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Rodney Stuckey, Greg Monroe – aw, heck, I’m not going to list everyone – dominate the Kings

Most Valuable Player

Rodney Stuckey (35 points, six assists, five rebounds and one turnover) has scored 71 points in two games against the Kings this season.Their small backcourt can’t matchup with Stuckey, who made 11-of-12 free throws tonight.


Since Jason Maxiell moved into into the opening lineup, the Pistons’ starters have clicked together – especially tonight, when they all finished at least +14. By comparison, all Detroit’s reserves each posted negative plus-minuses.

That was… vengeful

Greg Monroe scored three points on 1-of-7 shooting in the Pistons’ first matchup with Sacramento, but tonight he had 32 points, 11 rebounds and three assists against DeMarcus Cousins, drafted two picks higher.

The last time…

  • Two Pistons scored 32 points, like Stuckey and Monroe did tonight: April 2, 2000, when Jerry Stackhouse had 34 and Grant Hill had 32 against the Nets
  • Three Pistons scored 28 points, like Stuckey Monroe and Tayshaun Prince (28 points) did tonight: Jan. 12, 2000, when Hill, Stackhouse and Lindsey Hunter each scored 29 against the Knicks
  • The Pistons scored 124 points, like they did tonight: April 6, 2010, when they beat the 76ers, 124-103
  • The Pistons scored 40 points in a quarter, like they did in the third tonight: Dec. 11, 2010, when they scored 43 in the second quarter against the Raptors
  • The Pistons made 58 percent of their shots, like they did tonight: April 6, 2010, when they beat the 76ers, 124-103
  • Brandon Knight had 11 assists, like he did tonight: never – new career high

The Pistons’ defense

It was awful for most of the first half.

The Kings’ defense

It was awful for the entire game.


  • Mar 15, 201212:42 am
    by frankie d


    monroe makes adjustments like a coach on the floor. sometimes it’s within a game itself – as he was doing against jefferson and utah – and sometimes it’s between games, as happened between the two sactown games.
    but he always makes the adjustment in order to have success.
    he did the same thing he did to jefferson tonight.  he took cousins a little bit further away from the basket and used his quickness.  he understood that if he tried to bang with cousins down low, it was suicide.
    as the sactown broadcasters noted: smart player.

    • Mar 15, 201211:03 am
      by Stuckey and Whoever


      Monroe – 15/20 are you serious!?  When is the last time a big man for the pistons shot like that, you could even ask a piston in general.
      Stuckey – A hair short of three 30 point games in the last five.  I guess you ask when is he going to break 40 pt mark this season.
      Himself, Knight and Monroe have great opportunities to show their skills against these up coming match ups.  PHX Nash& Gortat – LAC Chirs Paul& Griffin – MIA The Big three.  All of which are going to be first fun to watch. But second especially for Knight and Monroe hopefully their time to just play like they know how and say hey we can run with these guys.  And all of these games should be like a track meet which is good to be able to put the pistons in that category once and a while.

  • Mar 15, 20121:07 am
    by Mel


    Dito Frankie D, Monroe is becoming a man on the court , Pistons have a good big man’s coach also. I will say it again Stuckey is playing like a grown man now. And what I mean by that is he’s playing like the man or let’s say taking responsibility on the court. Yeah, that it. But I have to say all of the starters played great tonight. But Brandon Knight played like a true point guard tonight. He really saw the floor and only 1 turnover between the 2 guards.

    I know it’s Sac-Town but hey we won on the road, I wondered about this game after the Utah loss. Usually , my man Stuck would give a half heart ed effort the next game after a loss like that. Frank is getting a lot out of these guys, and that’s what coaches suppose to do.

    Oh Yeah, I live in LA now and will be at the Piston – Clipper game Sunday, hope to have something good to talk about after the game.

  • Mar 15, 20121:10 am
    by Mark


    Monroe > Cousins

    Stuckey was crazy with those 3′s in the 3rd qtr!

    Knight  looking like a true PG tonight. 10 pts, 11 asts, 0 TO’s on 5-9 FG.

    Our starting backcourt: 17 asts and only 1 turnover.

    • Mar 15, 20121:12 am
      by Mark


      Great backcourts are to the Pistons franchise what great Centers are to the Lakers. I think Knight/Stuckey might be the next great backcourt in our franchises lineage. They really are looking like the real deal lately, and have amazing chemistry together.

    • Mar 15, 20121:12 am
      by Mark


      Great backcourts are to the Pistons franchise what great Centers are to the Lakers. I think Knight/Stuckey might be the next great backcourt in our franchises lineage. They really are looking like the real deal lately, and have amazing chemistry together.

    • Mar 15, 20123:42 am
      by frankie d


      i also thought that knight looked like a bona fide, quality PG tonight.  nice to see.
      (and they are so committed to stuckey as an off guard that tay ran the point most times when knight was not in the game.)
      he showed a patience and a real grasp of what the team was trying to do, and he executed the game plan.
      and…miracle upon miracles…i actually saw pistons’ guards pass it to the dive man on the pick and roll!
      stuckey did it once, and then knight did it, both times to monroe, for easy baskets at the rim.
      pick and rolls are easy plays, but they are tough to execute well.
      that simple play really separates the men from the boys, the contenders from the pretenders, when you talk about point guards.  the guys who run the play well will slice and dice defenses like it’s child’s play.  
      steve nash is the best, with chris paul a close second.
      the pistons have so rarely had a guy who could run it well – even chauncey ran it sort of mechanically and most times would opt for the easy pick and pop – that it was really fun to see a piston guard execute the play well.
      t-mac’s ability to run the pick and roll was the most impressive part of his piston career.  even though i hated having him on the team, stealing minutes from young guys, watching him slice up a defense with a simple pass to monroe was a thing of beauty.
      it was fun to see both pistons’ guards at least thinking in that fashion tonight. 
      and with monroe’s passing ability, if the pistons ever start running the play well, with monroe as a dive man, their half court offense would be unstoppable.
      imagine…pick and roll…monroe gets the pass as he rolls to the basket…the defense reacts and flows to him…a detroit cutter heads to the basket from the corner…monroe has an easy pass to a totally open cutter who has an easy dunk.
      or…if the defense doesn’t overreact, monroe, as happened tonight, gets an easy bucket.
      the possibilities are endless, and having a big guy like monroe opens up all the possibilities.

  • Mar 15, 20122:13 am
    by Trent


    Great comeback win, but really, were only slipping in the lottery %. i hate seeing our team lose but winning games against teams like SAC only but us in a worse position moving forward. Its great to win now and see such great improvement, which we are seeing plenty of now, but its not enough to make us a contender anytime soon without some serious talent upgrades and unfortunately due to Crazy Joe’s GM style we owe some complete phoneys over 25m and have no room to move in FA. I love to see us win but I hate seeing us win!

    Oh and what was all this talk about JJ not playing becos he was sick of was being traded?

    • Mar 15, 20124:30 am
      by gmehl


      @Trent I was feeling the same way about all this winning we have been doing but i don’t feel like that is an option anymore. If we can somehow come out of this next stretch of road games by winning 50% of them then who knows where we will draft. If the Knicks, Bucks & Cavs start losing some more then we could be looking at no lottery at all. I think it might be worth packaging the pick in a trade with either CV or BG and then amnesty the one that doesn’t get traded. It might be better than reaching for talent at the bottom of the draft. Its all very frustrating cause you don’t know whether to be happy about all the winning. It’s kind of like us as piston fans deserve some sort of compensation for how bad we have been doing the last 4-5 years. I suppose winning does help ease the pain but then again so would a 5-10% to get Anthony Davis.

      • Mar 15, 201212:30 pm
        by Youssif


        Hadn’t really thought about that, but if we’re bull-ish on where this team is headed, maybe we can package our first round to a team that isn’t paying attention (or is bear-ish on our success) along with BG/CV and try to land a guy who can put us over the hump (in other words, make us better than Boston).
        Josh Smith, perhaps?

        • Mar 15, 201212:31 pm
          by Youssif


          And by “we” I mean Joe Dumars … always make that mistake!

    • Mar 15, 20128:42 am
      by labatts


      I hear you about slipping in the lottery, but this is one league where I really don’t think that it is that important.  Sure, you can get good players in the lottery.  But there are also teams that are ALWAYS in the lottery, and seemingly never get better (perhaps the Clippers have turned the corner?).
      I think it is a FAR better sign that the current players are starting to: 1. play well and 2. be professional.
      I also think that being smart in the draft is more important than having the first pick.  (By being smart I mean don’t draft players such as Mateen Cleaves, Rodney White, Darko, Delfino, Andreas Glyniadakis, Rickey Paulding, Alex Acker, Cheik Samb, Will Blalock, Sammy Mejia, Walter Sharpe, Trent Plaisted, Deron Washington, Austin Daye, or anyone who would rather play overseas).
      I remember when Dumars’ first started GMing, they said he was learning on the job.  But some of these names are classic.  Remember when he drafted Daye?  Boy, that was a hoot.  Sure hope he learned from that one.
      Err, sorry for the rant.  I think I got a little off topic.  What were we talking about?

    • Mar 15, 20121:46 pm
      by Tim


      This is a dumb way to view any season.  Regardless of the remainder of the season, we will be lucky to even come close to picking in the top 10.  And really, whats the difference between picking 14th and 17th?  Go look at the lists over the last 20 years or so.  The 14th pick (last lottery pick and probably around where the pistons end up) has studs like anthony randolph, Earl Clark, Rashad McCants and Luke Ridnour.  While the 17th pick has a bunch of scrubs like Roy Hibbert, Danny Granger, Josh Smith and Iman Shumpert.   Boy, definitely worth tanking to get a slightly better pick in a draft that is always a crapshoot.

      And thats the point.  Unless you can assure yourself of the top pick (or top 3 some years) like Indy did this year in the NFL, tanking mostly backfires.  Beyond the top 5, its a luck driven process (see Udoh going 2 spots before us, allowing us to take the much better player in Monroe).  Unless tanking would give them a huge advantage in acquiring Davis, there is no point.  And lets face it, the number of teams much worse than the pistons is staggering this year.  So why begrudge a young team for going out there and getting after it and winning?   Poor sportsmanship and poor fan attitude.

      • Mar 15, 20122:23 pm
        by frankie d


        i dont think any team should play less than it is capable of playing.
        but i do think that a team should make personnel moves that look to the future, rather than making moves that simply insure a mediocre present.
        in other words, i’d trade a valuable starter like maxiell, for the future benefit he’d bring, and if that meant that the current team lost a few more games – and got itself a better draft choice – than that is all the better.
        teams do it all of the time, and it is a great way to set yourself up for the future.
        the best example of that strategy was SA’s season the year david robinson got hurt and they won the tim duncan lottery.
        they didn’t necessarily “tank” any particular game, but they ended up making very curious personnel and lineup decisions that pretty much insured that they would have a great crack at duncan.  and it worked.
        what is more valuable? 
        the glow from a few more wins in a lottery season?
        or anthony davis?
        is anyone going to seriously argue that because a team won 15 rather than 22 games, that even though they now have a franchise player in davis, that they are going to be worse off?  that the phsychological damage from those other 7 losses – the losses that got them the better shot at davis – is going to cripple them emotionally?
        one of the most astute observers around, john hollinger,  addresses this issue in his discussion of the bogut/ellis trade.
        he has no problem with “tanking”, in fact he applauds GS for putting themselves in a position to lose more and therefore get a better draft choice:

        “The big loser here may be the Utah Jazz, as part of Golden State’s motivation appears to be an elaborate ruse to avoid ceding a lottery pick to Utah. The timing is bizarre because the Warriors had played themselves into playoff contention, but the Warriors’ brass had to view the landscape and see that (A) they were still highly unlikely to make the playoffs and (B) they owed their first-round pick to the Jazz if it didn’t fall in the top seven.
        At 17-21, Golden State has some work to do to finish in the league’s bottom seven teams. (And that wouldn’t ensure a top-seven pick, since a team eightth or below could usurp a top-three spot in the lottery and push them down one.) Detroit is 15-27, just two back in wins but six in losses, and the Warriors also need to “pass” two other Eastern teams to get into the bottom seven.
        But between the trade and the upcoming schedule, they may be in position to do so. Jackson is no longer capable of playing big minutes on a decent team (even if his hamstring injury magically heals itself on the flight to Oakland) and Bogut won’t be back until April, if at all. If the Warriors are smart they’ll encourage him to take his time. With the Warriors running a gauntlet of elite teams in April, they have a great shot at effectively “trading” for a lottery pick with this deal… ”
        if the pistons were smart and thinking strategically, maxiell would be on his way out of town and the pistons would be on their way to a better shot at davis.  but then, when has joe ever played chess with his moves.  he’s strictly a checkers guy.

        • Mar 15, 20123:56 pm
          by Tim


          Well, I see the point of that strategy, but I dont see how its really relevant to the current pistons squad.  There is no way in hell than can lose enough to have a statistically viable shot at Davis.  And I dont really see Drummond or any other potential lottery pick being that much better than many of the players available in the late lottery, where the pistons will likely end up.

          • Mar 15, 20125:22 pm
            by tarsier

            what is statistically viable?

  • Mar 15, 20122:36 am
    by Domnick


    Talking about the win…. we are going to get better… and this year was really good….

    Im just hoping for another great time… and now… lets get some good trades!! JOE D PLEASE!!!

  • Mar 15, 20122:41 am
    by Bygdygod


    Great to have great coaching. A real rotation. Guys with roles an they know them. Consistent effort. Toughness. Developing young players. Two years there two drafts they will be Real contenders.

    • Mar 15, 201211:40 am
      by Laser


      Not with 7th and 8th picks they won’t.

      • Mar 15, 201212:10 pm
        by Patrick Hayes


        Yeah. Guys picked 7th and 8th in the draft never amount to shit. Signed, Nene, Luol Deng, Rudy Gay, Eric Gordon and Greg Monroe (not to mention guys picked 9th or 10th like Amar’e Stoudemire, Andrew Bynum, Andre Iguodala, Joakim Noah, Spencer Hawes, Brook Lopez, Brandon Jennings, Paul George).

        You are clearly an intellectual lightweight when it comes to discussing the NBA. Just stop.

      • Mar 15, 20125:25 pm
        by tarsier


        mid-lottery picks are less likely to get it done, but if the pistons are picking there because of how well the young guys are playing, i’ll take it. if it’s because they have a bunch of players like prince/gordon/charlie, not so much.

  • Mar 15, 20122:44 am
    by David


    I have to say, and its become apparent since the all-star break: Lawrence Frank is a good coach for this team. Since he’s never coaches a good team, it is hard to say what kind of coach he’d be running a star-built playoff run team like the Heat or Lakers. But it is clear he’s good at developing young talent, and generating good chemistry between them. Given the lack of training camp, pre-season, and practice time this season I’m impressed with how much he’s turned them around. Aside from “player development”, “system”, “chemistry” there’s one thing he does which neither Curry or Q did: He provides a clear, consistent role for his players.

    The same starting five, every night. Imagine that, Kuester. 

  • Mar 15, 20124:14 am
    by Mark


    I noticed how smooth things were running too with Tay handling the ball late in the game. I think thats a great move by Frank if by design. Usually when we falter down the stretch of close games its been our guards inexperience closing out games. Tay has the veteran know-how to do it and will usually make the right plays.

    Knight gets to go up against Nash Friday for the first time, should be fun matchup after this Nash-like game from him tonight.

  • Mar 15, 20126:28 am
    by Derek


    CORRECTION: The last time the Pistons had two players top 30 points came in a loss to Utah on Dec. 19, 2008 when Allen Iverson scored 38 and Rip Hamilton 30.

    Stuckey has turned the corner.  The lights are on.  He is making strides.
    Moose is an…animal.
    Knight got on the scene without being a turnover machine.

    OBSERVATION: Billups ran the pick and roll scheme with like a fine oiled machine.  I remember pick and rolls that resulted in Wallace lobs (either Wallace), and Wallace threes (‘Sheed), improvised into passes to rip on the curl, or a Mr. Big Shot…shot.  I loved that team.  They were a close second to my Bad Boys.

    I like what we have developing with Stuck, Knight, and Monroe.  The wins are great, but I’m more encouraged by the development of the players and the fight in the team.  Guys are going to war out there.  Last year they would have mailed this game in and sat on the bench laughing about it.  This year we have something to cheer for even if we don’t make the playoffs we still have a much brighter season and a much brighter future!

    • Mar 15, 20129:35 am
      by Dan Feldman


      Who are you correcting?

      • Mar 15, 20121:48 pm
        by Tim


        Apparently you, despite you never actually making that statement.  32+.  Reading comprehension FTW!

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