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Austin Daye readying to challenge Dennis Rodman’s pushup mark

Keith Langlois of Pistons.com:

It goes like this: 10 pushups and hold the position for 10 seconds, followed by eight pushups and hold for eight seconds, continuing through six, four, two and one, then starting over and going from one back through 10 – and then repeating the whole thing. To complete the cycle requires 124 pushups and 124 seconds of holding the position.

Kander, in all his years with the Pistons, has had one player successfully complete the circuit: Dennis Rodman. By the end of the summer, Austin Daye will be the second.

“I’m going to get there,” Daye told me this week. “I told him I would. I promised him.”

Nobody can keep up with Daye so far. It’s developed into a team activity with seven or eight regular participants taking part. Kander has Daye do different pushup drills on different days, but on game days – after the morning shootaround – he has him do the 10-to-1, 1-to-10 progression while seven or eight others take part, including Lawrence Frank.

“I’ve been trying to get everyone to do it,” Daye said. “I don’t want to be the only one suffering. It’s kind of funny when I see L getting blood-red in his face. It’s cool, having everyone around.”

This is the benefit of Lawrence Frank holding Austin Daye accountable for his poor playing and benching him. Daye is hungry to re-gain his rotation spot, and he’s working hard to do so. In the long run, ideally, this will make him a better player.

Check out Langlois’ full article. It has a really interesting look at Arnie Kander’s methods and Daye’s progress.


  • Apr 10, 20123:37 pm
    by Marvin Jones


    I’m supprised it’s taken this long for him to get serious about gaining strength, at the pre draft combine he couldn’t do one bench press with the 165 lb bar. He can’t post smaller guards because he can’t improve his position on the block and even his dribbling is affected because he looses control of the ball with any kind of contact, I think that’s why he very rarely does anything with the ball when he gets it except maybe one dribble and then pass instead of attacking the smaller defender and dribbling to a spot he’s comfortable at and just rising up and shooting over them like he should. He should be a walking mismatch that teams have to address when he comes into the game instead of just a tall guy that stands in the corner. Hopefully by next season he will have the confidence and the strength to take advantage of considerable gifts. 

    • Apr 10, 20126:54 pm
      by Pistons87


      Actually the article says Kander and others have tried other programs but this is the first that seems to be having any significant impact on Daye’s physique.

  • Apr 10, 20124:07 pm
    by Tiko


    Daye is trash

  • Apr 10, 20124:54 pm
    by vic


    this is awesome. I dont see it as much about Daye as it is about the fact that after all that talk about lifting weights… the best way to get stronger is to do pushups. Whoda thunkit?

    I had written him off but if he gets stronger and starts producing i’d love to have him as a 3rd or 4th guard next year.

  • Apr 10, 20125:13 pm
    by tarsier


    Are they holding the “up” position or “down” position? If it’s the former, I’m really surprised only Rodman has ever managed it. If it’s the latter, yeah, that would be insane.

  • Apr 10, 20127:42 pm
    by gmehl


    Out of all the pistons of the last 3 years that i am disappointed with the most Daye is the one that is in the lead. After seeing how scrawny he was on draft day i thought his rookie year was going to be a write off while he got stronger and added weigh which didn’t happen and then over the next 2 years he got even lighter. The key for him and the team to get better is simple…he must get stronger. These are the small strides that will make the pistons a better team in building from within. Once this kid gets some strength then the sky is the limit for him. He has got all the tools he just needs to build the body to utilize them. The only problem is its a big ‘IF‘ that he ever gets there.

  • Apr 10, 20129:20 pm
    by V.


    I view Daye as almost being pure ectomorph, and it’s going to be hard to make him strong enough to play in the NBA.

    Dennis Rodman was probably the strongest player pound for pound who ever played basketball, and he was probably 80/20 ectomesomorph, but his genetics were like one in 10 million. Where he came from they called that “cowboy strong”, wiry build, but very strong, remember Dennis roped calf back in OK. That’s probably a cakewalk to guarding a 4 or rebounding in the NBA.

  • Apr 11, 201212:34 am
    by apa8ren9


    Finally an article about Daye doing something other than twittering or cheering on someone else.  Something that he is accomplishing that will help him stay on the court.  I have to take what I can get I guess.  Next time hopefully it will be about him understanding defensive rotations better.  Get better or get lost.

  • Apr 11, 20128:58 am
    by Jeremy


    Not going to lie, don’t forsee Daye bulking up, just getting leaner. He needs to play on a team that has a dominent big or two so he can sit behind the arc and shoot the money ball all day. He isn’t the most athletic wing in the league to beat people off the dribble and he lacks the spead to be ran off of screens. If he was quicker, I would think, with his shooting stroke, he would be a lock to drop buckets with the old curl play that LB use to run for Rip.

    I may definitely try this push up regimine though. Read today that an guy is suing the FBI because he missed the cut by 1 push up. The physical test requires 30 untimed pushups and he only completed 29 – is it just me or does that seem like it would be a breeze if one took their time and didn’t try to rattle off 30 in a row?

  • Apr 11, 201211:09 am
    by jay_uno


    i can´t believe ben wallace can´t do that drill

  • Apr 11, 201211:17 am
    by domnick


    the heck with the team wasting time on this instead of winning more games this season… yeah this is not Austin Daye’s season and he should be traded already.. he sucks!

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