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Damien Wilkins: Pistons have “indicated” they’d like to re-sign me

Chris Tomasson of Fox Sports:

Detroit’s Damien Wilkins says Pistons have “indicated’’ they’d like him to return next season and he wants that. “They indicated they want me back but we’ll see what happens,’’ said Wilkins, a free agent this summer. The guard says he wants to remain with the Pistons “as long as they want me here.’’

The Pistons aren’t typically the type to BS their players about this, so if they told Damien Wilkins they have some desire to bring him back, they probably do. But this is far from certain. As Patrick reminded me, Joe Dumars said the same thing about Tracy McGrady last season.

If I had to guess today, Detroit won’t re-sign Wilkins, whose one-year contract expires at the end of the season.

The Pistons have 10 players under contract for next season, three 2012 draft picks and the rights to Kyle Singler. Jason Maxiell could opt out, and at this point, I’m assuming Detroit will amnesty Charlie Villanueva, but that still leaves little margin to use a roster spot on someone as limited as Wilkins.

I appreciate what Wilkins has brought the team as a veteran presence who plays solid defense with great effort, so I see and understand the desire to keep him. But by drafting, using the mid-level exception, signing Singler and/or switching Jonas Jerebko’s primary position, the Pistons can probably nab a backup small forward who’s more capable of someday taking over for the aging Tayshaun Prince. At that point, as good as the idea seems now, letting Wilkins walk will likely make more sense.


  • Apr 9, 201211:12 am
    by apa8ren9


    I dont expect the Pistons to resign Wilkens, he was just there because Singler bolted to Spain.  With all of the changes we expect the Pistons to make, his position will be easily covered by the players they already have.  Not to mention with a real training camp, summer league and full exhibition games they will be able to find a young player next year that can take his 10 minutes a game.

  • Apr 9, 201212:14 pm
    by frankie d


    i’m sure that news is going to help motivate singler to sign with detroit and come in and “compete” for PT with a vet who is clearly the coach’s pet.
    any competent agent would be very wary….

    • Apr 9, 20123:40 pm
      by steve battle creek, mi


      singler can be traded right?  like can be traded draft night?  pistons own his rights whenever he wants to come into the nba, i think?  so if fab melo is there late in the 1st rd and some team says “yea give us singler and a 2nd rd pick next year and we give you the 20th pick this year” we can do that right?  so i believe singler is an asset maybe??  SO WHO GIVES A DAMN WHAT HIS AGENT SAYS???  

      • Apr 9, 20124:29 pm
        by frankie d


        glad you have a crystal ball and know for certain how the draft will work out and how detroit will handle its drafting duties.
        how about letting us all know who’s going 1st, 2nd and 3rd so we can make a killing in vegas?

  • Apr 9, 20123:35 pm
    by Mark


    Bring the whole gang back and lets win 25 games again next year! Yay!

    • Apr 9, 20125:49 pm
      by tarsier


      Hopefully Wilkins is not resigned. however, there is no way that this exact same team would win only 25 next year.

      A) there will be 25% more games so 25% more wins would be the default assumption
      B) the pistons have definitely improved over the course of the season, so it would be more like the present team that is playing approximately .500 ball than the early season team who looked to be on charlotte’s level.

  • Apr 9, 201211:10 pm
    by Max


    The hell with Singler.  The last thing the Pistons should ever do is base their decisions on what some 2nd round pick who spurned a chance to play in the NBA thinks.   He is irrelevant until he actually decides to play professionally in this country and then proves something on the court.  Until then, the Pistons would do better to operate on the assumption that he doesn’t even exist.
    Imagine if Dumars had decided not to get Rasheed because he’d be in Darko’s way.  And forget Rasheed,  Imagine if he had built those rosters to have less depth in general in order to give Darko a chance.   Those who think that minutes would have magically transformed him into a better player are probably delusional.   Great players find their way to the court with no problems.  Good players eventually find their way.  If a player is so-so, his success might depend upon circumstances to a very large degree but why would a team form their plans around so-so players?   Any player who needs to gifted a chance is no better than a so-so player.

    • Apr 10, 20122:15 am
      by frankie d


      so..the team should make decisions based on damien wilkins and his value to the team?
      sure, singler is an unkown quantity, but damien wilkins is a well known quantity and he is decidedly sub-par.  he is one of the worst regular rotation players in the league, a guy who can be replaced by combing d-league rosters.
      imho, he deserves zero consideration.  if the team has a space open the day before the season starts, thenf maybe he could be signed to a non-guaranteed contract, but to give a player of his caliber any more than that is extraordinarily poor management.  he’s lucky to still be drawing an nba paycheck.

      • Apr 10, 20126:44 pm
        by Max


        You place no value on continuity and reduce the concept of team to no more than the sum of its parts.
        I am not personally in favor of Wilkins being signed, but I also don’t get very negative about who a GM signs to be 10th to 15th men.   Players like them can be worth more in the locker room or during practice than I will ever know so I don’t even feel like I have the right to judge.   If Wilkins is signed it will also be, as with this season, an insurance policy taken out against the possibility of Daye and Singler absolutely floundering.   Singler didn’t even arrive this year and Daye did absolutely flounder so there is nothing wrong with such insurance policies.  You have to play somebody.   It’s not Wilkins fault that Daye sucked this year,
        You seem to want every player on the roster to be one of those high risk/ high reward guys but I think too many players like that lead to a team being like the Bobcats or Wizards.

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