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Pistons looking for Austin Daye trades

No specifics in this report from ESPN’s Chris Broussard, but it confirms pretty much what everyone around here has been discussing the last couple days:

Detroit is shopping Austin Daye all day every day. Not many teams biting right now.

Daye’s lack of production makes his only real selling point in a trade a belief in his upside. If other teams don’t believe in his upside, then there’s no reason to trade for him.


  • Mar 14, 20122:33 pm
    by Mark


    Robin Lopez and Hickson are two trades I’d love to see them pull off one of them. I’d take anything for Daye though at this point.

    • Mar 14, 20122:55 pm
      by Harv


      As a kings fan, I’d take Daye +2nd round pick for Hickson in a flash. Not sure if the salaries match up though or if the Pistons have cap space. Thought you burnt all that over the past 2 off seasons.
      Hickson is a good PF, just not right for the kings at all unfortunately.
      Daye probably isnt the SF we are looking for but id take him over Outlaw & Salmons at the moment!!!

      • Mar 14, 20122:59 pm
        by Mark


        Salaries do match striaght up. No need for any 2nd round picks involved though for Hickson, who is struggling just as bad as Daye. Player 4 Player is fair trade imo

  • Mar 14, 20122:44 pm
    by frankie d


    drive down the value of your asset and then dump him when his value is at an all time low.
    great business practice.
    but then, haven’t we seen this before….

    • Mar 14, 20122:57 pm
      by Mark


      He’s garbage. What else do you want them to do? Keep him until he gets even worse?

      • Mar 14, 20123:35 pm
        by Steve K


        He’s more valuable next season on an expiring deal, whether or not he plays.

        No doubt he’ll do well in the rookie league. Why not sit tight and see if he can drum up some interest in a few months. His value is at an all-time low right now. Makes little business sense to move him… UNLESS Joe gets a player of value in return.

        • Mar 14, 20123:44 pm
          by tarsier


          Expiring deals are not that valuable. And Daye’s value is all about potential. They younger he is and the less unproductive time in the league he has had, the more that potential is worth. You’re just wrong. He is more valuable now than he will be a year from now if he keep splaying at his current level. If he rights the ship, however…

          • Mar 14, 20123:52 pm
            by apa8ren9

            @tarsier, I want to retract my previous statement about him being more valuable next year.  That was before I read his quotes about just wanting to play and not getting any extended minutes in Detroit.  I dont care what we get for him now.  I am done with him.  Trade him for a rack of basketballs.  Get him out of here ASAP.  If you cant beat out D. Wilkins then you are useless.  I second the thought of addition by subtraction.  There is absolutely NO value in a player that does not have the commitment to play for the team.  There are never any stories about his work ethic, there are no stories about his staying an hour after practice.  No stories about him in the weight room or dinner table .  No stories about his dedication to film study or working with assistant coaches to get better.  None of that.  Why am I/we expecting anything?  Go AWAY!

          • Mar 14, 20124:18 pm
            by Steve K

            “You’re just wrong.” 

            Love it. You’re that dialed in, huh?

        • Mar 14, 20124:29 pm
          by Mark


          EXP contracts are valuable only when they are large EXP contracts, like of the $5-15 mil variety. As they offer substantial cap relief to a team.

          Daye’s $2 mil EXP is basically worthless as an EXP in terms of any trade value for the contract itself.

          In fact, waiting until next year is what would lower his value, because teams will know we have to trade him to get something. Trying to deal him now is exactly when you want to deal a player, before it becomes desparation.

    • Mar 14, 20123:19 pm
      by Josh


      It is not Joey D, nor any other piston’s employee, that are to blame for driving down AD’s value.  Daye started his carear as a freekishly lanky, tall shooter, possessing little athleteisism, and with the strength and toughness of a a pre-pubesant boy.  Today, Daye has had ample time to put on muscle mass and work on his defensive toughness(with the tutuledge of big Ben mind you DMVP3yrs in-a-row and well…dudes freekin jacked).  All Daye has managed to accomplish in his brief carrier was loosing his ability to shoot.  So being that his insufferable play this season has left his only visible assets being freekishly lanky and pretty tall, It’s pretty clear the blame for his plummet in value should be solely placed his own lack of drive and motivation to improve.
      Unless you wanna blame Joey D for drafting him, cuz yea, that was pretty silly.

      • Mar 14, 20123:43 pm
        by frankie d


        i hated the daye draft choice.  
        he wasn’t ready for the nba, and everyone knew it.
        so yes, he deserves plenty of blame for drafting him.
        however, since he drafted him and has invested a couple of years in him, it is absolutely stupid to trade a young player at the lowest point in his value. 
        it is astoundingly bad management to drive a guy’s value down by keeping him on the bench and then trading him at that point.
        as i’ve said, joe should be shopping maxiell.  he’s the type of player a rebuilding team should be trying to move.
        he’s playing about as well a he’ll ever play, he is at his maximum value, they need to upgrade his position in order to be a better team, and by the time the team is ready to contend – 3 years or so in the future – he’ll be too old to be a crucial piece of the team.  the team is not going to make the playoff, so what does it matter if the team loses 5 more games because maxiell is not starting at PF.
        if joe was actually thinking strategically, this is the direction he’d go.
        for every jerebko and monroe and knight that brings something to the team, joe does a couple of ridiculous moves – siging tay to a bad contract, signing old players like russell and wilkins, possibly trading a former first round choice – that set the rebuilding process back.
        making judgments about players based on short term struggles is just dumb.

        • Mar 14, 20124:04 pm
          by apa8ren9


          Wrong about Daye.  I can see your point about Maxiell.  I wouldnt argue with a Maxiell move if Joe can flip that into something that is better.
          Your assumption that its the team that has driven his value down is just plain flat wrong.  If a guy doesnt want to work for you why would you keep him in your business?  That just doesnt make any sense.  I said in earlier posts that I thought his value would be higher if they gave him more time but his quotes about playing just killed it for me and I’ve changed my view.
          I dont understand why you keep blaming the organization with Daye.  We are trying to win and you are promoting the same type of enabling behavior that was displayed last year just so they can play all young players.  He has to earn it.  It should not just be given to him.  He’s had several chances.  Remember at the beginning of last year Dumars was praising him coming off of Las Vegas as doing all of the necessary things to get time in the rotation.  Monroe was able to overcome the nonsense last year and he is younger than Daye.  Why couldnt Daye overcome that and concentrate on HIS playing time and future.  His time is up if they can find a suitor. Get his behind outta here.

          • Mar 14, 20124:23 pm
            by frankie d

            please point to a quote from daye that states that he is “a guy [that] doesnt want to work for [the pistons].”

          • Mar 14, 20124:41 pm
            by apa8ren9

            I am getting a bit too emotional about Daye because I am pissed at him right now.   He did not specifically say he didnt want to work for them.  You are right about that.
            The point I was making is that he only cares about playing and it doesnt seem to me he fully understands why he is not playing.   I dont want guys that only care about “playing”.   I want guys that will impact the game and have the ability to contribute to an above .500 team.   He has shown ZERO heart this year.  Has not overcome the adversity named D. Wilkens.  To me that is not something I want to see in a Pistons Uniform.

  • Mar 14, 20123:06 pm
    by Patrick Hayes


    Just because we have so many JaVale McGee fans in the comments here, here’s another excerpt from Broussard’s report that is linked above:

    “In addition to his on-court struggles, it appears that Wizards center JaVale McGee is a bit delusional. Sources say he has informed the Wizards that he will be looking for a contract averaging around $14 million when he becomes a free agent after next season.”

    • Mar 14, 20123:25 pm
      by Chris H


      I feel that there has got to way we can assist David Kahn in making sure that deal happens.

    • Mar 14, 20123:45 pm
      by frankie d


      no doubt he wants deandre jordan money.
      i’d want whatever the market would bear also.
      one caveat: broussard is one of the least astute or reliable guys on espn.
      i take anything he says with a grain of salt.

      • Mar 14, 20123:47 pm
        by Patrick Hayes


        He got Lebron/Bosh to Miami first.

        • Mar 14, 20124:27 pm
          by frankie d


          blind squirrel…nut…
          plus, he’s to lebron what chad ford is to dumars.  seems whenever he wants to get something out, he gets it out through broussard.
          broussard writes some truly silly stuff.  i don’t even bother reading him unless it’s linked to something.
          amazingly bad ideas with poor insight, especially considering he’s been doing this for a long time.
          i’d rather read hollinger and thorpe and abbot even chad ford.

          • Mar 14, 20124:32 pm
            by Patrick Hayes

            LOL. That’s why I like having you around. It’s nice to have someone who is an expert on everything. Draft prospects? Detroit media? Portland media? National media? Beer? Frankie D is the man with the answers.

            There is certainly a hierarchy of writers I respect/trust that I won’t bother listing out, but Broussard has broken enough stories and is plugged in enough to big-time sources/agents that he’s trustworthy. I’m sure he’s gotten stuff wrong just like all the big names, but he’s also broken enough credible news to merit paying attention to.

    • Mar 14, 20123:56 pm
      by Pete


      I was a McGee until reading that.. 14mil?????? what are they smoking in Washington..lol

    • Mar 14, 20124:18 pm
      by rick77


      I will raise you one better on that what if it’s all talk and he is just saying this to get his way out of Washington. I must admit it’s not the best thing to do from a tatical standpoint, but the kid is young and without any direction. I give him the benifit of the doubt as well as not giving Broussard any credit. I remember him taking a Rasheed quote out of context a few years back and Rasheed darn there tore him a new one for misquoting him. Needless to say I would not doubt it but I see at it as a ploy. He may get no more than 8mill a year.

    • Mar 14, 20124:41 pm
      by tarsier


      Just out of curiosity, what do you think McGee is worth?

      • Mar 14, 20124:54 pm
        by Patrick Hayes


        Upside-wise? He’s worth in the realm of what DeAndre Jordan got.

        But Jordan didn’t have the … interesting I guess? … baggage that McGee has. He has one of the worst basketball IQs in the league, he’s immature and he has an inflated/entitled sense of how good he is right now. Those things, to me, make him worth a bit less than Jordan.

        Jordan is just a more disciplined player. He shoots 64 percent b/c he rarely takes a shot that isn’t a dunk. McGee shoots 53 percent, which is good, but it could be even higher if he eliminated his crazy need to act like he has a back to the basket game and take ridiculous shots that he’s not capable of making. McGee supporters will probably argue that the lack of discipline in his game likely stems from a Wiz organization that is a mess, but Jordan isn’t exactly from the model of stable franchises either, and he’s turning out OK.

        I dunno. I’d probably offer McGee $8-$10 million per if I desperately needed a big man because that seems to be about the going rate, but I’d be terrified doing it.

        • Mar 14, 20125:23 pm
          by frankie d


          what you say about mcgee is absolutely correct.  which is why is would be extremely valuable to trade for him, have him around for a year, and then make a judgment about his value.
          if he is capable of learning how to play his postion, with his natural talents, who knows what his market value will be…
          it certainly will be right around or more than jordan’s money.
          the one thing i really like about him is that he actually requested a big man coach.
          how many young players actually are aware enough to request coaching?
          how many young guys are humble enough to say, yes, i need a coach to help me improve my game.
          his mom confirms that request.
          the wizards confirm the request.
          to me, it says that this is a young guy who is hungry to learn and given the right coach, he could improve dramatically.
          i do think he is amazingly immature, and he plays dumb.  but i don’t think he has an inflated sense of his potential.
          i do think, if he reached his potential, that he could be right up there with bynum and howard as far as center play is concerned.  he could dominate teams with his defensive play.  
          whether he ever plays to that level is a real question.  but it is not beyond the realm of possibility to imagine him doing it.  it is not as though he’s maxiell dreaming about being all defense nba.

  • Mar 14, 20123:50 pm
    by Shane



    ^My favorite plays of Mcgee LOL #2 is priceless

  • Mar 14, 20124:14 pm
    by Coach_Ackley


    If I’m the Pistons I’d see if I could get Robin Lopez for Daye and If they ask for a 2nd rd pick as well so be it.. It wouldn’t hurt to see if Lopez can bounce back he played well in his 2nd season…. Hell I’d even take Hickson for Daye and a 2nd rd pick….

  • Mar 14, 20124:31 pm
    by frankie d


    if joe can get a good  young player in return for daye – say lopez or hickson – i’ll applaud it as a great move.  but if he’s just going to dump him for the 40th pick in next year’s draft, then it will be a waste.  the only guys i wouldn’t trade are monroe, knight and stuckey.  everybody else can be had. for the right price. unfortunately joe hasn’t made a good trade or a transaction that makes much sense in a long while.  (draft choices aside.)
    that is what is frightening.

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