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Charlie Villanueva could return Friday

Eric Lacy of The Detroit News:

Pistons forward Charlie Villanueva claimed Thursday his right ankle is pain-free and that he’s ready to play Friday against the Hawks.

For the second straight week, Villanueva participated in full-contact practices, positive signs since his last game action was more than two months ago.

“I’m going to give it a go tomorrow,” Villanueva said after Thursday’s practice. “Pain-free — right now.”

Lawrence Frank wouldn’t confirm that Villanueva will play, but he’s obviously close to returning. As oft-criticized as Villanueva is, it’s good for both him and the Pistons if he can get back on the court and see if he fits with this team/coaching staff as the season winds down.


  • Mar 8, 20123:10 pm
    by Max


    They should trot him out there a lot and hope he gets got so Dumars might be able to trade his ass.

    • Mar 8, 20124:29 pm
      by frankie d


      that is exactly my thought.  maybe he’s being showcased.  certainly it is a big coincidence that he’s returning now, right around the trade deadline.
      one can only hope.

  • Mar 8, 20124:10 pm
    by Sebastian


    That’s alright Charlie V., WE don’t need you!

  • Mar 8, 20125:49 pm
    by tarsier


    My hope remains CV for Blatche. I wouldn’t expect any benefit from it but there is at least a chance that the change of scenery will do some good for both.

    • Mar 8, 20128:03 pm
      by apa8ren9


      I agree, I have been supportive of trying out Blatche and thinking a change of scenery would do well for him.   At least he will get in the low post if you ride him. I also think a better coach than anything they’ve ever had in Washington will at least make him more productive.  I took a look at his contract and its not outrageous for what he can produce.  I was surprised he’s got 3 years and about 23-24 million after this year.  For some reason I thought he was at the 9-10 million mark.  The contract is one year longer than CV but totally doable for his potential production.

    • Mar 8, 201210:05 pm
      by Patrick Hayes


      Unless it’s Wall, Booker or Singleton, I’m not interested in anyone on the Wizards.

  • Mar 8, 20128:40 pm
    by frankie d


    blatche is on his 4th coach now. both jordan and flip saunders were pretty good coaches and two very different types. two interim coaches also.
    he’s a cancer. read the washington media: the true hoop version of pistonpowered; bullets forever, a very good resource on the wizards; and the washington post. there is a unanimous view that blatche will never – after 7 years – figure it out.
    he’s a talented guy, yea, but i’d even prefer to have CV here than a guy like him. CV is a goofball and an irritant, but he’s not a disruptive force.
    if blatche was the type of guy who stayed in the background and kept quiet, his stupidity and selfishness wouldn’t be quite so bad. but he fancies himself a leader – he literally and unilaterally proclaimed that he was the team’s captain at the team’s first game as he addressed the crowd – and that type of guy is the kind of guy who will destroy a team’s chemistry. if there is anything worse than no leadership on a team, it is bad leadership.
    stay away from this guy.
    no wonder a team like washington is trying to trade him.
    and, btw, the biggest complaint about him from everyone is that he will not go down low, but will instead shoot lazy 15 foot jump shots. he is the last person who will get in the low post so you could ride him.

    • Mar 8, 201210:08 pm
      by Patrick Hayes


      Point of clarification: Bullets Forever is actually the SB Nation blog. Truth About It is the Wizards TrueHoop blog. Both are excellent though.

      And agree 100 percent with you on Blatche. Villanueva is sunk money at this point, but at least he seems like a good guy and good teammate. I want no part of Blatche around Detroit’s young players.

      • Mar 9, 201210:38 am
        by frankie d


        i should have not been so lazy and i should have checked for the name of the truehoop blog.  my post would have been a bit more clear.
        in my post, i simply referred to it as “the true hoop version of pistonpowered”, in the list of washington media.  and then i named bullets forever as a separate item on that list.
        pretty sure i used my colons and semi-colons correctly…

        • Mar 9, 201210:42 am
          by Patrick Hayes


          My fault, I just read it too quickly and interpreted it incorrectly, like a Joe Dumars quote.

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