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Did Lawrence Frank shout at Ronnie Brewer as the Bulls guard shot last night?

To me, it looks like Lawrence Frank was shouting instructions to his players for most of the play, but just as Ronnie Brewer shot, Frank turned toward him and shouted. It looks even more convincing in higher-quality replays, which if someone posts, I’d happily update my mediocre capture.

If Frank yelled to distract Brewer, I don’t have a huge problem with it. I have a much bigger problem with Frank stepping onto the court before the shout – especially because he comes mighty close to the Bulls’ play. Many coaches do that, but I wish the refs did a better job policing it.

(Hat tip: Zach Lowe of Sports Illustrated)

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  • Mar 31, 20125:29 pm
    by Mark


    Funny you mention that. I didn’t notice Frank yelling, but I did notice Thibadeu yelling all game at his own players.

    He screams at them like they are his pet dogs in a dogfighting ring. “GET HIM!, GET HIM!”, he shouts at every player when they are guarding the ball, like he’s trying to get hid defender to kill somebody.

    imo, that should be against the rules, as its probably a major distraction to the offensive player. Where they not only have to deal with the defender, but have this lunatic screaming like that every time they touch the ball.

    I mean, he’s worse than fans in the crowd who heckle. If a fan yelled like that on every possesion, he’d be tossed from the game by security. Why is this head coach allowed to?

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