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Charlie Villanueva has lost 30 pounds, cut body-fat percentage to lowest in NBA career, remained glued to bench

Keith Langlois of Pistons.com:

Villanueva has lost 30 pounds, Kander said, since training camp and is at his lightest, with his lowest body-fat percentage, since he got to the NBA. He’s done it with a workout regimen centered around sweating in the sauna.

“I call it ‘thermogenesis,’ ” Kander said. “It’s my coined phrase of tolerance of temperature. He’ll go in there and work out, then he’ll come out and I’ll wrap him in a cold towel. It was literally for the body to tolerate anything coming at him. You think about it, during a game, a guy is hitting you and beating on you and a coach is yelling at you, maybe things aren’t going exactly your way. Can you tolerate it? Can you work that part of your brain?”

“I’ll be in the sauna working out, then he’ll put me in the cold tub right away,” Villanueva said. “I’m in the shower with my clothes on and cold water is hitting me. From there, I go straight into the sauna and it shocks your body. And after that, I have to take a nap right away – right away. I’m just tired.”

That sounds like an interesting process, and Pistons strength and conditioning coach Arnie Kander had plenty of positive things to say about Charlie Villanueva’s devotion to it. Too bad it hasn’t actually resulted in Villanueva playing since March 24.


  • Apr 9, 201212:02 pm
    by brgulker


    I am with Frank on the PT issue. He has four guys ahead of him who are all playing well.

    • Apr 9, 201212:16 pm
      by Patrick Hayes


      I am too, but if I were Frank, I’d also be a little pissed that Pistons.com keeps doing all of these “Charlie V is working so hard” stories. It’s kind of undermining Frank not playing him, even if it’s not the intention.

      • Apr 9, 20123:13 pm
        by apa8ren9


        You are right about that Patrick, vets getting benched and not playing happens all the time in the league.  I would understand pressure from the fans as we want the players we like to play (especially ones making 7.5mil/yr).  The Pistons have been playing well lately and even though this is minor, I cant really label these types of articles as anything other than a “distraction”.  Shouldnt the Pistons avoid those?

        • Apr 9, 20123:50 pm
          by frankie d


          i’m glad to see that everyone acknowledges that the media and the pistons share the same agenda.
          of course, the media is supposed to put forth a narrative that conforms to what the coach – and team – desires.
          reporting facts…well, god knows we wouldn’t want to deal with those inconvenient facts.
          thanks for confirming what many of us misguided souls had always imagined in our fevered imaginations….

          • Apr 9, 20124:18 pm
            by apa8ren9

            Let’s not take it that far Frankie.  I understand you think they are shills, but what I was trying to convey is that you would expect that from the news media, not the Pistons media team.  When you say media, I dont think in this instance everyone should be grouped together.  With the freep and news, I can kind of see your point.  The pistons.com staff and the coach/team should be on the same page with these things.

  • Apr 9, 201212:03 pm
    by vic


    good thing its not a muscle show. He’s got to prove he can get more rebounds than Jonas Jerebko and Jason Maxiell.

    Its good news that he’s in shape, but he plays more like a small forward. Maybe when one of the small forwards gets injured he’ll get more of a chance. I think his game is really good offensively, he could actually be a very good backup small forward.

    On the positive side, I’m so glad Coach Frank doesn’t give minutes based on contract size! That sets a good precedent for the team, and maybe it will help Joe Dumars avoid future bad decisions.

  • Apr 9, 20121:45 pm
    by frankie d


    inconvenient truths are always problematic when another person wants to perpetuate a contrary narrative…

    • Apr 9, 20123:30 pm
      by steve battle creek, mi


      the fire burns hotter in the pot, then stored in the microwave over night..

  • Apr 9, 20121:59 pm
    by rick77


    Its colder in the winter than it is in the summer.lol

  • Apr 9, 20126:28 pm
    by Haan


    Just play the guy.  He’s earned it.  Why leave him out in the cold?  Or are they forcing him to sweat it out?  But seriously: just play the guy.

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