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Jonas Jerebko and Austin Daye show up Roy Rogers

Vince Ellis of the Detroit Free Press:

Assistant coach Roy Rogers took some barbs from the players because of his inability to throw a 3-pound basketball and hit the Quicken Loans Jumbotron hanging over mid-court.

He had several attempts come up short.Jonas Jerebko walked to center court and pulled off the feat. Daye was able to thump it off the Jumbotron and walked triumphantly off the floor. Rogers had to make the short walk back to the team hotel for his failure.

Glad to hear this team can still have fun.


  • Mar 30, 20124:29 am
    by gmehl


    Maybe Daye should justĀ concentrateĀ on and spend more time putting the ball in the hole

  • Jul 14, 20124:13 pm
    by Ballboar


    What if that Jumbotron fell down?

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