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Ben Wallace, who wore his shorts backward in his first NBA game, on retiring: ‘Who knows? Everything’s open.’

Jo-Ann Barnas of the Detroit Free Press wrote a fantastic feature on Ben Wallace that’s an absolute must-read. My favorite detail: Wallace wore his shorts backward during his first NBA game.

The article – which, again, is a must-read – also shows Wallace might not be totally set on retiring after the season. Wallace:

"Who knows?" he says with a shrug. "Everything’s open."

"When I do retire, I don’t look at it as a big celebration, riding off in the sunset smiling with dancing and music playing in the background," he said. "To me, it’s not that. Retirement, to me, is depressing. Depressing. It’s one of those things where it’s not something you want to do; nobody wants to retire from basketball. You want to play basketball forever.

"Retirement is admitting to yourself and everybody else that, ‘I can’t do this job anymore.’ For me, that’s not a celebration. It’s the end of something great, giving up something I’ve been doing all my life, something I’ve been striving for, trying to be the best at. And now you got to say, ‘I’m no longer that?’

Tayshaun Prince:

"If he decides to retire at the end of the year, I don’t know if he’s 100% leaning that way now or not."

Joe Dumars:

Asked this past week about Wallace’s future, Dumars told the Free Press via e-mail that the organization plans to "sit down with Ben after the season and discuss his plans."

My guess: Wallace will still retire as planned. But I definitely hope I’m wrong.

Remember, read Barnas’ article.


  • Apr 22, 20122:24 pm
    by Mark


    I think if Dumars had a choice, he would rather Ben retire and have that $2 mil in cap space.

    • Apr 22, 20123:58 pm
      by tarsier


      Unless there are some other moves, the presence or absence of Ben Wallace will have no bearing on how much money the Pistons can spend elsewhere.

  • Apr 22, 20122:40 pm
    by jayg108


    He seems like a guy that will be under the radar after retiring.
    I hope he hits another 3 pointer in his last game.

  • Apr 22, 20122:47 pm
    by Coach_Ackley


    When is the NBA Draft Lottery and time??????????

  • Apr 22, 20123:08 pm
    by frankie d


    best case scenario:
    ben stays and signs for the vet’s minimum.
    he acts as an assistant coach/emergency big man, playing minutes here and there against specific guys – like tim duncan – or when the coach wants to send a message to either his own team or the other team.
    (one of the unspoken truths is that ben gets away with a level of physical play no one on the team is allowed to reach without fouling.  having him in the game to deliver a few sharp blows – while not being called for the foul – is extremely valuable at times.)
    i just hope that he doesn’t stay as part of the regular rotation, as that role and those minutes need to be given to a younger player.

  • Apr 22, 20124:13 pm
    by Travis


    Winning the lottery= more big Ben to coach a young brow

  • Apr 9, 201311:41 pm
    by Discount Hair Chalk


    Throughout the grand pattern of things you actually get an A just for effort and hard work. For now I will yield to your position.

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