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Austin Daye and Will Bynum probably wouldn’t hate being traded from Pistons

David Mayo of MLive talked to a couple Pistons who haven’t been playing much lately, and both sounded open to a trade.

Austin Daye:

“I would be open just to play anywhere,” Daye said after the Pistons practiced this morning in Salt Lake City before traveling here for a Wednesday game against the Sacramento Kings. “I don’t really mind where it is, as long as I get to play. If it’s here, and I get to play, I’d be happy with it.”

Daye, asked directly if he would welcome a trade, did not dismiss it as a potentially positive development.

“If it stays like this, where I’m not playing any minutes, it’s tough to say,” he said. “I mean, I like Detroit, I like the organization, and I like everything that’s gone on, but during this year, I just haven’t been able to get long stretches of minutes and I haven’t really gotten to play a lot. So whatever situation’s best for me, as far as playing, that’s what I’d like to do.”

Will Bynum:

Bynum, asked if this is a particularly stressful time, replied that he’s “stressed every day I ain’t playing.”

“But I’m not stressed about a trade,” he said. “It’s OK, either way it goes, I’m still blessed. You never know what may happen, man. I don’t really want to get into it until it actually happens. Just stay prepared. That’s all you can do.”

Although I hope it works out in Detroit for Daye and Bynum – especially Bynum, who has proven to be one of the team’s hardest workers – I understand where they’re coming from. This must be a frustrating situation for both. For their sakes, a part of me hopes the Pistons find them teams where they’ll see more minutes.


  • Mar 14, 20129:20 am
    by Patrick Hayes


    Well, Dumars has always been adamant that if players would prefer to go elsewhere, he’d do his best to accommodate them. Luckily for Daye and Bynum, if they really would like to be traded somewhere where they can play more, I think they are two of the easier players on the roster to move, even if the return on both would probably be minimal.

    • Mar 14, 20129:38 am
      by domnick


      i just wonder why its taking long to find them teams to play with… if they are the easier players to be moved.. then the trade should come as easy… i dont even hear rumors about the trade… thats bad :( i feel sad too coz we’re not been active at the trade deadline for so long

      • Mar 14, 20129:41 am
        by Patrick Hayes


        Well, not hearing rumors is probably a good thing. I think the trades that tend to get leaked as rumors are the ones that usually fall through. Dumars hasn’t made a trade in quite a while, but when he used to make them quite frequently, you rarely heard about them until they happened. His front office has always been pretty good at not leaking things.

    • Mar 14, 20121:50 pm
      by apa8ren9


      @Patrick since Im not on twitter would you please tweet to Austin Daye.  Dont let the door hit you in the behind on the way out.
      I mean after hearing this I’m just done with this dude.  Can you do anything right when faced with a bit of adversity.  You cant even beat out freakin Damien Wilkens who is 2 steps from being out of the league.  Keep your mouth shut.  When I hear him speak it sounds as if he is implying that Frank is holding him back.  With that attitude see ya later. Peace. Scram. Adios.  Dude just go away.  And I wanted this guy here.

    • Mar 14, 20122:09 pm
      by frankie d


      the delfino trade was the best example of dumars getting a guy out of town.
      i remember reading something in the press about deflino being unhappy and shortly after that, he was gone.
      dumb trade and a good example of why a gm should never do that.  its a dumb policy, that smacks of machismo, rather than smarts.
      he should make trades based on his timetable, not because of a player’s outbursts. 
      what daye is saying, however, seems a bit different.  he’s not actually saying i want to be traded.
      as i recollect, delfino was definitely saying that he wanted to be traded and, if i’m not mistaken, he was using the threat of going to europe as leverage.
      i may be wrong on that, but i do think that was in the air at the time.

      • Mar 14, 20122:26 pm
        by Max


        It makes the organization look good to other players because it shows that the team values a player’s peace of mind and not just his ability to play.   You’ll notice the Lakers acted similarly when Odom made his request.   Also, I don’t know if it has been machismo on Dumars part or just the way things were done in Detroit under Davidson because for as long as I can remember, the Pistons have been accommodating such requests.   It’s an acknowledgement that there are things bigger than basketball off the court and that there is no value more important to a team than each player’s commitment on the court.   As long as it isn’t really hurting a franchise, I’m all for trading players who want out and Daye is too insignificant to hurt the team even if he was given away.  It could even be addition by subtraction.

        • Mar 14, 20126:54 pm
          by frankie d


          @ max
          bad move to bring up the odom trade.
          that ranks up there with the dumbest trades in recent years.
          even odom, rumor has it, is sorry he pushed the team to make the trade.
          bad move, except for dallas.  but, considering how things have turned out, even they might want a do-over.

  • Mar 14, 20129:53 am
    by domnick


    hmmm i dont know…. not leaking things makes good or bad.. or it makes nothing happening at all.. not satisfied about it.. coz you wait for good news but all we do is to Wait for Nothing… :(

  • Mar 14, 201210:25 am
    by Gregoire


    What about the Spurs? They need a Point Guard and could use Daye as spot up 3-Point Shooter, what could the Pistons get in Return for them?

  • Mar 14, 201210:30 am
    by vic


    I heard la, chicago, and oklahoma (i think) wanted backup pgs. If we cant get trade bynumite for some value and  a 2nd round pick, thats a shame

  • Mar 14, 201210:31 am
    by Normal 2


    I can understand why Bynum would be up to a trade for not playing many minuets.  Daye on the other hand has gotten way more opportunity to be a regular rotation piece and blew it time after time.  Frank says you have to earn your time… does he just want’s to be given time?  Earn it in practice, produce in the games = playing time.  If he goes to any other team and continues to play bad…guess what…bench there too.  We are not a real good team yet and you can’t get mins on this team?? where are you going to get mins at then if you play like your playing now.  Hopefully he’ll break out his slump and all will be good.  I just think he was so excited during off season cause he didn’t think Prince was returning and he was going to be starting…Prince returned and he happiness went away…along with his game…haha. joking but there may be some truth to it.  I don’t know.

  • Mar 14, 201210:35 am
    by Jeremy


    Joe D has always kept a pretty tight lock on any business that he has done – whether it be trades, contract negotiations, contract amounts, etc. I read an article the other day (wish I could find it so I could post the link – may have been on here), that quoted an Eastern Conference GM as saying that Dumars has practically called every team in the league twice and that he scoffs at any trade that invovles Knight or Monroe.

    It needs to be remembered that in the real world, it takes two to tango and every GM views their talent highly and wants equal returns on trades. Very few trades involve massive salary dumps and to be honest, as an opposing GM, would you want either Daye and/or Bynum? One is a stick thin wing that often gets lost on the defensive end, has yet to find a consistent jumper, and I’m pretty sure that if he didn’t look 12 he would probably be T’d up more for the crying he does after every whistle on him. The other is an over paid, undersized point guard that looks for his own shot 95% of the time.

    • Mar 14, 201210:51 am
      by Patrick Hayes


      Bynum isn’t having a good season, but I don’t think he’s overpaid. His salary is pretty reasonable for a backup guard who will push the ball, finish and play with energy for 15-20 minutes a game as needed.

      • Mar 14, 201211:02 am
        by gmehl


        and he’s a professional that never complains. I for one would be sad to see him play for another team but if he could net us an early 2nd rounder then I say do it. I would much rather Daye be dealt than Bynum cause you just know Bynum will bring it every game. I think you can stick a fork in Daye cause he’s cook in this league.

    • Mar 14, 20122:15 pm
      by frankie d


      joe d gets information out to the media that he wants to get out. 
      not entirely unusual, but in other media markets, the local press is much more aggressive about getting information.
      the local media here basically sits back, waits for a press release – or probably a conversation with joe d – and then they publish information.
      there are ways to get info on the pistons’ doings, apart from prying it from joe, but local media is too lazy to do those things.  they’d rather wait on a press release.
      if i want to know what joe d thinks, i comb through chad ford’s chats and columns and just about anything he says about detroit’s plans is probably informed by information straight from dumars’ mouth.
      chad ford is dumars’ mouthpiece and has been for a long time.

  • Mar 14, 201211:00 am
    by domnick


    i dont know what kind of Return is Joe D looking for… if he’s actively shopping Daye and Bynum then i dont expect anything good in return.. but at least lets snatch something out of it….
    i dont even know if he’s moving up or just waiting for the deadline to pass and tell us that there were no good moves to be made… that’s a real dissapointment for a GM who has alot of things to work on his Roster but does nothing to improve his team…
    i dont believe that we can’t trade Daye and Bynum… we can trade them but don’t ask much!

  • Mar 14, 201211:36 am
    by Laser


    This is a joke. If Joe can’t/won’t make a deadline move, can we all just agree he’s useless?? PLEASE????

  • Mar 14, 201211:39 am
    by RussellC


    Send them both to the Lakers for one of their first rounders. It will be a late first round pick but it could make a difference between finding it necessary to take a Perry Jones III or one of the Zellers or Henson with lottery pick and being able to take Kidd-Gilchrist knowing you may be able to get Ezeli or Bernard James later in the first round. Face it we won’t be able to get Davis, Robinson, or Drummond unless we get a lucky bounce with the ping pong balls.

  • Mar 14, 201211:50 am
    by Richard


    Trade them to Houston for Marcus Morris and some picks..

  • Mar 14, 201212:09 pm
    by Roit


    Trading them for picks is ok

  • Mar 14, 201212:09 pm
    by Roit


    Trading them for picks is ok.just let them go and get our roster more free

  • Mar 14, 20122:11 pm
    by frankie d


    karen davidson has a joe dumars voodoo doll that she manipulates which keeps dumars from making trades.
    doesn’t everyone know that she was and is the reason joe d can’t make trades.
    that voodoo is powerful magic

    • Mar 14, 20122:31 pm
      by Max


      Dunno why you don’t believe there was a spending freeze when it was perfectly obvious.  She didn’t do voodoo.   She did tell him he couldn’t add a dollar of salary or hire a new coach.  Why is that so hard to accept?  Dumars always made frequent moves before that period.

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