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Joe Dumars: ‘We don’t have any headaches’ on the roster

Via David Mayo of MLive:

“We don’t have any headaches here,” Dumars said. “We don’t have any guys who are causing issues here. So if we weren’t going to make a trade yesterday, it’s not like I was concerned about these guys, trying to make trades and all.”

I wonder whether Dumars might be referencing anyone with that comment.


  • Mar 16, 20127:31 pm
    by Mark


    This is what leads me to believe we won’t use the amnesty either, unless its necessary to clear capspace for a FA they want to sign.

    Because Charlie V has been happy as a clam sitting on the bench all year. And BG is fine in his role off the bench,in  which he is a quality backup for the Pistons, even if overpaid. If you dont need their capspace for something better, might as well just keep them on the roster and let Gores use that money for something else later.

    Although, it would be beneficial to keep that $8 mil salary slot of CV open in case a trade comes up during the year that we need cap space for. In that sense, it does make sense to amnesty him before the season, whether we have another immediate siging lined up or not.

  • Mar 16, 20128:31 pm
    by Tiko


    I never thought of the amnesty like that. It would be smart to have the space to absorb another teams contract to get an extra draft pick or some other asset. Too bad Dumars wasnt able to have that luxury this year. CV woulda been the no brainer but I’d rather it be Gordon at this point cuz its more

  • Mar 16, 201210:39 pm
    by Max


    The best way to use the amnesty is during the off season and you use it at precisely the moment a free agent agrees to use the cap saving they’d represent.  For once, the Knicks got that much right.  Which player should be amnestied for the Pistons could even come down to what player is going to be signed.  The only reason not to follow this model would be if the team did have a headache but I think teams should be wary of using it for that reason.  Golden State did so this past off season on a minor contract and player and I’m pretty sure they regret it.   What did Orl even gain this season by using it on Arenas?

  • Mar 18, 20129:26 am
    by apa8ren9


    Im hoping the Pistons use the Amnesty on BG, but we really dont know what Gores has to say about it.  Im sure he didnt become a billionaire by breaking off multimillion dollar checks to people that arent working for him.  Im really thinking that its going to have to be a no-brainer deal or someone is just going to go “RIP” on us for him to use the amnesty.  With all of the new people he brought in and the way those people have been described, they are really going to stick to their guns with a conservative approach. Just like Davidson but a bit updated with the analytics and statistics stuff that they have adopted this year.

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