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Chauncey Billups … coach?

This isn’t really news, but it’s interesting to think about. From Bill Simmons’ twitter page:

What Clips SHOULD do: fire VDN, convince Chauncey to retire (for this year), then make Chauncey interim coach. No joke, thats the best play.

Now obviously (since Simmons uses Varsity Blues as the precedent for something like this actually happening in real life), no one should take that too seriously. But I think it’s a testament to Billups that you can read a tweet like that and have a first reaction along the lines of, ‘You know what … that COULD work.’ Not sure there is another player in the league with the combination of respect and intelligence to pull that off other than Billups. I hope Billups is able to come back and get a proper send off next year, but NBA coach or executive definitely seems like part of his future if he wants those things.


  • Mar 22, 20122:48 pm
    by Victor Fontana


    I say this: seeing him as a coach would be intriguing.
    I would preffer to have him as my team’s GM, though.

  • Mar 22, 20124:32 pm
    by Max


    He has said he wants to be a GM and has no interest in coaching.

  • Mar 22, 20125:09 pm
    by Youssif


    Why wouldn’t they go after D’Antoni?

    Also, I think Simmons’ idea is pretty awesome and I’d fully support it.

    • Mar 22, 20125:52 pm
      by tarsier


      I can’t see D’Antoni working at all there. Maybe McMillan. Otherwise, just try an assistant coach. It may be a long shot, but it’s not hard to improve on Del Negro.

      • Mar 22, 20127:19 pm
        by Chris H


        While I agree that VDN is not the best head coach someone could find, I don’t think that changing at this time is a good idea.  Well unless they decided to go with an assistant coach.  It’s tough enough with the shorterned season, but keeping some sort of continuity with the systems at this point has to be preferable to getting an entirely new system with a new coach.

  • Mar 22, 201211:41 pm
    by domnick


    not every good leader can coach… but if Chauncey wants to pursue that.. then he might need to start retiring first then go ahead… coach a team, manage a team…

  • Mar 23, 201210:26 am
    by apa8ren9


    This is why I love the NBA.  Fans get really excited because the team gets names, but you have to compete on a daily basis, continue to get better and play the games.  Chauncey as a coach at this point is a really outlandish and silly idea, but would you really expect anything but outlandish and silly coming from the Clippers?  Strange things just happen when players put on that uniform.  I like their team and the talent they have assembled, but they are the freaking Clippers.  They cant just turn it around like that even if they finally drafted a franchise player after about 20 tries in the lottery.  Donald Sterling still owns the team.  Their window is very small.  Like 2 years.  If they dont get a trip to the NBA finals or a Western Conference finals trip out of this.  I cant see them figuring it out so quickly.  So that is a great story line to see how the Clippers will find a way to piss somebody off or just flat out bungle this good fortune they have recently found.  They are already off to a good start of FUBARing it.

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