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Please try to keep your ‘Pistons should trade for Josh Smith’ scenarios under control as the Pistons host the Hawks



  • Pistons: 13-26
  • Hawks: 23-16

Probable starters



  • Jeff Teague
  • Kirk Hinrich Joe Johnson will return, according to Michael Cunningham of the Atlanta Journal-Constitution
  • Marvin Williams
  • Josh Smith
  • Zaza Pachulia

Las Vegas projection

Spread: Pistons -6.5

Over/under: 181.5

Score: Pistons win, 94-87.5


  • Yes, Josh Smith wants to be traded. No, unless you want them to part with Greg Monroe, Brandon Knight, Rodney Stuckey and/or this year’s first round pick, the Pistons really don’t have anything that would interest the Hawks. Always keep this in mind: Josh Smith is really good, still relatively young, durable and signed to a reasonable contract. He will not be given away.
  • Joe Johnson is out with a knee injury and Al Horford, who has missed most of the season, remains out. Somehow, the Hawks have hung in there this season, but with the Pistons at home and playing well, they have a good chance to win this game.
  • Charlie Villanueva may or may not play.

Read about the Hawks



  • Mar 9, 20127:12 pm
    by Daye and Knight


    Smith is likely a no go but a new situation is brewing in Washington; not only is Blatche on the trading block but now McGee is being rumored to be available as well.

    Also, Andrew Bogut is being made available as well but whoever takes him is likely going to have to take S Jax with him and Jackson and the Palace don’t mix so…

    McGee anyone?

    • Mar 9, 201211:01 pm
      by Patrick Hayes


      The rumor is that any team who is willing to take on Blatche can take one player out of the McGee/Crawford/Young/Seraphin/Booker group as well. I believe Wall, Vesely and Singleton are the three they said are untouchable.

      I like Booker and Seraphin and McGee is intriguing if he can ever become not the dumbest player in the league. But there is just no way I could be enticed into taking Blatche.

      • Mar 10, 201212:34 am
        by Daye and Knight


        I wouldn’t mind McGee but I’ve backed down on my stance with Blatche, can’t see a scenario working out if we had to get both of them since there’s no way we’re getting rid of Monroe. Blatche by himself is bad since he doesn’t post up and takes questionable shots night in and night out. Still maybe under the right coach and in a new setting he igures it out but that’s a big if…

  • Mar 9, 20127:21 pm
    by Max


    I’m afraid of McGee but, while I wouldn’t trade a 2nd round pick for Blatche, McGee could be worth a look to see if he’s salvageable in terms of being able to contribute to a winning team.

    • Mar 9, 20128:52 pm
      by gmehl1977


      Bogut once healthy would be the perfect fit for this team. I know people say the guy is injury prone and all but the reality is his injury history only started after Stoudamire pushed him in the back on that dunk attempt. Bogut also fits the high character values mould that Joe said was important to the team moving forward. Can’t see us getting him though.

  • Mar 9, 20127:44 pm
    by Daye and Knight


    I rather have McGee than Blatche any day of the week: a young athletic center who can rebound, block and plays below the rim

    Bogut would be OK if I knew he would play a full season

    Blatche may or may not be a lost cause…I guess that’s up for debate tho

  • Mar 9, 20127:58 pm
    by Daye and Knight


    Max lookin good so far, maybe he’s tired of coming on here and seeing us write about how bad we need a big to play next to Monroe lol

    • Mar 9, 20128:58 pm
      by gmehl1977


      Can we trade him at 3qtr time? His value is at an all time high. He is like 7-7 from the field

      • Mar 9, 20129:24 pm
        by Daye and Knight


        Even if we could, I could see Dumars having second thoughts…then he goes 0 for the rest of March lol

        • Mar 9, 20129:59 pm
          by gmehl1977


          Maxiell for Smith but ONLY if they throw in their 1st rounder to sweeten the deal ;-)

  • Mar 9, 201210:03 pm
    by gmehl1977


    Anyone realize that with that win we went from having the 5th worst record to the 9th worst record in the overall league standings. How many playoff team scalps is that now???


  • Mar 9, 201210:11 pm
    by Max


    There’s something wrong with that link as it puts the Pistons ahead of teams with a better record.

  • Mar 9, 201210:12 pm
    by Max


    The Pistons now have the 6th worst record.

    • Mar 9, 201210:13 pm
      by Max


      I’m sorry……they have the 7th worst record.

  • Mar 10, 20122:29 am
    by Sebastian


    I’d take McGee and Blatche today for Charlie V. and Daye. I believe that OUR developing young core of Stuckey, Moose, and Knight would get McGee and Blatche to raise their games and their focus.

    I would also offer Tay to the Lakers and they can use him with their trade exceptions. With the salary relief gain from this move I would offer Tay’s contract and the couple of million gained from moving Big Ben to Miami for a future 2nd round pick, I would offer a contract of a little over $9 million to Jeff Green, right now.

    With OUR 1st Round pick, I would draft Kidd-Gilchrist.

    WE could Amnesty Ben G. over the summer and use some of the salary cap relief to retain the services of McGee, a RFA in July.  

    This is the blueprint to returning to NBA relavence,

  • Nov 2, 20124:37 am
    by Pistons fan


    This trade needs to happen. Not only will smith make the pistons the best defensife team, but along side Rodney stuckey they can become the best pick and roll duo in the leauge. If it happened on my 2k it can happen in real life.

  • Jul 1, 20138:17 pm
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