckey and Monroe. Let the young guys play through each other not Prince. Prince is dead weight and people on here have a right to complain about him because he’s lost us a few games trying to take the final shot and missing. He needs to realize he’s not a first option on this team or any other team in the entire league. Keep prince now only because Daye is worst but if we get a SF in the draft like Barnes, Jones or PJIII then yes we trade the “former” fresh prince of Detroit. Kamen is a veteran and has been to an all star game, so how can you put prince over him right now? Kamen would be better than reaching for a big man with our pick if Davis, Robinson and Drummond are already gone. You can like Tayshaun all you want you have that right, just like I had my right to like Stuckey when no one else on here did other than maybe 2-3….but make NO mistake about it, Prince is a joke and the sooner we get rid of him the better

      • Apr 19, 20124:19 pm
        by rick77


        I think its funny that when Prince has a bad game that he is just garbage all of a sudden. What you dont understand or underestimate the value of a veteran. Did you see how bad they looked w/o Prince and Wallace on defense? Were you high because it should be painfully obvious that those two are your best defenders along with Stuckey. So to get rid of two of your better assets in terms of building a identity would be offensive in my opinion. I say that because then what is the identity of the team if you keep trading players for other teams trash. Kaman made the All Star game wooptie doo so did Mo Williams and what has he done lately? He is slow and the Pistons would still get punished in the paint on a nightly basis. Im sure Prince realizes he is not the main option  but until you watch a game in its entirety how can you assess something when alot of people just regurgertate what someone else said.  I have watched games when guys have passed up shots and he was the last one with the ball. Who else is gonna shoot it if the team is always deferring when they may have a better shot?Its not about me liking Tayshaun but being confident he will do the job to the best of his ability instead of running around moping and making excuses(Daye). Prince earned his spot and until someone takes it Im ok with him being Detroits small forward. If Prince acted like Daye when he was breaking into the league would people have had the same feeling about him? Im sure in the offseason Gm and Coach will have a sit down and organize things in way that benefits all parties involved.

        As for Stuckey Ive always been a fan so that argument wont cut it with me because I always believed he was miscast as a player on Detroit on top of being coached into the position his second year by a rookie coach. Also believe had he played on a team stacked like most of the guards around the league then he would have a much better resume as well as following. I feel Knight and Stuckey for ma a great combination and with addition of a big man who can help Monroe weakside then the team will reach new heights. Every Playoff team has a veteran presence and you fooling yourself if you believe Dumars is gonna pull lightning outta a bottle and take a young team to the Finals w/o veterean leadership.

        • Apr 19, 20125:00 pm
          by Daye and Knight


          I’ll have to read the rest of what you said later since im leaving for work but I have to let it be known…

          Mo Williams>Prince…Kamen>Prince

          Have you seen his FG% this season? Why is he taking shots? And his defense is definitely not the same as it once was 100 years ago…stop living in the past, your arguements will be better off if you just let Prince go…like the rest of us who have seen his game this season

          • Apr 19, 201211:52 pm
            by rick77

            We can argue til the cows jump over the moon. Kaman is not better than Prince. He is slow big man that is the same age or close to same age as Prince and plays no defense. I kow what Im getting out of Prince and not interested in a homecoming to appease a impatient fan base. The team has new coach and searching for identity. Stop looking for reasons to tank. If my job depended on a combination of playing Daye at the three or Prince Im sure as hell running with what I know. I could see if he was jacking up 20 shots a game but he is not and if you have been paying attention you saw teh outlier a few weeks back in the blog that showed all these guys on team aere taking right around the same amount of shots. The argument is weak because most people dont understand all the nuances of a game and what plays the coach calls. Everyones opinion is speculation because we dont know and all we can do is guess. ”MEMO” Im not saying I know everything either but the majority of the games I have watched players are passing up shots and their have been plenty of times where he got the ball with less than 5 seconds on the clock. He is veteran and I doubt he is going to pass up shot sif he is stuck with the ball. I kow he is getting old but I have read back in the day where people wanted guys like Grant Hill back and he is good but he is playing like every other game and what young three does Phoenix have waiting in the wings? Allow nature to take its course and if things fall into place this summer maybe just maybe Prince will finally have someone who is his equal and relegate him to backup duty but to cast him off because he is having a bad season makes no sense other than fan apathy.

    • Apr 19, 20121:48 pm
      by Anthony


      I agree that the Pistons could pass the teams ahead of us just by making a couple right moves and believing in Frank(I already do) but you have to give up something to get something and right now Stuckey is our biggest trade asset besides the untouchable Monroe and Knight. Stucky has done a great job this year because for the most part hes been able to play at the 2 instead of the 1, I’d hate to lose him but you cant trade a “banana for a snackpac”. The fact is that we can’t argue back and forth over what the pistons should do until draft day because if we win the lottery and get the first pick then obviously our “problems” are going to change so all we can do now is dream. I have high ones for these guys because i sit here and watch every game that i can and see the potential they have and if we had a full season this current team would be in the playoff hunt right now. Don”t forget that Max can become a free agent this off season and he probably will opt out of his last year to test the market because his playing time could be cut next year for a rookie we pick in the draft and right now his stock is as high as its ever been. He wont get 5mill a year from another team but he”ll get a better offer this year then next (just a hunch) So with his 5 mill coming off and the amnesty of charlie this off season we might have a little money to work with. Tay and singlers rights to Dallas for Odom and some cash?

  • Apr 19, 20122:41 pm
    by sop


    5 for 1 Questions:
    1. Would playing with B. Knight be good for both players or bad?
    2. Has Jones proved he can make the shift to SF?
    3. Is he big enough to play at PF full time?
    4. How did playing with A. Davis and MKG impact Jones?
    5. How many times with Jones make that terrible cry-baby face as a rookie?
    1. good
    2. No. He has almost no chance of making the switch on defense where he lacks the quickness of a SF.
    3. Yes. Though I think he’s closer to 6’8” than 6’9”, a 7’3” wingspan and some bulk makes up for it.
    4. Big positive impact. Just being around the work ethic and winner’s mentality of those 2 helped him.
    5. A lot. He’s still quite emotionally immature and doesn’t fit the high character mold Joe D wants.

  • Apr 19, 20122:44 pm
    by sop


    Oh and I don’t want to leave you without my expert analysis of the
    Top 30 Prospects

    1.     Anthony Davis
    2.     Michael Kidd-Gilchrist
    3.     Bradley Beal
    4.     Andre Drummond
    5.     Thomas Robinson
    6.     Jared Sullinger
    7.     Perry Jones III
    8.     Harrison Barnes
    9.     Terrence Jones
    10.  Tyler Zeller
    11.  Jeremy Lamb
    12.  Damian Lillard
    13.  John Henson
    14.  Dion Waiters
    15.  Arnett Moultrie
    16.  Austin Rivers
    17.  Meyers Leonard
    18.  Terrence Ross
    19.  Tony Wroten Jr.
    20.  Kendal Marshall
    21.  Jeffery Taylor
    22.  Tyshaun Taylor
    23.  Royce White
    24.  Will Barton
    25.  Marquis Teague
    26.  Doron Lamb
    27.  Fab Melo
    28.  Andrew Nicholson
    29.  Draymond Green
    30.  Evan Fournier

  • Apr 19, 20124:14 pm
    by RussellC


    You can pretty much throw a blanket over the big men after Davis, Drummond, and Robinson who will not be there if the Pistons don’t get lucky. Zeller, Henson, PJIII, Sullinger, Leonard are not that exciting. I would go for volume if we end up picking 8th or 9th. Trade down to the mid teens if you can get another first rounder. Go after Moultrie and Melo in the first and Jae Crowder and Machado in the second round. Amnesty Charlie V, let Maxiel walk, find a taker for Prince or Daye. You would have a team that can at least play at a tempo worth watching and that could grow into something in the next year or two.  

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