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Pistons send Vernon Macklin to D-League

Team release:

The Detroit Pistons announced today that the team has assigned rookie forward Vernon Macklin to the Fort Wayne Mad Ants of the NBA Development League.

Good for the Pistons and good for Macklin. Ideally, both sides will benefit from this move, and I certainly think the odds are better than with keeping Macklin glued to the bench.

The Pistons hadn’t used the D-League much until signing Walker Russell earlier this season. Although they considered assigning Terrico White to the D-League last season, the last time they actually sent down a player was more than three years ago, when they assigned Alex Acker and Walter Sharpe.

Since then, the D-League, like any professional organization finding its bearings, has only improved. Many NBA teams have taken advantage of the league, and it’s nice seeing the Pistons use that tool.

It should help Macklin, too. Not only will actually playing probably accelerate his development, he’ll be a free agent this summer. Whether it’s the Pistons or another organization, prospective teams will want to see him in action.

Plus, he’ll get to work with TrueHoop Network alum Sebastian Pruiti, so that’s always cool.

Update: The Mad Ants host Tulsa at 5 p.m. tonight, and considering the Pistons deactivated Macklin on Friday in favor of Charlie Villanueva, this move probably wasn’t made on a whim. I’d guess Macklin will play tonight. Macklin won’t play tonight, according to the game’s broadcast.


  • Mar 11, 20123:40 pm
    by Mark


    Any place to watch this D-League game tonight? Usually have no interest, but I’ve wanted to see what Macklin could with extended PT all year and this sounds like my only chance now is to watch him in the D-League.

  • Mar 11, 20124:21 pm
    by frankie d


    go to nba.com and find their all access page.  you can watch d league games for free.  you can try the link below to start.

  • Mar 11, 20125:48 pm
    by vic


    good, now we can see if he can be a triple double machine in the dxleague, his advanced stats are pretty good whenever he does get time.

  • Mar 11, 201210:19 pm
    by frankie d


    do you have plans to profile andrew nicholson of st. bonaventure?  
    he had a great game today and he might be an interesting choice for detroit. he has a pretty spectacular set of skills.
    looks like a late first/early second round choice now, but he may move up some.

    • Mar 11, 201211:29 pm
      by Patrick Hayes


      Yeah, he’s on the list. Not sure when I’ll get to him yet, but he’ll definitely make the cut.

  • Mar 12, 201212:54 am
    by Yooper


    I really hope this works out well for Macklin I liked him coming out of Florida hopefully this gives him some confidence going forward. It will be interesting to see how he performs. I hope we get some analysis on how he plays. I enjoy the articles and comments from people. Pistons keep winning yes it hurts out Draft but overall this team is turning a corner. I like what I see.

  • Mar 12, 20122:30 am
    by Cliff


    hey patrick, this is completely unrelated to this post, but i was wondering… is the bobcats’ first round pick this yr going to the bulls? cause i don’t really understand what this all means:
    Bulls receive the Bobcats’ 2012 first-round pick (top 14 protected in 2012, top 12 protected in 2013, top 10 protected in 2014, top 8 protected in 2015, unprotected in 2016)

    • Mar 12, 20128:58 am
      by neutes


      is that for Tyrus Thomas? 

      No the Bobcats suck too bad, so they’ll keep the pick. If it was outside of the protected range they would have to give it up. Looks like they’ll want to remain relatively sucky for the next couple years if possible.

    • Mar 12, 20129:13 am
      by Patrick Hayes


      Yeah, what nuetes said. The Bobcats look like a lock to finish the season with the league’s worst record, so the worst they could end up picking in the draft if that happens is fourth overall.

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