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Days since each NBA team has made a trade (scroll way, way down for Pistons)


  • Mar 15, 20124:27 pm
    by David


    Oh my lanta…i knew it has been a while, but not this long.

  • Mar 15, 20124:56 pm
    by John V


    I’m sorry, what is this trading thing you are talking about?

  • Mar 15, 20125:30 pm
    by MF


    That’s ridiculous, but all the scrolling made it hilarious. I wonder, what is the longest time between trades?

    • Mar 15, 20126:24 pm
      by gmehl


      That is a good question I am sure even Feldman might struggle to answer. See if you can find that one out Dan. In 3 weeks we will hit over 1000 days without a trade. Curiously asking who did we trade and what did we trade for????

      • Mar 16, 20121:36 am
        by Tyler


        Gave up Chauncey Billups for Allen Iverson. We saw how that worked out.

  • Mar 15, 20126:18 pm
    by Tim


    yeah, the graphical perspective made it seem funnier than it actually is.  While I am not one to trade for trades sake, there is no reason why its been almost 3 years since a pistons trade.  Of course, his last several trades have sucked so hard I cant blame him.

  • Mar 15, 20126:19 pm
    by Tim


    and to think, that trade was budinger for future pick?

  • Mar 15, 20129:09 pm
    by Chris


    16-27? Hell yeah we are in great shape. Who needs to upgrade for now and the future when we’re having all this success

  • Mar 16, 20125:00 am
    by Robert Zieger


    Delightfully funny presentation!

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