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3-on-3: Trading Greg Monroe

Modeled after ESPN’s 5-on-5, Patrick and I will answer three questions about a Pistons-related topic. We’re going to use 3-on-3s to assess the tradability of each Piston leading up to the March 15 trade deadline.

For each 3-on-3, we’ll be joined by a guest contributor. Today, that’s Brian Packey of Detroit Bad Boys.

Please add your responses in the comment.

1. How motivated are the Pistons to trade Greg Monroe?

Dan Feldman: Monroe is the best thing happening with the Pistons. He is the franchise cornerstone, and while the Pistons shouldn’t completely rule out trading him, players like Monroe are rarely traded for equal value. With two years left on his rookie contract after this one, there’s no reason to trade him for a reduced return.

Patrick Hayes: Not very. If the Heat want to break up their big three and offer one of them for Monroe, Ben Gordon and Charlie Villanueva or something, I’m sure the motivation would grow. But it would take another team coming to Detroit with a bananas offer for Monroe to be in the discussion.

Brian Packey: I’m sure the Pistons are about as motivated to trade Greg Monroe as one would be motivated to do homework on Panama Beach during Spring Break … with a wet t-shirt contest going on 100 feet in front of them.

2. How motivated are other teams to trade for Greg Monroe?

Dan Feldman: Considering how few positive assets the Pistons have, I’d imagine Monroe is the most asked-about player on the team. I just don’t think another team is going to make the over-the-top offer that’s necessary to pry Monroe from Detroit.

Patrick Hayes: Very. I would guess that the first player asked about in most of the trade calls Joe Dumars fields is about Monroe. Danny Ainge has probably called 50 times, as he has every team with high ceiling young talents. "Can I interest you in Paul Pierce for Monroe?" I think virtually every team in the league would love to trade for Monroe, but the teams that actually offer anything that would interest the Pistons are scarce.

Brian Packey: I bet he is a motivational poster child hanging in every GM’s office, but I doubt most GMs would have the gall to actually call up Joe Dumars and seriously inquire about a trade including Greg Monroe. A shameless GM might call, but he’d almost certainly get the Dr. Hibbert treatment (no relation to the center, who made the All-Star game over Monroe, I don’t think).

3. How likely are the Pistons to trade Greg Monroe?

Dan Feldman: If the Pistons trade Monroe, there won’t be a more shocking deadline deal this year. Nobody will have seen it coming.

Patrick Hayes: Nearly a zero percent chance. A Monroe trade would have to fetch back a franchise player/superstar type in return. Anything less and Pistons fans would probably burn The Palace to the ground. And they still might anyway.

Brian Packey: Not at all likely. He’s by far the Pistons’ best trade asset, but you don’t trade a 21-year-old big who is averaging 16 & 10 when he’s on his rookie contract unless … no, you don’t trade him and I’m sure Dumars has his wits about him on this one.


  • Mar 10, 20122:31 pm
    by David


    I’ll light the first match if they do trade him.

    • Mar 10, 20123:17 pm
      by Chris


      I’ll light the 2nd!

  • Mar 10, 20123:25 pm
    by Max


    Monroe finished 22nd on Bill Simmons annual list of the players with the most trade value which posted the other day.
    Simmons hates the Pistons so it’s safe to say he deserved to be a few spots higher.

    • Mar 10, 20125:22 pm
      by Steve K


      Yeah, that was shocking.

      I couldn’t believe he was that high. Yes, Simmons hates the Pistons, but I imagine he hates them less now that the Pistons are no threat. And he has said before that he’s a fan of Monroe (and Knight believe it or not).

  • Mar 10, 20124:24 pm
    by Daye and Knight


    I say let’s do a three team trade with Lakers and Bucks that’ll land us Metta World Peace and S Jax and trade Monroe and the first round pick…Palace Brawl 2012 fans vs. players court side

    • Mar 11, 20129:56 am
      by labatts


      Err – I think I’ll stay home and watch the game…

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