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Final Four trumps Pistons’ overtime win over Bobcats, which included minor Greg Monroe-Brandon Knight flap

David Mayo of MLive:

Stuckey, going into that last timeout, asked me who won the Kentucky game. #theydratherwatchthatgametoo

Kentucky 69, Louisville 61 in the main event. Pistons 110, Bobcats 107 in the undercard.

By hosting the Bobcats and not leading after regulation, the Pistons join a prestigious group that previously included just the pre-Linsanity Knicks, Raptors and Hornets.

On one hand – with Rodney Stuckey and Ben Gordon out injured – that’s somewhat understandable. On the other hand, even without those two, the Pistons probably should put away a team like Charlotte sooner.

In fact, it was the Bobcats up late. But Brandon Knight made a couple 3-pointers, and Greg Monroe made a three-point play as part of a late flurry to send the game to overtime.

During Detroit’s run, though, D.J. Augustin drove for a layup. Mayo:

BK and Greg Monroe argue about that defensive lapse, no help on the Augustin drive. Jawed at each other a bit. 95-91 #Bobcats, 1:15 left.

In itself, that’s no big deal. Teammates, caught up in competition, clash all the time.

But on losing teams, those types of problems can fester, intensify and become significant. Obviously, the Pistons don’t need a rift between their two most promising players.

But by the time Will Bynum made a 3-pointer to send the game to overtime and the Bobcats missed two 3-pointers on their final possession, I bet Monroe and Knight had forgotten about the exchange.

Certainly, Stuckey wasn’t the only one with an eye on the Final Four tonight. Even Pistons fans who don’t like college basketball are intrigued by Detroit’s potential first-round draft picks playing for Kentucky, Kansas and Ohio State.

With tonight’s win, Detroit hurt its odds of having its choice between those Final Four stars. But the Pistons also avoided another potential problem, which has real value.

And, of course, they didn’t lose to the Bobcats


  • Mar 31, 201211:36 pm
    by Daye and Knight


    Well we lost out on Davis, MKG and Robinson (likely) but Sullinger will still be there…fans, get ready for the most un athletic front court ever with Moose, Former fresh prince of Detroit and the human snail and no, the turtle won’t beat the hare in the NBA and certainly not in a race lol

    • Apr 1, 201211:46 am
      by tarsier


      Unfortunate to get another win, but at least wait until after the lottery to comment on what options Detroit will or won’t have in the draft.

    • Apr 1, 20125:55 pm
      by star97


      Wait… Moose=Monroe, Old Fresh Prince of Detroit= Prince, and Human Snail= Sullinger?

  • Apr 1, 201211:56 am
    by vic


    we werent going to outlose Charlotte anyway… so hopefully we just get a top 3 pick instead of 7 or 8. Its all chance so a few extra balls dont mean much, especially in comparison to building a strong team

  • Apr 1, 20122:18 pm
    by Travis


    When i went to this game and we were down by ten in the fourth, I thought the dancing usher (who is halarious) was going to be a highlight of the night. But we pulled it together and the pistons provided a great finish for the two eight yr olds I brought. Overall I think the palace provided a nice show. I think with a little luck anything can happen in the draft and we could end up with a starting front court.

  • Apr 1, 20122:42 pm
    by rick77


    What happens if we get a good pick in draft find a decent free agent and move a couple guys? Does anyone think we can grab one of the bottom half playoff spots? If so do you think that Frank will go into the following season a  lame duck coach or does Detroit resign him? Is he our Scott Brooks? or is he just another retread?

    • Apr 1, 20126:35 pm
      by apa8ren9


      That is an interesting thought Rick.  I do believe they will stick with him under your hypothetical because he already has the playoff experience with the nets and the celtics.  If this were his first Rodeo, I would say Dumars would be looking to upgrade, but with all the time they took to hire him I believe as long as the Pistons are improving they will keep him around.

    • Apr 1, 20128:02 pm
      by vic


      I think Frank has done a great job improving the team, and establishing a hard working and winning culture.
      Its obvious they are improving even though the record doesn’t show it yet. They are starting to battle in close games like the Pistons of old. 
      It would be wrong to fire him while he is still improving the team.

  • Apr 1, 20126:58 pm
    by Chris Pappas


    Everybody complaining about how the Pistons have lost out on Final Four stars need to take a step back and look at what still awaits the pistons, The Draft Lottery. Last Year, the Cavaliers had a pick in the 8th slot before the lottery, and that pick ended up being the #1 pick. Although unlikely pistons get the #1 pick, there is still a chance they move up to the top 3 if the ping pong balls bounce our way. So everyone needs to calm down about the pistons tanking the rest of the season.

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