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3-on-3: Trading Ben Gordon

Modeled after ESPN’s 5-on-5, Patrick and I will answer three questions about a Pistons-related topic. We’re going to use 3-on-3s to assess the tradability of each Piston leading up to the March 15 trade deadline.

For each 3-on-3, we’ll be joined by a guest contributor. Today, that’s Royce Young of CBSSports.com and Daily Thunder.

Please add your responses in the comment.

1. How motivated are the Pistons to trade Ben Gordon?

Dan Feldman: The Pistons appeared to believe before the season that Gordon would return to form, and that likely contributed to the decision to buy out Richard Hamilton. But since then, Gordon has improved only marginally and Rodney Stuckey has established himself as the best guard next to Brandon Knight. If the Pistons could give away Gordon – which they probably can’t – they should.

Patrick Hayes: Beyond motivated. Being able to shed Gordon’s contract in a trade would be a much-needed win for Joe Dumars. The potential of Brandon Knight and the production of Rodney Stuckey all but assure that Gordon has no future as a starter in Detroit. Paying a premium price for a bench guard who has been as inconsistent as Gordon is is simply a luxury Detroit can no longer afford. I’m not sure there’s a deal out there for Gordon that doesn’t involve a bad contract in return, but nonetheless, I’m confident Detroit is doing whatever it can to entice someone into taking him.

Royce Young: They should be very motivated. The Pistons aren’t going anywhere with this roster and there’s really no sense in treading water. He’s still on the books for $12.4 million next season and a player option after that, so you’d be clearing out some cap space while also likely getting a young asset or two in return. Plus, the more you can free the future backcourt of Rodney Stuckey and Brandon Knight, the better.

2. How motivated are other teams to trade for Ben Gordon?

Dan Feldman: If the Pistons are willing to take another bad contract or two in return, other teams would probably be more than willing to acquire Gordon, who can score capably off the bench. But if the Pistons want actual positive assets in return, I don’t think even a team in need of an off-the-bench scoring guard could justify adding his salary.

Patrick Hayes: Not very. It’s not that Gordon couldn’t help. He’s a good 3-point shooter who could flourish either next to an elite point guard or in a wide open offense that values elite perimeter shooting like Phoenix, the Clippers, New York or Orlando. I’m just not sure any of those teams, all of which are already tied down by hefty salary obligations, would be willing to take on the rest of Gordon’s contract.

Royce Young: The money he’s owed surely will scare some others away, but it wasn’t long ago that Gordon nearly carried the Bulls to a first round upset of the Celtics. There are a number of teams that could use a little 2-guard help – Clippers being an obvious one – so there would likely be a decent market for a scorer like Gordon.

3. How likely are the Pistons to trade Ben Gordon?

Dan Feldman: Ben Gordon’s contract is mostly over, and his on-court regression has stopped and maybe even reversed. I don’t think there’s a huge market for him – or maybe not even one at all – but his value is only growing. I don’t think he gets moved this year, but I bet Dumars is having more conversations about Gordon than ever before.

Patrick Hayes: Not very. I think the odds of the Pistons making any type of major trade is pretty low as most teams don’t even have a great feel for what their actual needs are because of the abbreviated season. For a team to take on Gordon, they’d either have to be in panic mode or convinced that his three-year decline is a result of being in a situation not conducive to his talents rather than an actual physical decline in his abilities. I don’t know if Gordon would produce more elsewhere. He might. But that’s a pretty expensive gamble for another team to take.

Royce Young: I don’t think it’s all that likely, mainly because I doubt the Pistons will receive an offer they like in return. Gordon makes too much money right now and with him having two years left on his deal, some interested teams will shy away. Next season could be when his trade value is the highest.


  • Mar 7, 20125:55 pm
    by neutes


    Ha. The only way we’re getting rid of Gordon is via the amnesty. Or wait another 2 years when he’s an expiring and use that as leverage in a trade.

  • Mar 7, 20126:14 pm
    by Daye and Knight


    I’m not sure…or better yet I doubt we would get equal value in return if we tried to trade Gordon now. I wouldn’t be mad if we waited another year and:

    A) he gets better
    B) his contract is less of a burden

    Realistically Gordon can be useful for us still as our 6th man that can bring in instant offense so trading him isn’t a must unless he was having a gret year and we could get much better value

    I want another big man and wing scorer, something we might or might not be able to address in the draft coming up. If not try making a push at getting Robin Lopez, McGee, or trading for Anthony Randolph or Terrance Willams (two players rarely used in their respective systems)

    Also, the Wolves are looking for upgrading at SG before the deadline and are after Crawford. Gordon wouldn’t be a bad consolation prize if they miss out on Crawford

    • Mar 7, 20126:46 pm
      by Max



      • Mar 7, 20129:50 pm
        by Daye and Knight


        Dumars ego wouldn’t let him seal the deal

    • Mar 7, 20129:53 pm
      by Stuckey and whoever


      I think going for Robin Lopez is guy they need to be on the phone for everyday.  Should not be too much of a high price to get.  I also think the guy just wants more PT so he would for sure get it here.  I think that might be the best big man for the buck out there.  Sense Big Ben is retiring after this season something needs to happen.  Please no trades for wing players until we get a big.

      • Mar 8, 201212:58 am
        by neutes


        What is the deal about Robin Lopez? His rebounding rate is terrible for a center.

  • Mar 7, 20126:41 pm
    by Eddie


    An improvement at SG might be what the T Wolves need, It would be great to get Michael Beasley or Wes Johnson in return. A PG like Rubio could make a living finding Gordon spotting up for 3

    • Mar 7, 20128:22 pm
      by brgulker


      If Beasley or Johnson is the answer, I do notwant to know the question.

      • Mar 7, 20128:47 pm
        by youssif


        The question: who would you rather have on the Pistons instead of BG and his massive contract?

        I like Michael Beasley as an answer to that inquiry.

    • Mar 7, 20128:52 pm
      by Daye and Knight


      I wouldn’t mind having Wesley Johnson, I’m actually a big fan of his ever since watching him play college ball for the Orange…however I don’t think a Wesley Johnson/Ben Gordon trade would work financially. Minnesota would have to throw in another bad contract to make it work.

  • Mar 7, 20128:52 pm
    by Talan


    I know this article is about Ben Gordon, however it is pretty clear we are stuck with his massive contract. That’s fine with me, he’s still useful and we can amnesty him or dangle him next year as trade bait.

    How about a trade that could happen before the deadline this year. The suns are trying to get rid of Robin Lopez. We need a big man bruiser to take pressure off of Monroe. His value is at an all time low because of a horrible year last year and being stuck behind Gortat now. Daye for Lopez? or a second round pick for Lopez? Macklin and a second for Lopez? There was a time he was starting for the suns, he’s not great but he fills a need for cheap.

  • Mar 7, 201210:39 pm
    by Giles mills


    Would anyone consider a blatche for gordon trade,

    • Mar 7, 201211:24 pm
      by Daye and Knight


      I mentioned that as a posibility a few weeks ago on here, but I rather hold on to Gordon and pray a big man falls in our laps through the draft or through free agency. The problem with this trade is Blatche doesn’t play below the basket and has attitude problems like Cousins…only with far less upside.

  • Mar 7, 201211:07 pm
    by gmehl


    I think the smart thing to do is amnesty Gordon and ride out CVs contract. If we can get our hands on an athletic shot blocking center (good defender) in the draft he could start beside Monroe and also cover for CVs inept defensive abilities. We would definitely have to get some more 3pt shooting which could hopefully be found with our second rounder. Teams will only be interested in Gordon when/if he gets amnestied which makes sense. This team needs a volume scorer which Gordon was supposed to but we all know how that plan has failed miserably. If we didn’t have such a hole at C/PF and resigned Prince to that shitty deal then I would be all for Joe picking Harrison Barnes. I can’t see the light at the end of the tunnel with Gordon so I am hoping they amnesty him. A trade isn’t going to and if it does I will eat my hat.

  • Mar 8, 20121:49 am
    by MrCarter


    This is somewhat off the subject, but since I dont know where else to post it I’ll try here. Can someone share me a link/site/page where I find some sort of info on WHAT THE HECK DUMARS PLAN IS FOR THIS TEAM??(maybe he talked about it in an interview or something) Sorry but I’m completely lost as to what his strategy is for us for the future. If anyone can help, please post. Thank you.

    • Mar 8, 20122:37 am
      by gmehl1977


      This is a link to his plan http://www.titanic.com/

      • Mar 8, 201210:34 am
        by zach


        Sink the Pistons lol good one there (personal attack removed).

      • Mar 8, 20127:48 pm
        by frankie d


        thanks for the laugh.  been a pretty bad day and that was worth a very nice chuckle. very funny…

  • Mar 8, 201210:31 am
    by zach


    I’d like to see them get Anthony Davis from Kentucky(if he comes out in this draft). I know he is still a freshmen but he has the capability to be a star in the NBA right now. He’s every answer we need right now. Size, Scoring, Rebounding, and Blocking. He is the answer to this team and with him playing along side of Knight and Stuckey would be huge. It would bring more burden off of Monroe who is looked to be the go to guy in the post. Right now we need an answer in just about every position besides SG and PG and C. Bringing in Davis would be a huge asset and could help a lot. Potential move that could bring back ticket sales and make Motown gel again!

    • Mar 8, 20122:11 pm
      by Tim


      of course he is coming out!  He will be the number one pick, so there is very little chance we get him.  Every team in the league wants him.  Keep dreaming.

      • Mar 9, 20121:42 pm
        by zach


        You never know until the picks are in and where down the line they fall. We easily could end up with a top 5 pick and other teams could use other positions. Of course everyone wants him but he could slip into the clutches of the Pistons. It’s high hopes but still could happen. Just stating something that could happend!

    • Mar 8, 20125:41 pm
      by gmehl


      @zach And people ask who would run the pistons if Joe was fired.

      • Mar 9, 20122:37 pm
        by zach


        I look at it this way, there is no one that would want to come to this team that is old and the only talent that we have right now is Monroe and Knight and Stuckey. Everyone else old or just no game. Joe’s looking for young talent right now and he isn’t going to find that in trades. We need some young bigs to come in and its going to take a while for the Pistons to regain that dominance they had before. Every great team has to come to fall sometime and we are in that fall. If Joe doesn’t get this team better in 2 more years, he’s out.

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