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Pistons have rejected Austin Daye offers

Vincent Goodwill of The Detroit News:

I’ve heard of deals the #Pistons have turned down for Daye, including a couple Western Conference teams…

Earlier in the day, ESPN’s Chris Broussard reported the Pistons had been shopping Daye without finding interest. Now, they apparently have interest – just not enough to bite.

To me, it appears the trade process is slowly churning toward a Daye trade actually happening. Whether that gets completed before tomorrow’s trade deadline is a whole other question, though.


  • Mar 14, 20123:54 pm
    by Reaction


    I would be interested to find out who offered what for Daye/any other player on the Pistons

    • Mar 15, 20129:48 pm
      by Mike


      Joe Duuuuu-Nothing … A great nickname we have come up with that fits Joe
      quite well.

      • Mar 16, 20121:24 am
        by mr Michigan



  • Mar 14, 20124:24 pm
    by Mark


    ^Me too.

    The good news is with the Pistons shopping him, and other teams apparantly interested, its good chance he gets traded.  

    The trades turned down could just be Joe holding out to see if he can anything better.

    They almost have to trade him just to get Singler to come here next year. And with Tay/Singler, they have no real reason to keep Daye.  I want Joe to wait until the 11th hour to see the best deal he can get, and then take whatever that is.

    • Mar 14, 20124:50 pm
      by Reaction


      I don’t know about Dumars holding out anymore.. after the Tay move last year you never know

      • Mar 14, 20125:30 pm
        by Mark


        There’s a difference there though. He wasn’t shopping Tay, meaning he wasnt looking to trade him. With Daye, it sounds like he is looking to trade him, so I think there’s a better chance of him actually taking one of these offers this time. Unless its like a complete lowball, like a contender offering their late 2nd round pick. 

        If they can’t get a decent prospect back in return, the lowest I’d accept would be a high 2nd round pick from a lottery team. No reason to just give him away for nothing. Might as well just keep him. But if we can get a prospect that better fits Franks system or quality draft pick back in return then definitely would trade him.

  • Mar 14, 20124:58 pm
    by Birdman84


    If Dumars can get anything for Daye, he should take it. I’m not concerned about making room for Singler, as I don’t believe Singler will contribute much in the NBA. But getting anything for Daye is better than the nothing he’s currently providing.

    In a different situation, maybe Daye could be useful. He’s been awful for Detroit.

    • Mar 14, 20125:31 pm
      by Mark


      Singler’s going to be awesome in the NBA. He gets buckets.

      • Mar 14, 20125:41 pm
        by Jodi Jezz


        hahahaha, I agree Singler is going to be a nobody in the league…I hope Dumars can get a player+a pick if we trade Daye…I feel a little sorry for Daye though, he seems as if he really wants to play with Pistons organization…

        • Mar 14, 20128:52 pm
          by Patrick Hayes


          “I feel a little sorry for Daye though, he seems as if he really wants to play with Pistons organization”

          So do I. Unfortunately, it takes a little more than really wanting it.

  • Mar 14, 20125:11 pm
    by Lorenzo


    I don’t think Dumars should just take anything thrown his way and not because Daye “is so valuable” (hardly so) but I think it’s silly to make a move/trade just for the sake of making one. I think if the trade actually brings some skill sets/ attributes to the table that are useful for the squad… then go for it…but if your bringing in someone you know (with fair certainty) that’s not going to contribute or make your roster next year then whats the point? In that case just keep Daye…as disappointing as he has been….if your are not changing the bottom line a trade is for naught.

  • Mar 14, 20127:41 pm
    by Denver Nuggets


    We’ll give you our second rounder for Austin Daye. We are pretty satisfied with how our last young-wing-for-a-second-round-pick swap turned out.

    • Mar 14, 20128:24 pm
      by Mark


      If you mean turned out to be nothing special, then you must be talking about Arron Afflalo, lol.

  • Mar 14, 20128:15 pm
    by Talan


    deal. austin is no arron.

  • Mar 14, 20129:10 pm
    by Domnick


    what kind of deal is pistons going to take? if there aren’t good offers then how bad it is going to be?

    how about package in Gordon or CV and lets grab better offers

    • Mar 14, 20129:20 pm
      by Denver Nuggets


      Gordon/CV + Daye?
      No thanks.

    • Mar 14, 20129:34 pm
      by Patrick Hayes


      Adding Gordon and/or CV to any trade would net you worse offers, if any, not better.

      • Mar 14, 201210:21 pm
        by Domnick


        hmmm ok… well how worse might it be.. but the good thing is… we trade them away.. we got ourselves rid of bad contracts…

        • Mar 14, 201210:41 pm
          by Patrick Hayes


          But the problem is, most teams wouldn’t take those contracts without giving up an equally bad long-term deal of their own.

          I mean, it might be worth it for the Pistons to flip one or both for bad contracts of players who better fit their positional needs. But I would be shocked if any team was willing to absorb those contracts or give up an expiring deal in return for them.

          • Mar 15, 20121:14 am
            by Domnick

            as far as i can see… BG can still be traded… but not CV… so if Daye and BG get traded.. then it will return something like say….. bad contract but a PF.. then lets take a chance… and maybe lets get to know what might that be…

  • Mar 14, 20129:56 pm
    by Coach_Ackley


    I say if you can get a decent deal for Daye then you say goodbye.. I look at it this way him and J.J were drafted the same year and J.J is way ahead of Daye and as long as J.J is here Daye may not play much if any at all… Look bottom line is if you cant beat out Wilkins then we dont want you….. So Austin goodluck on your next team………

    • Mar 14, 201210:02 pm
      by Patrick Hayes


      I agree with this.

      Whether you liked the strategy or not (and I know and understand why people didn’t), part of the reason Dumars took three SFs in the 2009 draft was to with the hope that one would pan out. One has in Jerebko. Daye still has enough value to get a minimal return, so it’s probably time to get that return. He’s regressed this year, they have Prince and Jerebko both signed long-term and both capable of playing that position, meaning Daye’s opportunities for minutes will probably continue to be limited, so it’s time to cut your losses and move on. If Daye is good elsewhere — and he might be, I haven’t closed the book on him being a useful NBA player at some point — then good for him. Certainly hope he gets the opportunity to show it. But Detroit is just looking more and more like a poor fit for him.

      • Mar 14, 201210:08 pm
        by Coach_Ackley


        I wasn’t against the strategy and when we Drafted Daye I thought he’d be good for us cuz we all knew he could shoot but the fact is J.J. is just better period and if the 2009 draft was re-done J.J. would be a 1st rd lock… So you know thanks Austin but its time for both parties to move on…….

      • Mar 14, 201210:23 pm
        by frankie d


        @ patrick
        for a rebuilding team, that is a lousy strategy.
        to prioritize a  31 year old 10 year vet over a young player makes no sense whatsoever.
        its just braindead thinking.

        • Mar 14, 201210:37 pm
          by Patrick Hayes


          It’s braindead thinking to think that Daye is the answer to any question whatsoever. Is Prince the long-term answer? Of course not. But is he better than Daye in just about every conceivable way? Yep. Is he signed long-term to a contract that, while expensive, isn’t drastically overpaying him as long as he doesn’t get hurt? Yep. Is Jerebko signed long-term and much more capable than Daye of sharing the SF minutes with Prince? Yep.

          You’ve reduced me to defending Prince, and I wasn’t even a huge fan of that signing! But if you’re asking me if I’d rather have Prince as my starting SF for the next few seasons or Daye, I will answer Prince 1,000 times out of 1,000.

          • Mar 14, 201211:24 pm
            by frankie d

            of course prince is a better player than daye.
            he’s a 10 year vet who’s been a starter for …what…8 seasons.
            obviously prince is going to be a better player, and he should be a better player, even in his advanced age.
            the idea is that you invest in the future by, perhaps, sacrificing a win or two wins or 5 wins so that young players get playing time and develop.
            the idea that daye has been given a legitimate opportunity to do so in detroit – while a veteran player has filled the spot he is supposed to have played and a series of other vets have also cut into his time – is simply inconsistent with the facts.
            i guess we will get to see whether that course of action makes sense.
            in the next few years, daye will play somewhere.  and we will see if he bombs out of the league or whether he establishes a niche in the league.  and whether the pistons organization has just repeated a pattern with him that it repeated several times with other young players.
            the most ridiculous aspect of the entire fiasco, however, is the idea of dumping young players while they are at the nadir of their value, because you’ve glued them to the bench.
            its a dumb thing to do and its, unfortunately something that joe d has refined into an art form. 
            in fact, from here on, it should be called the “joe d dump”. 
            what is the joe d dump?
            drafting a player…giving that sporadic playing time, while signing limited veterans who are always going to be a little better than a rookie or young player still learning the ropes…putting word out that you’re disappointed in that player’s development and that the player is unwanted…then when the player is at the lowest value he’ll probably ever be at, until his last years, trade him for 50 cents on the dollar.
            and then  cry about the fact that you stay in the lottery for 4 or 5 years.  it just happens, you say…no one is to blame!
            yep…that’s how you do the joe d dump.

  • Mar 14, 201210:42 pm
    by frankie d


    the obvious move by any rational organization was to have let tay walk at the end of his contract.
    or better yet, joe  should have taken the dallas deal last year, pocketed a first round choice, gotten the cap space from caron butler’s expiring deal and moved on.
    most “rebuilding” teams would have been more than happy to go forward with two prospects like daye and jj playing that SF spot.  
    and if it turned out you needed help, you could have probably picked up someone fairly easily.
    and then, it is very probable that a prospect like singler would have been more willing to come to detroit, if tay wasn’t there as a roadblock to PT for younger players.
    a crazy move by joe d, and one that mystifies just about any knowledgeable observer. 
    there may be a discernable strategy, but it is an exceedingly poor one.
    just as his theory about building a new kind of team with players playing undefined positions may have been a theory he tried to impliment, but it was a ridiculously bad theory and strategy.

  • Mar 14, 201210:56 pm
    by Trent


    have any names been circulated? Would love to know what was not good enough for Austin. I would trade him for a crisp 1 dollar bill!

  • Mar 15, 201212:58 am
    by Roit


    We should trade Daye as soon as posible

  • Mar 15, 201211:48 am
    by Youssif


    Daye + Ben Gordon for Andres Biedrins?
    I think Don Nelson killed Biedrins’ confidence — the guy showed some flashes early in his career. Maybe a change of scenery can revitalize him. I’m not saying he’s even probable to make that happen, but I think it could be worth offering CV or BG along with Daye to see if we can land Biedrins.. can’t imagine GS is trying to hold onto him at this point and BG would be a solid sixth man (his best position) backup to Klay Thompson. Who says no?

  • Mar 15, 20123:30 pm
    by Don Brake


    They need to get whatever they can out of Daye, because he certainly doesn’t have a future with us!

  • Mar 15, 20123:33 pm
    by Don Brake


    Too bad there aren’t any midget leagues that would be interested in Daye and Villenueva for a sharp point guard.

  • Mar 15, 20129:18 pm
    by Rick D


    Have you watched any of the MSU vs OSU games? When Singler has some good defense on him he is worthless. Oh yea maybe you all are correct he may be good in the NBA after all… I do not even watch the NBA anymore… The NOTHING BUT me ALL the time league has turned into a huge joke!!! 

    Also all the basketball players should be so happy that I am not a coach as there would be no in show boating for the camera or acting like he just won the championship when he hit a shot. Yes I want toughness, I want grit and I want hustle I do not want show boaters and people modeling for the camera. You get paid to play basketball and you get paid a heck of a lot more than any of the comm-enters on this site and I bet most sites. Do that play basketball, play with pride be happy when you do good but you have not done or won one darn thing you only made a basket or a three or drawn a foul nothing more…

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