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Pistons lose only nationally televised game

David Mayo of MLive.com:

The NBA announced today that ESPN has decided to change plans to televise the April 13 Pistons-Milwaukee Bucks game, and replace it with a Phoenix Suns-Houston Rockets game.

A Pistons spokesman said the team intends to discuss with Fox Sports Detroit the possibility of adding that game to its programming schedule.


  • Mar 26, 201210:53 am
    by Ape


    Wow, I know the Pistons suck and all but are they really gonna take away one big game the Pistons can enjoy and possibly win. Almost all the teams have got an ESPN game I even think the wizards and the bobcats have go tone! Geez.

  • Mar 26, 201211:55 am
    by Tiko


    remember when the Pistons were regulars on national tv? miss those years… 

    i like it now tho, the Pistons need to earn their right to play on nat tv once again.

  • Mar 26, 201212:06 pm
    by rick77


    Fuck that! ESPN is garbage I have to watch garbage bracket buster games (no offense to those who like em) and I cant have my one token Piston game.?! Typical ESPN, and I bet the game that gets showed will be shit simply because they moved those teams in that position. If you get a spot I feel you should keep your spot. In no way shape or form would the teams to this to the station but the station can do it them. Aside from all that I would rather they be good but I guess we have to be a fake good team in order to get in the spotlight. See Philadelphia, Knicks,and Atlanta. These are my examples of fake good teams. The only way one of them would adavnce in the playoffs is if they played one another. Im done ranting lol

  • Mar 26, 201212:59 pm
    by Eric


    Lame. Especially since I don’t live in Detroit and don’t get FSD.

    • Mar 26, 20127:28 pm
      by Guus


      Welcome to my world, Eric ;) Imagine what it’s like to be a Pistons fan in the Netherlands… The only NBA that is broadcasted here are the big ones on national tv, and only on an expensive pay channel.. Back in ’04 there were plenty of games to be downloaded, now most games I see are routs of the Pistons by the Heat or another contender, lol…
      Anyway, Pistons fan for better or worse, the worse is getting old though, lol
      I loved the nitty-gritty, no superstar, work your butt off for each other type basketball the goin’ to work guys displayed, especially in the Finals upsetting the entire basketball world by near-sweeping the Lakers.
      Last summer, by lack of anything else to watch, I watched that entire series again. It’s amazing how everybody was asking HOW MANY GAMES IT WOULD TAKE FOR THE LAKERS TO WIN! Will they sweep, or could Detroit win one or two?
      Boy, die they show them!
      Glad at least some of that hardnosed basketball is visible again, albeit inconsistently. No matter what, I’m walking on my Pistons sneakers, and in my Pistons warm up pants, no matter how much fun my Heat-lovin’ teammates (midlevel amateur league) make of me lol
      GO PISTONS!!

  • Mar 26, 20123:50 pm
    by Jodi Jezz


    This is the second year in a row ESPN has done that to Pistons…Fuck ESPN!!

  • Mar 26, 20126:00 pm
    by kamso


    Dammit, i was hopin to watch that game.

  • Mar 27, 20121:50 pm
    by clydetyrone


    That is just not fair.  All we ever see is Miami, Boston, Oklahoma, Dallas, Chicago, Olando against somebody else.  I live in Louisville, Ky and I never get a chance to see my home town on TNT or ESPN and I just don’t think it’s fair.  I plan my schedule around the few, if any, time my beloved Pistons are on nationally and I am sure those other teams without a “super star” are just left out in the cold as well.  If you’re not playing any of those teams favored by the national networks you can just forget about seeing your home team on television away from home.  The Pistons have not been on national television all season long and they have played those highly televised teams very competively this season.  How soon the NBA forgets.  What have you done for me lately.  It’s sad but true.

  • Mar 27, 20128:10 pm
    by Jason


    thats got to be the stupidest thing ive ever heard

  • Mar 27, 20129:23 pm
    by jay wierenga


    you know, i would understand if it was a great game between two contenders, but phoenix is not going to make the playoffs, and houston is currently the 8th seed. absolute bullshit, but remember, like the uofm creedo, those that stay will be champions! we will get the last laugh!

  • Mar 28, 20129:43 pm
    by Donny



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