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Austin Daye: My season is ‘a failure’

Austin Daye, via Vincent Goodwill of The Detroit News:

"This year is not what I thought. You set goals for yourself and this year is a failure. Not a wasted year but a failure."

As strange as this sounds, my respect for Daye has actually grown lately. I appreciate his self awareness and that he’s working hard because of it.

I wish his season had gone better, but it’s understandable why it didn’t. I’m not going to turn him into a villain simply for missing shots. There are more important things than playing basketball well.

As far as I’ve seen, Daye has accepted criticism and owned up to his mistakes. In the process, he’s made me a fan.


  • Apr 11, 20122:45 pm
    by Steve K


    I know there are many Daye supporters here.
    My opinion is that much of his problem is that he has no defined role or position.
    Is there any consensus at to what his best position is?

    • Apr 11, 20123:04 pm
      by tarsier


      Why is this so often suggested as the reason why a guy isn’t playing up to his potential? How many players have there really been who just didn’t have a defined position/role and played poorly but once that was established, they miraculously turned things around?

      • Apr 11, 20123:14 pm
        by Steve K


        Perhaps because a coach needs to know a dude’s role before he gets minutes.

        • Apr 11, 20129:03 pm
          by tarsier


          If it were just a matter of minutes, then that would be a sensible argument. But no, a “clearly defined role” is not required for a player to get minutes. Hence my question, how many players have turned things around as a result of having the right role?

  • Apr 11, 20123:06 pm
    by L Boogie


    I was never a supporter of his when we picked him because of how thin he is; the problem with austin is lack of foot speed, he is a good shooter, but he does not have the explosion to move side to side, to guard, and explode while making a move; he always seem to get his pocket picked when trying to cross over. I think its combination of foot speed and strenght to guard and create his own shot. I think he can still still help in a bench role, but we (pistons) and Daye clearly need to get more stronger an athletic. I am sorry Austin, as Lebron once said it maybe time to take your talents somewhere else; and take charlie with you, he can carry your bags.

  • Apr 11, 20123:15 pm
    by N1ck


    His best position is on Twitter trolling his coach & planking. At least that’s where he’s proven himself this year…

  • Apr 11, 20124:22 pm
    by Max


    @Dan  I respect Daye more for saying his season was a failure.

    • Apr 11, 20125:36 pm
      by Zeiram


      What really strikes me is his emphasizes: “Not a wasted year but a failure.”.
      Immature players say thinks like ” This is a waste.”, not know no experience is ever a waste. Saying something is a failure (aka not what I wanted it to be), is okay, acknowledging it was still worth your time shows maturity.

  • Apr 11, 20126:20 pm
    by John


    I’d respect Daye if he was any good. Instead, he sucks and is a bust. I don’t care if he’s nice or nasty. I’d prefer he play well since he’s on the team I love. What is the point of this apologetic post? Respect his honesty? Okay. But you need to perform and despite playing with Bron and company during the lockout, he is not an NBA player. He is Charlie V 2.0, skinny and does little well except shoot…and of course this year, he can’t even do that. I wish badly they moved him at the deadline. This team’s record, as bad as it is, is fool’s gold. The teams that they have beaten have been the worst in the league and when they have beaten a good team, i.e. Celts/Orlando, they have been without their stars–KG and DH. Monroe’s #’s continue to dip, any enthusiasm for this year should be long wiped away. We win just enough to shoot ourselves in the foot in the draft (common theme in last 4 years) and yet really havent improved at all and really see no playoffs/upper echelon competitiveness in sight. Pistons fans need to be honest with ourselves and it starts with sites that report on the team, this team sucks and their is llittle reason for optimism in the very near future. Enjoy 89,90 and 04, I do.

  • Apr 11, 20126:44 pm
    by MB


    People say that Daye cant put on weight, and personal that’s something that I don’t believe.  He has been in the NBA for over 3 years, and I don’t think he is trying to put on size.  There is no way you are in the NBA with top of the line trainers and dietitians and not been able to gain a significant amount of muscle.  The reason this season if a failure is because he has not done what it takes to play well at the NBA level.  In college he was an ideal player because there are not a bunch of guards who can stop a 6-11 guard in the WCC.  I have always said that you can put on weight. He has offense, and muscle should not be something hard to do.  

    Austin needs to get in the gym with a defensive legend and learn how to play good defense.  Work on his space creation so he can create his own shoots.  And most importantly get with trainers and dietitians and PUT ON WEIGHT, or he can kiss his dream of being a successful NBA player good bye.

  • Apr 11, 20129:08 pm
    by Desolation Row


    I want to see him do well.

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  • Apr 11, 201211:40 pm
    by RalphHau


    AD is a player who has lost complete confidence.  Do you blame him, he came into the league in 2009 underthe tutelage of Kue who played him at every position including “stong forward,” talk about setting him up for a fall.  In 2010-11 AD had his best year, being played at 20 minutes per game.  I’ve seen several 20+ games from AD, the only thing lacking is CONFIDENCE.   He is usually yanked when he starts missing from three and has a great (tongue in cheek) mentor in TPrince who always hanging his head when things are not going well.  Give the kid a chance!

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