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Move over Amir Johnson, Detroit has a new player to mythologize

Amir Johnson is one of my favorite Pistons of all-time, and that appreciation developed without ever watching him play. I just looked at his D-League box scores. They were breathtaking.

Well, move over Amir. After his first game with Fort Wayne, Vernon Macklin is the new Amir Johnson. Check out what he did: 18 points, 18 rebounds, 4 blocks, 3 assists, 1 steal. I think the ‘Free Macklin’ movement was already long underway, but if he has more D-League performances like this, there will be no stopping it.



  • Mar 16, 20121:44 pm
    by Daye and Knight


    Free Mack!

  • Mar 16, 20121:54 pm
    by Richard


    Free Mack!! I was say that all season especially with this lockout season!!

  • Mar 16, 20121:58 pm
    by Alan


    Pistons will bring him back next season and he will get some minutes with the bench squad.  What…do you want him to take Ben Wallace’s minutes?

    • Mar 16, 20122:06 pm
      by Patrick Hayes


      Nah, nothing crazy. Would just like to see him get a few non-garbage time minutes here and there before the season ends.

  • Mar 16, 20122:05 pm
    by apa8ren9


    This is very good news.  Its a good sign. But people need to realize that when you perform at that level in the D league or post those numbers in the Las Vegas league is that AT MINIMUM you could probably play in an NBA game for 10-12 minutes without embarrassing yourself.  Those types of performances give you an opportunity and then when the Pistons give him a chance next year, the onus will be on him to prove it every night.  I think that is the best scenario for a second round pick.  He’ll earn it and it wont be a fluke. I am happy.  Macklin – make the most of your opportunities – Unlike a certain person this year whose name rhymes with May.

  • Mar 16, 20122:16 pm
    by vic


    yeah I just hope we don’t make the same mistake we did with Amir Johnson, 
    and the same mistake all the other teams did with Jeremy Lin.

    give him a chance to perform and show he can do it on the big stage. 
    His stats were good in the limited time he played for the Pistons too

    • Mar 16, 20122:57 pm
      by frankie d


      what an incredibly subversive and r

  • Mar 16, 20123:01 pm
    by frankie d


    what an incredible and subversive thing to suggest…that he actually be given a legitimate chance to prove whether he can or cannot play.  
    don’t you know that if he could play, he’d already be playing 40 minutes in the nba?
    btw, if you want to watch the game, it’s available on the nba’s d league futurecast.  its free.

    • Mar 16, 20123:14 pm
      by Patrick Hayes


      Hey, that’s 2 straight comments you’ve managed to avoid turning into a 3,000 word masturbatory celebration of your own basketball knowledge and how John Hollinger agrees with everything you have to say. Proud of ya, buddy!

      • Mar 16, 20125:05 pm
        by frankie d


        “masturbatory celebration”?
        i guess that is something you’d be qualified to identify….

  • Mar 16, 20123:42 pm
    by IsraeliPiston


    He should take jonas’ minutes and have jonas take tay’s minutes at the 3

  • Mar 16, 20124:16 pm
    by ottawa16


    Heck, I’d move JJ to backup SF and move Macklin to PF. Will be interesting to see if Frank continues with DWilkens or bring in Daye and/or CV

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  • Mar 16, 20129:17 pm
    by Adams


    i stole this from realgm, but MACKLINSANITY!

  • Mar 17, 201212:21 am
    by vic


    maybe they really know he’s a beast, and they’re just tanking

  • Mar 17, 20128:23 pm
    by frankie d


    hmmm…macklin looked pretty much like he looks during garbage time in the nba.
    he used that same little hook shot, he ran the floor and attacked the offensive glass.  he did show a little more offensive awareness, making a couple of nice passes, and he showed better hands than i recall .
    but he basically did exactly the same things he’s always done.
    who knows whether he could sustain good play for 15-20 minutes a game – he did look winded and slowed noticably as the game wore on – but it seems really dumb to have a guy like that on the roster, and not play him.
    especially when that position is the team’s weakest position and you’re playing one of the league’s oldest players as the key back up.
    when they wouldn’t give amir minutes despite evidence that he could help, at least the pistons were chasing titles.
    now, the team is supposedly rebuilding with young players.
    what is wrong with a picture that has a guy like macklin glued to an nba bench, in those circumstances?

  • Mar 17, 201210:19 pm
    by Jocko


    The worst thing that would happen if the Pistons gave Macklin some minutes is that it would help them win meaningless games and they’d decrease their odds at the lottery.  Not a bad downside.

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