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Could a fan vote prevent Ben Wallace from retiring?

I caught a few minutes of the Fox Sports Detroit postgame show last night when reporters were asking Ben Wallace questions about whether he’d ever consider not retiring at the end of the season. Wallace joked that he might leave it up to a fan vote. If he really wants to retire, he probably shouldn’t do that — I can’t think of a single Pistons fan who would vote against having him come back as a backup big man for another season. David Mayo of MLive got more details from Wallace about whether or not he’s 100 percent committed to retiring:

Moments later, asked if there is any possibility of stalling retirement, Wallace said, “Nothing’s possible – it’s possible – but if it’s up to me, I’m going home.” Wallace has said that his decision to retire is based largely on a desire to spend more time with his family. Pistons coach Lawrence Frank said there is no doubt that Wallace could return in 2012-13 if he chose. “If it was me, right now, I’m going home,” Wallace said. “I’ve got more people to consider than just me.”

Not only has Wallace stayed pretty healthy this season (thanks to Frank keeping his minutes from ballooning and giving him more rest than he got last season), but I’m sure this season has become more fun than Wallace expected it would be. The Pistons are 16-13 over their last 29 games, have some exciting young players leading the way and they will add another one to that mix after the draft in the summer. I’d still bet that Wallace retires. But maybe the Pistons get a little lucky in the lottery and add a certain Kentucky big man to anchor the defense and then maybe just maybe Wallace comes back for one more season to beat up on Detroit’s young bigs and give 15-20 minutes of toughness per game on a team that almost certainly would contend for a playoff spot in that scenario.

UPDATE: Detroit Bad Boys has the fan poll Wallace requested set up. Go tell him to play another year.


  • Apr 4, 201212:13 pm
    by rick77


    Would really love that and I see the lottery balls dropping in a way that no one would have ever expected. I can see Jordan and Dumars the last two GM’S smiling for ESPN and then shortly afterwards they announce that Detroit has won the 2012 Draft lottery. I would hope that Wallace would come back and help mentor those young bigs and maybe do something next year unexpected. Hopefally the balls fall our way. Davis in Charlotte is not good for NBA. Jordan sucks as a GM and this probably could end teh Kwame Brown way because pairing him with Biyombo sounds good but whose gonna score. They have Tyrus Thomas so how many of the same big men do they need?

  • Apr 4, 20122:06 pm
    by frankie d


    i’d hope that ben would come back for one more year.
    however, i would hope it would be as an emergency big man/quasi-assistant coach rather than as a player playing regular rotation minutes.
    imho, those minutes should go to [a big man to be acquired soon], or macklin.
    if ben is still the backup center, that will be an admission of failure, as the team desperately needs to find a young player to do the things that ben does.  and if he’s playing that will mean that they have not found that young player or they refuse to give him a chance to develop.
    (and of course, no young player is going to be able to do the things that a 15 year vet who is a 4 time DPOY, but that young player can bring other things and he’ll hopefully be able to learn from practicing against ben and then doing those things in games.)

  • Apr 4, 20122:15 pm
    by John V


    Here’s one vote for him not coming back.

    • Apr 4, 20123:09 pm
      by Mark


      yeah, please somebody stop this fan petition. I didn’t think there any fans that wanted him to return. Most want to move past the 2004 team. Ben’s my all-time favorite player, and he’s still solid, but its time for him to retire and time for the Pistons to move forward.

      He’s ending his career on a high note playing some really good basketball, and is getting a lot of HOF love from the media and former players. I’d hate to see him come back and HAVE to retire because he just cant play anymore. Let him go out on a high note. And we need some new, fresh bigs in that frontcourt rotation. Time for Ben to retire and Maxiell to opt out and move on as well.

  • Apr 4, 20122:54 pm
    by Jeremy


    Ben should retire and go to law school as planned. He’ll end up back connected to the league some how – agent, team attorney, players assocation position are all possible with a law degree. That will have a much larger impact on his post basketball life than a small period as an assitant coach.

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