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Last year’s Pistons are not the only mutinous NBA team

Last year’s Pistons shootaround boycott that totally wasn’t a boycott seemed really outrageous at the time, but I found this interesting in Chad Ford’s ESPN chat today:

Let’s just put this way. Either the Blazers find a new home for Raymond Felton and Jamal Crawford (who have quietly orchestrated a mutiny ever since Nate McMillan chewed them out in a video session a while back) or they’ll probably have to let Nate go. If I’m a Blazer fan … I’d rather lose Felton and Crawford. They won’t get a lot for either guy, but there is such a thing as addition by subtraction.

Nice to see that gross examples of locker room/coach discord aren’t just limited to Detroit, I guess. And John Kuester has to take some solace in knowing that good coaches like McMillan as well as in-over-their-head coaches like Kuester alike can lose a locker room.

Oh, and Ford seemed to indicate that things are quiet with the Pistons on the trade front when he was asked if there is anything Pistons fans should pay attention to as the deadline approaches:

Sure. Team is playing much better. They have a nice young foundation with Monroe, Stuckey and Knight. Things are getting better.


  • Mar 14, 20124:11 pm
    by labatts


    Well, I guess I know who I DON’T want the Pistons to trade Daye for….

  • Mar 14, 20124:12 pm
    by frankie d


    blazers are another example of incompetent management bringing a team down.
    they’ve made a few really bad moves, not even counting the oden pick.
    getting rid of kevin pritchard was probably the worst move.  he was a quality GM and he was ditched as a result of office politics and backstabbing.
    then by trading andre miller, and underestimating him as everyone always does, they set the team up for failure this year.
    felton can’t carry miller’s jockstrap, and his flaws as a player are being magnified now, as the team really needs him to step up and he can’t.
    i never blamed coach k for the troubles last year.  i always thought he was simply caught in the crossfire of a battle between management and players. 
    in portland, management has cobbled together an odd team, and now mcmillan has to deal with it.
    one interesting twist is this: nate could probably help himself by being less committed to his veterans, if he was more willing to play young guys.  but everyone knows, including guys like felton and crawford, that nate will not play his young guys, so no matter what they do, they are pretty much guaranteed to stay on the court.  if nate was more willing to play young guys and bench his vets, he’d have much more control.  
    but he has an almost paralyzing fear of putting young players into games, so his old vets have no fear of being replaced by a young player, no matter how talented.
    one other interesting note is this: crawford is a seattle guy and actually knows nate from seattle. and  nate has a son who has undoubtedly played ball with crawford in the area.  they are 7 years apart, but  the seattle BB community is pretty tight knit.

    • Mar 14, 20124:14 pm
      by Patrick Hayes


      Hell, Rich Cho is a smart guy too who may have turned into a quality GM there and they only gave him one year.

      • Mar 14, 20125:06 pm
        by frankie d


        rich cho is another victim of office politics.
        my guess, and i have nothing but my own theory to go on but here it is…
        larry miller is the culprit.  he hired on in 2007, and has essentially wanted to be the gm, but has not wanted to take responsibility for the position.
        he’s undercut pritchard and cho, and the team is going downhill, but he doesn’t get the blame because he is just the “president’ and not the gm.
        he seems like a very smart guy who is very good at office politics.
        right now, they have an “interim” gm, chad buchanan, which is very tough as teams have no idea as to who actually makes decisions.
        lots of people think that paul allen is like mark cuban, pulling strings,and that may be true to an extent.  but i believe that larry miller is the guy that paul allen is leaning on, listening to, and he’s the one who is the de facto gm.   and he is more than happy to have a relatively powerless figurehead like buchanen sit in the seat and take the heat.
        miller seems to be one of those guys who doesn’t mind working in the shadows, with no credit.
        when he first hired on, questions were raised as to what he would do…was he going to become the gm?
        he always said he wasn’t interested in the job.
        i think he was not interested in the job title, though he’s always wanted the job duties.

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