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Brandon Knight rated as second-best shooter in rookie class

David Thorpe of ESPN.com published his midseason rookie awards, and Brandon Knight took runner up for Best Shooter:

Runner-up: Brandon Knight, Pistons

Knight is making 37.5 percent of his 3s, which is the fifth-best number of this class. He’s also made the most 3s of any rookie, and his aggressiveness from distance is a big part of who he is as a player. As he improves his overall game, he’ll be an even more dangerous threat.


  • Mar 2, 20121:42 pm
    by Yoop


    Brandon Knight is a cornerstone to this team. I really think Monroe, Knight and Stuckey will be the future of the Pistons. I thought Daye and JJ would be a major part too. JJ still might be but only time will tell. Here is an idea though why don’t we put Charlie V. in a trade to the Lakers for their trade exception and their worst first round pick. They know they need to win now and need someone that can score off the bench. Charlie V. is a scorer when given the opportunity and I think he would fit with the Lakers and get him out of the Pistons Hair and then Gordon decision can be made this summer. The really might turn this team around pretty fast and get us under the cap. Prince to a contender for a young bench player would be good and a 2nd rounder or just a first round pick and expiring contract. I would love to see a Huge youth movement with this team like the Thunder, Kings, T-Wolves have done and watch the team come up that way.

    • Mar 2, 20121:52 pm
      by tarsier


      Lakers won’t do that. They traded away Odom for virtually nothing because they were trying to save money. Furthermore, they could easily get a decent player for their exception plus a pick, so why take on a terrible player with a bad contract?

      The most realistic idea floated about for getting one of the Lakers first rounders is Prince for Walton and a first, maybe with a Detroit second thrown in.

      Young bench players on contenders tend to be late picks so there is no way the salary matches with Prince. And Prince only has value to a contender. I can’t think of any that have an expiring deal on Prince’s salary level who has virtually no other value to the team.

    • Mar 2, 20122:18 pm
      by Patrick Hayes


      Yeah, to echo what tarsier said, here’s some insight from Roland Lazenby at Hoopshype on the Lakers. It talks about Jim Buss and his belief that non-star veteran players are becoming too expensive and how he’s shifting the focus of his scouting department to college players because rookie contracts are so much cheaper than pursuing veterans to fill out the bench as the Lakers have done in the past. So it looks like the Odom trade was the first in what will be a long line of cost-trimming moves for the Lakers.

      • Mar 2, 20123:43 pm
        by Chris


        There is also a rumor going around that the Lakers rejected a deal that would have given them Micheal Beasley for their first roundpick. They rejected it because they dont want to take in more money, and Charlie is owed more than beasley and is way less efficient so there is almost no chance of the lakers tradeing us their 1st rounder for CV

  • Mar 3, 201211:04 am
    by khandor


    Each season that goes by, Brandon Knight is going to become a better basketball player. At a not too distant point in the future, most Pistons fans are going to be very pleased that Joe Dumars selected him in last year’s NBA Draft Lottery.

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