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Vernon Macklin will likely remain in D-League two more weeks

Keith Langlois of Pistons.com:

After the game, Mad Ants GM Jeff Potter sent Pistons vice president Scott Perry this e-mail: “Vern with 24 and 20 tonight and the nastiest tip dunk I’ve seen all year. Dominated for 48 minutes. Took a huge charge toward the end of the game. He was unreal. Congrats on drafting him.”

The Pistons are likely to let Macklin finish the D-League season in Fort Wayne, Perry said, which consists of five more games and concludes April 7. He would then return to the Pistons for the final three weeks of the season. It will be up to Lawrence Frank whether Macklin could crack the frontcourt rotation then, but the Pistons feel pretty good that Macklin has a future that belies his draft status.


  • Mar 26, 20122:45 pm
    by Obee


    Now….there is absolutley no excuse to not play Macklin when he gets back.

  • Mar 26, 20122:46 pm
    by vic


    give him a chance Frankie!

  • Mar 26, 20124:14 pm
    by Victor Fontana


    Free Macklin!!
    I wonder if we’ll ever get to see Macklin and Singler playing together for the Pistons.
    Singler is averaging 14.4 ppg; 3.6rpg; 40pct 3PT; 47pct 2PT; at Real Madrid. If these players could translate it to the NBA, Singler – Jerebko – Macklin would be a decent 2nd unit frontcourt.

  • Mar 26, 20126:16 pm
    by John V


    I agree…. Free Macklin!!!!

  • Mar 26, 20126:19 pm
    by swish22


    I think a name change is in order.    Vernon B Free MAcklin!  

  • Mar 26, 20127:00 pm
    by MrBlockedShot


    Let’s hope he gets enough minutes when he comes back to NBA. I only hope that. More likely he will, as the season will be almost finished and there’s no need to waste minutes in veterans like Wallace or Maxiell. I think this guy has potential in our roster as he brings help in several of our weaknesses (wingspan, size and athletism) but’s raw, and very limited offensively. In NCAA you can live with that and be dominant in some colleges, but NBA is a different story. We’ll see when he gets back…

  • Mar 26, 20128:52 pm
    by Mark


    I think Macklin has the potential to be a long time, affordable, solid backup C to Monroe. One who can defend the paint, rebound, and score a little in the low post.

    Kind of reminds me of when we got Rebracca in the 2nd round, and he had that grown man body already as a rookie, because he was already like 28 I think. Macklin will be 26 next year and has a similar body and strength, and just all around solid Center.

  • Mar 26, 20129:20 pm
    by ryan


    Free Macklin is right. Let’s hope he keeps doing well in the D League and then comes back and contributes in our last few games but not so much that we win unnecessarily. He and Singler could be good rotation guys for us which should go a long way toward shutting Joe Dumars’ critics up.

  • Mar 27, 201210:44 am
    by Tom


    Macklin is learning from a living legend in Ben Wallace. Ben has now given mentorship to four nice young Piston big’s in; Maxiel, Jerebko, Monroe & Macklin. If we can add one more in the draft (Davis, Henson or Drummond) we will be set for another 6 STRAIGHT NBA final four’s. We need to hire Ben Wallace as a big man coach to keep him around to mentor these guys, in addition to our next lotto pick.

    Macklin has the tools to be a solid backup PF/C who plays 20mpg and gives you rebounding, defense and toughness. He easily can get his own and put up 5-6 ppg, 6 rpg & 1 bpg. We may lose Maxiel to free agency (he can opt-out), because he is playing really well and some team may pony up 15-20 million for him. In which case we promote MACKLIN! Obviously, I assume CV31 is going to be amnestied.

    Knight – Stuckey/Bynum
    Stuckey – Gordon/2012 2nd
    Prince – Singler/Daye
    2012 1st – Jerebko/Macklin
    Monroe – Maxiel*/Macklin

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