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Lawrence Frank thinks he calls enough plays for Ben Gordon

Lawrence Frank on Ben Gordon, via David Mayo of MLive:

“When we bring Ben off the bench, virtually every play is run for Ben,” Frank said. “It’s just different personnel out there. Plus, off the bench, he’s not playing 40 minutes a night. So I think from a mental standpoint, when you know you have a longer leash, you probably don’t put as much pressure on yourself to make that first shot, because Ben missed his first couple of shots and turned down the first shot of the game we ran for him.

“To me, it’s not necessarily plays, because literally, when he’s in there, we call his number every single play.”


  • Mar 26, 201212:06 pm
    by dvs


    BG gets plenty of shots when he comes off the bench. He usually plays alsongside wallace, jonas, wilkins, and one of knight/stuckey/bynum/walker. Other than the other guard there’s very little offense around him. eh’s the main focus in the second unit.
    Hiss problem is when he plays he’s too busy pump faking and dribling around like a fool.
    When he had his 45pt game he was aggressive and didn’t over use the ball, he had that killer instinct. he just has to play with that mindset off the bench.

  • Mar 26, 20121:39 pm
    by RalphH


    When Ben G gets the ball, unless he is absolutely ungarded, he seems to always defers to someone else.  He lacks aggressiveness, like he is afraid to fail.  He runs around like Rip used to do, but does very little with the ball.  He must be in that particular mindset to play, he has to be in an attack mode otherwise he is ineffective.  The Pistons play better when all 5 players are in the attack mode.

  • Mar 26, 20124:06 pm
    by Jodi Jezz


    I don’t think running plays was the major concern about Gordon not producing, I think its Gordon receiving high minutes…Gordon should receive at least 30 minutes a game to be fully productive…26mins compared to 30mins is a lot when your actually in a game…I agree though, Gordon seems timid to shot the ball sometimes and passes up open FG’s…

    • Mar 27, 20126:14 pm
      by jame


      While Rip was still on the team everybody complained that BG was playing poorly due to lack of minutes; but when whip was waived and BG was allowed the start there was only a minimal improvement. BG’s problems are in his head.

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