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Austin Daye: “He’s (Prince) back, he’s here and there’s nothing I can do about that”

One of the theories floated around about Austin Daye‘s early season slump was that his confidence may have taken a hit when the Pistons re-signed Tayshaun Prince, meaning Daye would once again be battling for scraps behind the man who, I believe, is legally mandated by the state’s constitution to never play less than 33 minutes a game.

Steve Kyler of Hoops World mentioned that theory and asked Daye about it:

The Pistons decision to re-sign Tayshaun Prince this year was a surprise, especially for Daye, as it was assumed he’d get a shot at Prince’s role; however, with Prince back for at least the next three years Daye doesn’t have much shot at meaningful floor time.

“It’s not really an excuse not to play well,” explained Daye. “I didn’t play well in the beginning of the season, and then I started to get comfortable. I was playing well but then I kind of lost myself out of the rotation. He’s back, he’s here and there’s nothing I can do about that. It’s not my job to be dwelling on him. It’s just a fact that I’m going to be playing with him so I have to figure out a way I can play and play with him when he’s here.”

Now, in fairness, Daye isn’t really complaining about Prince being back, but his comments do sound a bit like he was caught by surprise by the re-signing (as many of us were). I think it’s plausible that that surprise might have hurt the spirit a bit of a player who craved a bigger role and seemed to work pretty hard in the offseason to prepare for it.


  • Apr 12, 20125:53 pm
    by Max


    Gordon and Charlie V make a lot of money but they sit on the bench,
    There is no mandate about Prince playing so and so many minutes.  He is actually capable of playing them.
    Daye should outplay Prince if he wants his minutes.  If he was knocking down his threes and dominating the boards during the regular season the way he does in the pre-season; you can bet that Prince’s ass would be riding the bench a lot more often.

  • Apr 12, 20126:27 pm
    by Daye and Knight


    Signing Prince back was dumb. If we started Daye we could have seen what he can do with starters minutes, and if he underperformed we would get a higher draft pick (likely) Prince makes the team a little bit better but not good enough to even be a top 20 team…waste of time and money IMO

    • Apr 12, 20126:45 pm
      by D_S_V


      Couldn’t have said it better myself. 

      I’ve been waiting to propose this question, and I’m sure Patrick and Dan will do something of the sort after the Pistons season officially ends, but let’s be honest here, it’s already over…

      What have we learned about the Pistons this year? Given this year’s sample of games, what is the state of the talent level on our team? Who on the team is valuable going forward, and what areas do we need to shore up? Considering this season was lost in terms of contention from the beginning (which will be the same for next year as well), what does the team, fans, organization have to take away from the season?

      I CANNOT WAIT, to start discussing this stuff.

  • Apr 12, 20128:55 pm
    by John


    He’s not complaining about Prince being back? Huh? Sure sounded like he was bitching about it. This guy is a stiff and I wish we could lose him for a bag of potato chips. I hate him. Only guy I hate more on teh team is CV, but he doesnt count, since he is the scrub of all scrubs.

  • Apr 13, 20121:08 am
    by Mike


    If Daye worked hard over the offseason, he would have gained some weight. Just because he worked out with Durant for a couple weeks doesn’t mean the dude did what he was supposed to. Going over to Russia is no excuse either. Cant find food? Give me a break. If you can hire a driver, you can hire a chef.

    • Apr 13, 20122:12 am
      by Jacob G


      True knockin.  It’s not like Lawrence has been opposed to playing young players who earn their minutes,  and it’s not like Daye was playing in Siberia during the Soviet era (he played in Moscow in 2011- plenty of Western food to be had).

  • Apr 13, 20121:40 pm
    by domnick


    austin daye is just a trash… a guitar string man!

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