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Vincent Goodwill: Pistons ‘nearly landed’ Chris Kaman at trade deadline

Vincent Goodwill of The Detroit News :

Before Thursday’s deadline, the Pistons offered one of their big contracts — probably Charlie Villanueva or Ben Gordon, in addition to a future protected first-round pick — in exchange for Kaman, who attended Central Michigan from 2000-03.

The Hornets countered by offering forward Carl Landry for Jason Maxiell and the Pistons’ first-round pick this season, with no lottery protection. Both Kaman and Landry are in the last year of their contracts, while Maxiell has a player option for next season at $5 million.

These are some of the details I was looking for earlier, but we still don’t know much – although only a Ben Gordon-for-Chris Kaman trade, not a Charlie Villanueva-for Kaman trade, would have worked without other players involved. What type of protection was on the pick is the key detail missing. Though, I guess it doesn’t matter. The Hornets rejected the offer.

And their counteroffer, to me, indicates that the Hornets weren’t seriously interested. If they thought trading Kaman for a bad contract and a protected first-round pick was workable, why not talk about tweaking that rather than floating a proposal the Pistons would surely reject?

I’m not privy to any more information than Goodwill provided, but besides the headline of his article and his tweet that uses the same wording, I see no evidence that the Pistons “nearly landed” Kaman. Maybe they did. Maybe they didn’t. I don’t know. Kudos to Goodwill for uncovering the details of the offers. That’s genuinely good reporting. But his article didn’t provide enough evidence to convince me the Pistons actually got close to completing the trade.


  • Mar 16, 20124:48 pm
    by Mark


    I agree completely, Dan. Another Goodwill article that leaves me dumbfounded. His titles suggest one thing, then gives no evidence whatsoever to support them in the actual article.

    All it says is we made 1 offer for Kaman, they countered with a completely different offer not  even including Kaman, we declined, and that was the end of the talks.

    How that means we nearly landed him, idk.

    Maybe there was more negotiations on the Kaman front, but unless Goodwill points those out, him saying we nearly traded for him because of 1 offer is just misleading.

  • Mar 16, 20124:49 pm
    by apa8ren9


    I think to be totally fair to Goodwill and the headlines, Goodwill doesnt get to write his own headlines.  So the Editor or whomever has that authority probably wrote that in order to get people to check out the info in the article.

    • Mar 16, 20124:59 pm
      by Dan Feldman


      At most newspapers, you are correct. I don’t know whether that’s the case at the DetNews. But even if it is, he used the same wording in his tweet that I linked.

      But that’s beside the point. I’m not trying to dog Goodwill here. He definitely did a great job of getting the details he got. I appreciate learning those. I’m just ignoring the headline and that tweet as far as things I believe.

  • Mar 16, 20124:49 pm
    by oats


    That deal is pretty bad for Detroit. I definitely prefer the no deal to making that one.

  • Mar 16, 20124:57 pm
    by sebastian


    The problem is that there is way too much value placed in a “Tweet”. Twitter is not an authorized source. A tweet means nothing!
    Tweet that!!!!

    • Mar 16, 20125:02 pm
      by Dan Feldman


      I don’t care whether the information comes in a newspaper, a newspaper’s website or twitter. If the source and/or information is reliable, that’s the only thing important to me. Goodwill is a reliable source.

  • Mar 16, 20125:27 pm
    by Satchel


    Isn’t Kaman unrestricted after this season? Would’nt the Pistons be WAY better off losing more games this year, keeping their (still probably) lottery pick and going after Kaman in the offseason/around the draft? Is it feasible they’d have the $$?

    • Mar 16, 20126:04 pm
      by inigo montoya


      You’re right.  I can’t imagine Kamen getting more than the MLE this summer.  Kaman already said he would like to be a Piston, all Detroit has to do is make a reasonable offer.  

      Still Kaman for B. Gordon + protected 1st round might have been worth it, depending on the protection in the draft order and how many years it was protected.  For example, if it was reasonably protected for the next 2 years, it might have been worth it. 

      Landry for Maxiell + unprotected 1st round, no way.  Detroit would have been saving at most $5 million and the unprotected could have been worth much more than that, probably an average value of at least $8 million.  

  • Mar 16, 20127:26 pm
    by Lorenzo


    That’s a pretty poor counter offer to the Pistons…I was expecting deals like this to be put to us, hence as a fan, again I’m more than content that Joe stood pat. And yeah…..sure doesn’t seem like Kaman was ever “close” to coming…poor headline.

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