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Rodney Stuckey embracing his “inner bully”

Zack Lowe of Sports Illustrated has been impressed with Rodney Stuckey‘s aggressiveness:

8. Rodney Stuckey, bringing out his inner bully

There is a meanness and physicality to Stuckey’s game, and working as a hybrid guard this season alongside Brandon Knight instead of a point man has unleashed Stuckey’s efficient brand of cruelty. Stuckey comes alive when he can post up overmatched guards and attack the rim in delayed transition, or when Knight kicks the ball to him on the perimeter as a spot-up outlet on pick-and-roll plays. Stuckey has attempted at least eight free throws in nine of Detroit’s last 10 games, and he’s averaging 19.3 points per game over that stretch. Few will notice, but Stuckey is living up to his three-year, $25-money contract.

As Dan Feldman has mentioned, once Brandon Knight learns to do more point guard-like things and take even more of that pressure off of Stuckey, his game could blossom even more.


  • Mar 5, 20121:56 pm
    by Jodi Jezz


    I’ve noticed, I knew Stuckey would be a great signing…I’ve said for a while that Stuckey and Wade’s game are similar…

    • Mar 5, 20124:25 pm
      by Shane


      I just wish Stuckey would improve as a spot up shooter… I feel like Knight passes the ball alot… it’s just his stats (assists) don’t show it because we lack good spot up shooters.

      • Mar 5, 20126:35 pm
        by Mark


        Its funny because we all used to complain that the Pistons were too jumpshot-happy. Now when we have a player who attacks the basket on every play we complain that he needs a jumpshot, lol 

        Adding a consistent jumper would be great, but at the same time the midrange jumpshot IS the worst shot in basketball. At least he understands that he’s not a great jumpshooter and instead takes the high pecentage shots at the rim.

        In a way, this is like Stuckey’s real 2nd yr of his career. He had a great rookie year under a coach in Flip. But the next year he was stuck in situation of turmoil with a bad coach in Curry. Where the team was all disgruntled over the Chauncey trade, meanwhile trying to develop his game with a disgruntled Allen Iverson sharing minutes. Then you had 2 yrs of Kuester and a disgruntled Rip during the ownership change. Its almost like Stuckey’s career/development was put on hold for 2-3 yrs along with th franchise through the ownership change.

        Now he’s finally able to pick up where he left off after his rookie year with a good stable coach, who’s developing him the right way and stable ownership. He still needs to be more consistent, but I no longer want to trade him, and really like what he brings to the team. And I think now that his development is picking back up on the right track, I think he will get that consistency eventually, after a few season in a stable enviroment.

        • Mar 5, 20126:38 pm
          by Mark


          Basically trying to say, its hard for any player to be consistent when everything else around him is inconsistent. From changes in ownership, coaching changes, lineup changes, etc. Now that he’s got a solid coach in place, ownership in place, and a consistent rotation going we’re seeing some more consistency out of him.

      • Mar 5, 20128:10 pm
        by Max


        Stuckey has improved his shooting.

    • Mar 6, 20122:24 pm
      by Nwdavis1


      Stuckey’s game is similar to Wade’s – unfortunately he has 1/100th of Wade’s talent and athleticism.
      Still, it is nice to see him continuing to play hard.

  • Mar 5, 20122:34 pm
    by frankie d


    his game will blossom more…once the foolishness of trying to make stuckey a point guard is finally put to rest.
    whether he is ultimately more effective as a 6th man, a la jason terry, or as a starter, next to knight, remains to be seen.
    but it should be clear that stuckey is at his best when he does not have the burden of trying to run an offense and get his teammates shots.
    no, stuckey, at his best, is pure “id” on a basketball court and the more it is unleashed, the better the team’s performance.

  • Mar 5, 20125:02 pm
    by dvs


    Stuckey really has looked good. I just hope he works on his jumpshot over the summer and knight gets stronger. if they can do that they’ll be one of the better backcourts in the league next season.

    • Mar 5, 20127:23 pm
      by Stuckey and Whoever


      They both can learn from each other in that Knight can learn how to build strength and Stuckey and learn how to become more consistent from three. (He has made improvements though.)

  • Mar 5, 20125:22 pm
    by tarsier


    Yeah, he’s playing better than ever at getting to the line. But I still am slightly annoyed with Stuckey because he continues to only apply himself on defense maybe one play out of three. When he does, he is able to smother most players like Chalmers did Lin. Until he does that, he will continue to be great value for a 15th pick, but well short of his potential.

    • Mar 5, 20128:36 pm
      by swish22


      You’re telling us he plays defense only 33% of the time and he’s a great value pick at 15???  What’s your rationale here??? Is he such a dynamic force on offense that he gets a pass for his weak efforts nightly on the defensive end????  or maybe it’s the coach again!   Let us know, were all eagerly waiting for your answer!   .417% shooting percentage FOR THE YEAR!!   If that’s what were looking for in our best player it’s very very sad!

      • Mar 5, 201210:19 pm
        by tarsier


        No, my rationale is quite simply that most 15th picks amount to nothing. And he is very good at one thing–getting to the line. That can be enough to make him a starting caliber player on a good team. He isn’t yet but one can hope. Also, he only tries on defense on a small percentage of his possessions–unacceptable. But he is still an almost average defensive player just because most Gs are bad on defense and he has all the natural advantages for it.

        All in all, we shall see if he can ever put together a special stretch for at least 20 games. Until then, I remain unimpressed. But that doesn’t mean he’s not a good value at 15.

  • Mar 5, 20126:25 pm
    by swish22


    You slackies are right on.  He’s really coming into his own and looking like the second coming of Dwayne Wade.  I  just hope he continues to play like these last 5 games shooting 26 for 67 from the field.  Just a tick below 39%!!  That’s a scary shooting percentage for a guy that’s gotten to the line on 20 other shot attempts in those 5 games!  If we can now surround him with 4 other guys with tunnel vision who shoot 39% from the field and play defense half the time we’ll make it back to the #1 draft spot by next year! .  Let’s see 3.0 assists in those last 5 games and averaging 3.2 turnovers!!  What a bargain for this kind of leadership for only 8 million plus a year!  He’ll most likely keep Frank thinking playoffs for at least another month with this hot streak he’s on!  YIKE$$$$$$$$$$!
    I know you’re going to point out we played the 5 toughest defensive teams in those 5 games, Cleveland, Toronto, Charlotte, Philly and MEmphis! and he’s vastly outperforming our superstar money guys(gordon + C V)!!    What a leader!!   NOT!

    • Mar 5, 20128:21 pm
      by Max


      The Wade comparisons are silly but the article was about Stuckey’s ability to get to the line where he is actually a more efficient player than Wade. He has also steadily raised his number of three point attempts throughout his career and is taking more than he ever did this year,    These two factors make up a bit for his field goal pct and he is a 42% shooter for his career and shot 44% last year.

  • Mar 5, 20127:37 pm
    by Stuckey and Whoever


    39% FG is I’m guessing because of  the last game.  And you picked a five game stretch..YIKES$$$$ Yeah he is a slashing guard playing point quite a bit, even if he did average 3.2 turnovers, which he DOES NOT.  What do you expect….YIKES$$$$$$.  I don’t know if Frank is thinking playoffs, he just wants to win and not waste a season, I think he is smarter than you….YIKES$$$$$$  No one ever compared him to BG and CV, (Everyone knows who’s better) but you did so that makes your basketball IQ a whole -2.5..you guessed it YIKES$$$$$

    • Mar 5, 20127:54 pm
      by swish22


      Even at 51 I cold most likely still take a slackie like you off the dribble!   Since I’ve caddied for guys like MJ, Debusschere and many other hall of famers someone else must think my basketball I Q is very high.  Then again were all entiltled to our opinions at least if you’re careful now that the NDAA has passed.  That’s the National defense Authorization Act in case you’re only able to think inside this sports box! 
      He was 20 for 45 in those other 4 games for a whopping 44.4% improvement deleting the 1 game!

      • Mar 5, 20128:04 pm
        by tarsier


        And the loser of the day who claims he can beat at basketball someone he has never met (and therefore has no idea about the talent level of said person) is…
        drum roll….

        • Mar 5, 20128:19 pm
          by swish22


          Th bully in Swish is fully out tonight.  Maybe patrick could organize a yearly horse game for us all to get together, talk about the growing Slackie faction and other related Pistons items!!  At 51 I’d rarely want to dig deep for a game of one on one but the game of horse is still such a treat to play against younger guys!   Just a thought.  I’m in even if its a 200 mile trip!!  LMK Patrick!  only one rule for us old guys!  NO DUNKING!

  • Mar 5, 20129:23 pm
    by swish22


    My final thoughts and look at this thread as anger management is now needed!  Still amazed at the comments above of my beloved Rodney Starbury Stuckey and his minion of slackies!!

    1.  I knew Stuckey was a great signing.— ( for the team that didn’t get him!)
    2.  He had a bad coach in his second year
    3.  He had a bad coach in years 3 and 4!
    4.  His career/development was put on hold due to ownership issues
    5.  Stuckey has improved his shooting. (lol)
    6.  His game will blossom soon.    (how many years should we wait!)
    7.  Stuckey has really looked good.
    8.  Geat value pick at 15 even though he plays defense 33% of the time! (put down the bong)
    9.  His game resembles Dwayne Wade

    He’s playing more minutes than his career average (albeit slightly)
    He’s shooting a LOWER shooting percentage than his career average!
    He’s assisting at a LOWER rate than his career average!
    He’s rebounding at a LOWER rate than his career average!
    He’s averaging LESS steals per game than his career average!
    He’s averaging less fouls per game suggesting he’s really not playing any physical defense which we all know he’s capable of doing!

    What do the numbers say he’s doing better??
    Blocks-  that’s it! and probably the least meaningful statistic at his position!

    I rest my case your honor and would encourage the court to direct the prosecution(The Slackies)to seek out psychiatric help!!

    • Mar 5, 20129:47 pm
      by Stuckey and whoever


      Your making all these negative comments when he has played this season with no camp and has been hurt for a good majority of it.  Do you know how the game of basketball works??  I am not giving him a pass this year, I’m saying thats why people are now paying attention to him.  Stuckey haters have always been at a good amount.  But you may have the award for the most crazy.  By the way gramps Ill play you one on one. I haven’t played in two months, I’ll shoot one handed, ill make it my left too, with my torn meniscus, Ill play bare foot, I’m 5’7 too, on a 15 ft rim!..When life goes bad granpappy takes it out on a blog about Stuckey.  -Pure Middle age crazy- 

      • Mar 5, 201210:30 pm
        by tarsier


        Ok, Stuckey shouldn’t need much of a camp. He is in his 5th season. And yeah, at the outset of the season, he was shooting terribly. In the past 15 games or so, he has been shooting much better. Why did he start out slow? Who knows. Maybe rust. But that is on him. No excuses for a 5th year player.

        • Mar 6, 20128:52 am
          by swish22


            Life is good for me and I’m very blessed in general and hope that you both can also find health and happiness if you haven’t yet.   I was a huge Stuckey fan until last season.  That being said I’m not sure he could ever win me back.  
             PEACE, TS

          • Mar 6, 201210:16 pm
            by Stuckey and whoever

            You don’t stop liking a good player because of his bad situation.  Hope you learned something tonight old timer.

  • Mar 6, 20122:34 pm
    by RationalSportsFan


    As Dan Feldman has mentioned, once Brandon Knight learns to do more point guard-like things and take even more of that pressure off of Stuckey, his game could blossom even more.”
    Maybe Brandon Knight would already be able to do more point guard-like things if Stuckey didn’t dominate the ball half the time they are on the court together.

    • Mar 6, 201210:17 pm
      by Stuckey and whoever


      Because Knight can’t handle 100% the time that position.  You think the coach wants Rodney to run the point when they drafted a point guard.  Come On man.

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