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Ben Wallace puts on a free throw shooting clinic (kind of) in Detroit’s win over Washington

With 6:10 remaining in the third quarter of Thursday’s 99-94 win over the Wizards, Ben Wallace subbed in for Greg Monroe and Monroe never returned.

Here are the defensive sequences that preceded that move: Kevin Seraphin missed a dunk; Kevin Seraphin made a dunk; John Wall drove in for a lightly contested layup; Seraphin made a short sweeping hook shot. On offense, Monroe threw a bad pass resulting in a turnover and committed  a loose ball foul. All of that occurred in roughly two minutes, and Monroe was clearly a step slow on D in that stretch.

It wasn’t surprising that Lawrence Frank pulled Monroe there. It was pretty surprising that he never put him back in. On the one hand, I’ve been OK with Frank occasionally benching Monroe and Brandon Knight at times this season when their defense, effort or focus wanes some, and Monroe’s clearly did there. On the other hand, Monroe had 18 points (7-for-10 shooting) and 7 rebounds at that point and was basically unguardable. He had a bad stretch, but getting benched for the rest of the game seems like a heavy price to pay for a sloppy stretch.

On another hand (do I still have hands left to use?), BEN WALLACE!

(Photo via Detroit4Lyfe)

Wallace not only unsurprisingly brought the requisite defensive intensity Frank was hoping his young center would display more of, he provided the above screen grab after Wizards coach Randy Wittman employed the hack-a-Ben strategy late in the game. Wallace knocked down his first four free throws after the Wizards started intentionally following him and ended up hitting 5-for-10 overall (hey, 50 percent is not bad considering he was below 30 percent on the season coming in). Wallace finished with eight rebounds, three assists, two steals and a block. AP reporter Dave Hogg summed up the performance pretty nicely on Twitter:

Someone should show Dwight Howard the video of Ben Wallace busting his ass for the last 18 minutes of that game.

It is hard to argue against big minutes for young players as the Pistons finish the season. Letting them play through mistakes can often be a good learning tool. But the Pistons are also in a unique position in that they have veterans like Wallace who are tough, smart and professional. Wallace isn’t playing to try and take Monroe’s minutes, he’s playing trying to set an example for the rest of the team to follow. There’s occasionally value in sitting a player like Monroe when his effort wanes some in favor of a player like Wallace whose effort NEVER wanes. Seriously, he’s amazing.

And you can’t even make the argument that sitting Monroe gave the Pistons a better chance to win. Monroe is clearly their best player. Benching him actually gave Washington a better chance at stealing the game. So the Pistons were able to play a veteran playing as hard as he possibly could, let their entire team watch how Wallace went about things tonight and (if Washington could’ve cooperated by not air-balling layup attempts) worsen their chances for a win in the never-ending pursuit of lottery balls. And people say the Pistons don’t know how to tank correctly.

John Wall John Walls Brandon Knight

Brandon Knight no-showed on offense and defense tonight. He had a tough matchup with fellow Kentucky product John Wall, but he’s battled in tough matchups at other times in the season. Knight couldn’t stay in front of Wall when they were matched up on defense. No real shame in that, Wall is a tough cover. But Knight compounded it by shooting poorly on offense and failing to make plays for others too. Knight had one assist and four turnovers (compare to Wallace, who had 3 assists and 1 turnover) and formed a sloppy starting backcourt with Ben Gordon, who contributed four turnovers of his own. Gordon made up for it a bit by hitting six of his 13 shots.

Rodney Stuckey is back (briefly)

Rodney Stuckey returned from injury to put up nice numbers — he had 15 points on 6-for-7 shooting with three assists in 18 minutes. He took care of the ball better than the starting guards and played better defense. Unfortunately, he also did his Jonas Jerebko impersonation, getting a bit too aggressive and fouling out in just 18 minutes. He didn’t appear to have any lingering affects from his injury though, which was good.


  • Apr 5, 201210:24 pm
    by Coach_Ackley


    Man the more film and the more highlights I see from Arnett Moultrie the more I like this kid. He’s really not bad if the Pistons pick 8th or lower I think you have to really consider this kid and if we can get big Ben back for 1 more season as a mentor this kid can be an elite shot blocker at the NBA level and would be the perfect fit next to MOOSE……..

    • Apr 5, 201211:59 pm
      by Talan


      Moultrie might be a good player. But he’s projected to go late in the first. And a terrible shotblocker. This quote from his draftxpress profile – “The most troubling aspect of Moultrie’s defense, however, is him being a complete non-factor a shot blocker and not much on team defense in general. With his size, length, and athleticism, he’s still averaging less than one block in 33 minutes per game” He’s a dribble driving big man, does a lot of the same things as monroe. Not ideal, but i wouldn’t be upset if we got him. Seems to have slipped in the draft for silly reasons.

      • Apr 6, 201210:17 am
        by Coach_Ackley


        Thats where I think your wrong cuz Mississippi State really don’t have much talent and if not for him they would lose more games than they have….. There for he was asked to score more and if the Pistons draft him he can work on his defense cuz he knows he wont be asked to score with Moose, Stuck, BK and Tay all on the court with him and if he comes off the bench for the first 2 years so be it cuz he still wont be asked to score the ball and if Big Ben will come back not to mention coach Frank they both will make him work on his defense first and with his motor and his work ethic there is no reason he cant be good on defense… Oh and most of the new mocks I have seen have him going in the late lottery his stock is rising and I think it will continue to rise at the NBA Combine plus if the Pistons keep on winning “which I’d rather have” they will be picking toward the end of the lottery……

    • Apr 6, 201210:17 am
      by vic


      John Henson vs Arnett Moultrie is kinda like
      Tyson Chandler vs Chris Bosh

      Our team needs a Tyson Chandler much more right now… back in 03 when both Wallaces were in their prime – picking Chris Bosh over Darko would have made us a dynasty.

      So yeah I’m for Davis/Drummond/Henson to help out Monroe

      • Apr 6, 20126:41 pm
        by Chris H


        Dynasty is pretty strong when considering Chris Bosh.  Even with Wade and Lebron he still disappears too often, esp on the defensive end.  Now I think having both Wallaces would have made him tougher than he is now, but I don’t think we’d be have a dynasty on our hands.  We’d probably in the same position we are in now, or in a worse position since Bosh would probably have still left with Lebron to join Wade in MIA.  We most likely would not have gotten Monroe either.  Given what Detroit has been like for the last few years he probably would have been disgruntled.

      • Apr 6, 20129:03 pm
        by Coach_Ackley


        vic – I’m not a Henson hatter would love to add him but I hope he adds a little more weight before the NBA Combine which I’m sure he will cuz the 215lbs. that he is ain’t gonna cut it and we all know that.. So maybe the best thing for the Pistons is to draft him and then sign another big for a year or two and let Henson develope his body the right way……

  • Apr 6, 201212:52 am
    by zachb


    “There’s occasionally value in sitting a player like Monroe when his effort wanes some in favor of a player like Wallace whose effort NEVER wanes. Seriously, he’s amazing.” couldnt have said it better myself mr. Hayes. its one thing to just bench a player, its a whole different case when said player that’s replacing the starter does everything to a T that the starter got benched for. in this case monroe was lacking on  defense, i dont think you learn to play good defense on the fly in the middle of a game. watching one of the greatest defensive players of all time will probably help monroe more than staying out on the court and giving up points. of course i may be a little bit biased towards the former beast of the east, but i really hope he comes back next year. its one thing if you cant effectively contribute to the team, but ben makes the most out of his minutes. not to mention all he can teach our youngsters.. i wish big ben could play forever haha! he does have his own family to think about though, which appears to be the deciding factor. cant blame him for that.

  • Apr 6, 20122:25 am
    by Stuckey and whoever


    Is it just me or is moose getting benched more the second half of the season.  If it is going to get him to learn from Body so be it.  Even Frank calls Wallace body…gotta love it.  Looking foward to the heat game on Sunday.  We have some tough games down the stretch and with most of the better teams gearing for the playoffs, should give us a good gut check to see how much progress we have made to cap the season.  Thought the pistons were going to be 8 or 9 in the east this year.  Would like to see them fight for the ninth spot but we shall see.

    • Apr 6, 20128:30 am
      by Patrick Hayes


      Monroe’s stamina is a bit of an issue for the past two seasons. Could be that he’s wearing down a bit due to the compressed schedule. But you’re right, I can’t remember him having many lapses in the first half of the season.

  • Apr 6, 20122:27 am
    by Eric


    Someone teach Monroe to defend and teach Knight to become a pass-first point guard

  • Apr 6, 20123:28 am
    by Mark


    Monroe’s benching has been annoying me lately, especially tonight when he had 11 pts and 6 rebs after the 1st qtr, and then got only 8 min the rest of the game!

    But I wonder if these “benchings” aren’t really just Frank rewarding Ben for all his hard work. And knowing this is the last month to play of his career, he’s giving him extra PT, that just happens to be at Monroe’s expense.

    In the past, Monroe only got benched when his offense was as poor as his defense, basically providing nothing and deserving to be benched. Tonight he was unguardable on offense. Plus, down the stretch of the game, our defense was pretty terrible with Ben out there instead of Monroe, losing an 18 pt lead in a flash. So I think it might be more about giving Ben all the PT he wants, which I’m perfectly fine with. Ben practically owns this franchise. He can play as many minutes as he wants. Monroe has another 15 yrs worth of PT ahead of him.

    • Apr 6, 20124:09 am
      by rick77


      You can’t be serious and act like you did not see Monroe loafing on D. I thought to myself when he stole that pass and went in uncontested for that dunk that if he played with that intenisty and effort on Defense all the time he would not have to worry about coming out. Well he didn’t and he got benched for it. This is not Frank handing out some lifetime achievement award to B.W., but the coach sending a message to his star big man on how to bring effort all the time and not when you feel like it. Its about bringig different elements to your game when you maybe struggling or simply setting an example for your other teammates. I seriously doubt that Frank took him out to honor Ben, because its not what Ben would want.

  • Apr 6, 20128:08 am
    by Bygdygod


    TRADE MONROE HE’S A BUM! Who NEVER GIVES EFFORT! That double double he’s almost averaging is pure Luck! Hell he’s 21! He’s should already know how to play championship defense like Big Ben !! Yeah he had 18 & 7 in 21 mins but he displayed no effort gettin it!

    • Apr 6, 20128:34 am
      by Patrick Hayes


      Come on now, no one is saying that. But inconsistent effort/motor has been a knock on Monroe since he was a college player (go back and read some of the pre-draft reports on him). He has been much better as a pro in this respect, but he’s had a few stretches in the second half of the season where he really lost focus on defense. This game was one of those instances, and Wallace just happened to have another near-vintage performance in him. No harm in making Monroe watch the rest of the game under those circumstances.

      • Apr 6, 20128:49 am
        by steve battle creek, mi


        he missed a few bad plays(very bad) BUT that doesnt mean he needs to sit the last 18mins of the game?  its almost like a punishment like hes a malcontent or something.  yes i know the pre-draft reports, BUT i have not seen that as a problem in the NBA at all.  and to say he was not giving good effort when he had 18 & 7 in 21 mins??  5 Def rebs at that!  rebounding is part of defense & effort.  Now dont get me wrong i think Frank is a very good coach(mybe even championship level)BUT lets teach monroe in the game, give him a chance to get back in there.  not just say your done for the night!  its like putting the entire defense or lack there of on Monroe.  smh.   mybe if the guards cld have kept wall in front of them….  and why not play monroe and wallace together at the end??  i mean that is what we are shooting for in the offseason an athletic defensive player next to monroe, right??  

        • Apr 6, 201212:35 pm
          by frankie d


          ha!…you mean coach frank is pulling a coaching move that other well-known harda@@es like….say….bobby knight might pull?
          yep, it’s a move straight out of the bobby knight playbook.  saw him do it plenty of times back when he coached indiana.  you look around and not see one of his star players on the floor, wouldn’t see him the rest of the game, and there’d be no explanation for it.  it worked for knight back when he was the God of bloomington, but my guess is that it will wear thin in the nba.
          not a big deal, actually, though i do wish he’d let monroe finish games, even if he had struggled for sequences.  as someone above noted, there doesn’t seem to be a reason to NOT play monroe and ben at the same time, if you really just want to get ben in to finish the game.  
          it does seem like a way to just punish monroe and send a not so subtle message.
          actually, he’s trying to make the playoffs.  no one is talking about it, but that is exactly what is going on.
          not sure how the ben/monroe thing fits in, but, imho, frank is throwing everything – player development, etc – to the side as he tries to squeeze out each win, as it keeps the team theoretically in play for a playoff spot.
          which is one reason pistons’ fans are going to be very disappointed when macklin comes back and takes his customary spot on the bench, with the usual garbage time during blowouts. 
          monroe has often looked tired during games over the last few weeks.  i didn’t notice it last night – you can usually see it because his legs get unsteady and wobbly, like a boxer who’s just been hit hard – but maybe that was an issue.
          would still like to see him push through it, as there is a value in that process, but, as noted, frank is trying to win every game as he makes a playoff push that no one is talking about.

          • Apr 6, 20121:06 pm
            by steve battle creek, mi

            I really really like Frank as a head coach.  Frankie D you do not and thats your right to not like a coach, player, gm etc.   BUT you CONTINUALLY rail against the pistons for eveything they do.  they have made GREAT IMPROVEMENTS THIS YEAR,  not only the team but PLAYER DEVELOPMENT.  stuckey best year so far, monroe continues to climb, max playing better than ever, JJ playing well, even BG is playing his best since being a piston.   so i do not agree with the benching of monroe… i do believe the pistons have a REAL COACH going forward.  btw WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH TRYING TO MAKE THE PLAYOFFS???  isnt that the goal?  in the words of tony dungey ” WE PLAY TO WIN THE GAMES…HELLO?!?”  

          • Apr 6, 20121:35 pm
            by frankie d

            apparently you don’t understand the concept of long range planning which sometimes necessitates short term losses in order to set an organization up for the long term.
            playing old vets while letting young players sit is a great example of NOT doing long range planning.
            its a pattern that has gone on all year long.
            and each time, the specific instance is excused because of whatever reason is convenient at that point.  
            this is exactly what has gone on the last few years.  exactly.
            trying to win is great and i’d love for the team to make the playoffs….if they did it while playing young players who are going to be part of the team’s future when they are actually going to be good enough to make a serious playoff run.
            last night, the lineup that finished the game was stuckey, gordon, tayshaun, maxiell and ben.  both the young starters – knight and monroe – were on the bench.  again, definitely not the first time this year that this has happened.
            imho, this is just more of the same…the same that has gone on since flip saunders was fired.
            sure, the team can muddle through and maybe reach .500 next year.  i guess some fans will be ecstatic with that record.  lots of fans are ecstatic with the team because it has had a slightly above-.500 record after its horrendous start.  
            while its nice to see better basketball, i take note of the fact that most of the wins in the recent good play has come against depleted teams like washington – without a couple of starters – and orlando, which was in similar straits, and bad teams that are tanking for the lottery.
            coaches looking at the short term do what frank is doing, squeezing out every win, while letting his young guys sit, if necessary.  imho, that is a recipe for ultimate mediocrity: 45 win seasons and a first round exit every year.
            hope you’re happy with that, as a fan.  i’m not. 
            and i will wager that my view of what happens with macklin will indeed happen.  everyone will wonder why the guy can’t get any sustained minutes, and they will wonder just what type of nba player he can be.  
            but for frank, the most important issue will be his nice little phantom playoff push, not developing his  young guys.

          • Apr 6, 20121:44 pm
            by apa8ren9

            Ditto @steve
            If you have a sample size of games say 24 of them and you are 4-20 that is not very good.  But with the same “bobby knight” type of coach and the same players you are now 17-13 over the last 30.  That is an improvement, you are now winning games.
            You’ve gotten better without making changes in personnel, you have roles for players, they are playing as a unit. 4 of your top 8 players are 25 and under.  You’ve resurrected Maxiell and he is now a productive player that IMPACTS the game. That is the very definition of player development for a basketball team.  Frank has provided that.

          • Apr 6, 20121:55 pm
            by frankie d

            developing young players….as i’ve written plenty of times.
            it’s great that max is playing well.  and stuckey has played well since the team finally realized that he was not going to be the team’s point guard of the future.
            but frank has obviously put the development of his young players on a lower priority level. getting to a level of mediocrity with veteran players is admirable – after the fiascos of the last few years – but no great shakes.  pistons’ fans act as though that record means that the team is in the conference finals again.
            get a grip.

      • Apr 6, 20128:56 am
        by steve battle creek, mi


        Now i DO think monroe has worn down as the season has gone on, BUT gee whiz hes going against everyones frontcourt by himself most nights!  MAX and BEN have been great this year, but COMBINED there avg 8pts and 9rebs..COMBINED.  Monroe’s banging w/ okc frontline, denver, knicks, celtics, sixers, pacers, clippers, etc.   ALL those teams have some pretty big & deep fronts, and then look at the pistons UGH!  Monroe will get MUCH stronger in the years ahead an i think the stamina issue will go away. (and with some help upfront)

        • Apr 6, 20126:58 pm
          by Chris H


          I agree with what you are saying here.  You did forget JJ too, though he is pretty outmatched down below.  He’s trying.  People always seem to forget that running is actually the easy part of basketball.  The pounding that bigs take down below is grueling.  To compare it’s like a semi truck and a car.  They can both drive from point A to point B at speeds that are even comparable, but the semi truck usually doing with a trailer hitched along for the ride. Everytime Monroe gets the ball down low he has to deal with the weight of that other player pushing on him, or a player draped over one side, 3/4 or full fronting him, or being sandwiched inbetween two players.  Over a season this long and this compressed I can’t see it an anything other than grueling.  I’ve said it before, during this home stretch guys like Monroe and Stuckey should see reduced playing time no matter how well they feel, or how well they are playing.  Let Wallace get some good grind, let Maxiel show he has some more value, hell, work some thigns in for Charlie V and Ben Gordan.  That nice young core we have, give them some extra rest.  Everybody is feeling a little bit dinged up after this long.  Let’s give them some rest, and if there is a game that would be a good learning experience for everyone then give the guys who needs the experience more of it.

      • Apr 6, 20125:47 pm
        by tarsier


        What gets me is ok, Wallace is playing brilliantly, let him stay in. But why exactly does that mean Monroe can’t return to the game?

        • Apr 6, 20127:58 pm
          by tarsier


          in other words, why can’t both monroe and wallace play simultaneously? it is ok to sit both maxiell and jerebko at the same time.

      • Apr 6, 20126:00 pm
        by Youssif


        You know what always makes me laugh? How people here love to berate even solid players — you don’t get to Monroe’s level without hard work — for their lack of effort. That I’m posting this at 3 pm (on the west coast) during work shows that clearly not everyone on these threads is a workaholic committed to doing a crazy stellar job. As long as these guys have a good attitude, exhibit solid effort, and perform well at reasonable expectations, how can you fault them? 

        Just because you see 2.5 hours of these guys 66-82 times per year doesn’t mean you see everything they put in. You see the product of their hard work (or lack thereof in the case of CV.. different story there). Big f*cking deal if they aren’t crazy MJ-esque competitors. How many of us are? 

        We all have off days and mail it in at times — if we didn’t, this site would be a ghost town. Let’s get off our soap boxes and criticize stupidity (like the Pistons winning their way away from Anthony Davis) instead of lack of our perceptions of players’ effort.

        Go Pistons.

        • Apr 6, 201211:40 pm
          by Patrick Hayes


          I don’t think anyone ‘berated’ Monroe. If he’s among the team leaders in minutes and plays about 12 minutes fewer than normal, including getting benched for the entire fourth quarter, that’s something that has to be explained, right? The explanations according to the post-game comments seemed to be, 1. Wallace was playing great; and 2. Frank wasn’t all that thrilled with Monroe’s defensive lapses in the third quarter.

          Who is berating? ‘Motor’ has been a knock on Monroe since he was in college. It’s clearly something the Pistons have tried very hard to instill in him, and actually, I think they’ve done a pretty good job of it. He’s been much more consistent as a pro than he was as a college player. But they want him to take the next step as a player, so obviously they are going to push him and hold him accountable to bring the same effort and commitment to defense that he does to offense. Monroe’s a talented and hard-working player. I’m confident he’ll figure it out. But there’s nothing at all wrong with pointing out legitimate instances where he doesn’t measure up defensively, especially when that was the reason he got benched in a game.

  • Apr 6, 201210:56 am
    by Michelob Mike


    Monroe’s not that hustle/energy guy, he’s a finesse player. Basically, he’s our Gasol and we’ve got to find our Bynum now.

  • Apr 6, 20122:36 pm
    by rick77


    Franke D just wants to freakin argue but what youngsters on Detroits team are not playing that could really help Monroe? For some reason he assumes that the front office does not know the obvious so he goes and states it for us as if we dont already know. He says we have young players but I just dont see it. Detroit is not even in the top five in terms of a young team in the NBA now so this argument is debateable at best. The foundation has been set in terms of youth but they are far from being young. You should just state the obvious man, I dont like anyone associated with Bobby Knight and be done with it. The thought that a professional organization is clueless and he has all the answers should be an indictation as to why he is where he is and they are where they are. I like his(Frankie D) argumentive ways because it gives me someone other than my girl to argue with. BTW Frank was one of the coaches I did not want to see but if he can get these Pistons following his ways and they can become good then he has exceeded the expectations that I had for him. In my mind 0-16 is a bitter pill to swallow but if he can turn that negative into a positive and the players see that drive and determination then we really may have something here.

    • Apr 6, 20123:38 pm
      by frankie d


      thanks for making my argument for me.  you often do that, even if you’re not aware that you are actually doing so.
      “He says we have young players but I just dont see it. Detroit is not even in the top five in terms of a young team in the NBA now so this argument is debateable at best. The foundation has been set in terms of youth but they are far from being young. ”
      this is exactly my point, and thanks for being honest enough to state that fact.
      who is responsible for that state of affairs?
      certainly dumars is primarily responsible, as he is responsible for putting players on the roster.  but frank is responsible in the sense that he doles out PT and he chooses, repeatedly, to dole out PT to retread vets.  the team, remember, as dumars has acknowledged, is rebuilding.  now call me crazy, but rebuilding, imho, involves younger players playing as the team builds for a future time when it will ultimately be competitive.  rebuilding, does not, imho, mean muddling towards a mediocre record as you depend on older vets who are not going to be a part of the team long term.
      last night was just the latest example of frank doing the latter, which seems to contradict the very notion of “rebuilding”. 
      “For some reason he assumes that the front office does not know the obvious ….”
      well, for some reason the front office has not known the obvious for a long time, as i must point out.  i won’t get into a blow by blow, but 39 and 30 and 27 wins, amir, afflalo, walter sharpe, terrico white, michael curry, john kuester, AI, rip, daye, gordon and CV are all strong signs that the front office has not known lots of obvious things that us dumb old fans were screaming about for a long time.  i guess us dumb old fans need to just shut up and let the geniuses in the front office work their magic, and sooner…or much, much later…they will get it right.
      as they say, even a blind squirrel finds a nut every once in a while. 
      facts are facts.  they have screwed up recently and until they actually drag themselves out of this hole, i’ll be skeptical. 
      i have my opinion, and you are welcome to your opinion.
      it’s what happens when one lives in a free country.
      let me ask you this question:  what are you going to say when macklin comes back from his very successful d-league stint and does not get playing time?  what is going to be your response then?


      • Apr 6, 20125:23 pm
        by Bygdygod


        Frankie d is mIssing the point 3 starters are 25 an younger. Jerebko is first big off bench. Hello?? What other young players should be playing??? Macklin? Your whole argument about young players is macklin?? Last week u said charlie v shld be playin. Who is not part of the core goin forward?!? Weird! Max an Tay start because at the beginning of the season coach frank tried Jerebko Ben an it didn’t work. He has given daYE PLENTY of minutes an he has not seized the opportunities. NO ONE wants a mediocre team. But FIRST you have to establish a team identity. Which is frank has done. Playoffs are soooo important to building a winning culture! Frankie d why don’t you just like another team? One that thinks jus like you. Mybe the kings or wizards??

  • Apr 6, 20124:31 pm
    by Mel Crosby


    It’s funny how before got Frank as a coach, everyone wanted a good coach because Q wasn’t doing a good job. We get L Frank which most people didn’t like, and that’s understandable because he had to prove him self first to the players and the organization. Now he said it was going to be a long process. Since that time we’ve seen the team go from 4-20 to 17and 14 major improvement and he’s working with the same players we had the past 2 yrs. we fan complain about how these coaches need to coach when we don’t even know the whole plan that they are using to become successful. Think about it, the team needed to learn the system first, usually veterans pick up on a system quicker than younger players. If you noticed in the beginning Frank was talking about establishing Moose as a hub, then you have Knight starting every game. Besides Moose, Stuck , Prince and Ben where the first to start benefiting from the system. then came Max and JJ now BG is coming along at the moment. All this in a shortened season. I love what Frank is doing with this team. Give him a full season and see what the other players do. Players must prove their worth Larry Brown did it , Phil Jackson did it , Chuck Daly did it. And the won championships. Frank want to win games because that the name of the game win or loose your job.

  • Apr 6, 20127:56 pm
    by gmehl


    Having a quick read of all the previous comments i don’t think anyone has factored in Frank benching Monroe because of us playing the Hawks tonight. We are going to need him as much as he give us tonight so yeah he might of got benched due to poor defence but i wouldn’t be surprised if Frank was saving him for the Hawks.

    • Apr 6, 20128:03 pm
      by tarsier


      Just out of curiosity, does anyone know of any study that actually shows that players perform much better the next day if they played fewer minutes the previous day? I am skeptical. These guys are in game shape. They put in a ton of hours other than actual games. And they have a whole freaking day to rest up. Would 10 minutes more or less really affect the guy’s play the next day? I mean, we expect a 5-15 minute stint on the bench to allow a player to mostly recover and be able to go back in playing rested again.

  • Apr 6, 201210:23 pm
    by rick77


    Im gonna say nothing because I bet he plays and not because you said so but because he is doing the things that the team has asked of him. Period. You like arguing if for no reason than to argue. I love a healthy debate its get the blood flowing. I never said anything other than they know more than you give credit for. I do not see one player that the Pistons drafted thats dominating since we let him go.

  • Apr 9, 201311:41 pm
    by Discount Hair Chalk


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