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The Pistons shooting guard situation isn’t exactly resolved yet

The last two seasons, the Pistons’ shooting guard position had an uncomfortable combination with incumbent starter Rip Hamilton and pricey free agent signing Ben Gordon both wanting the job. Neither player every was super comfortable with the situation, though Hamilton was … uh … a bit more vocal about things, which hastened his departure in the offseason.

Via Dave Mayo at MLive, now that Gordon is back from his injury, we should probably pay attention to that SG situation again now that Rodney Stuckey has taken over that spot:

“At the end of the day, as long as we win games, there’s not much to complain about, not much to be worried about,” Gordon said. “Last game, just coming back for the first time, I made my way back into the lineup. But it’s the same thing Stuck went through when he got hurt, just playing yourself back into shape, and I’m not really disrupting the flow of the team. So that’s the role I’ll accept for now, and as long as we’re winning, it’s all good.”

“For now.” Good luck, Lawrence Frank. Gordon has kind of come full circle now in his Pistons career. Originally, he was the fresh-faced newbie with the big contract who appeared to be the future at the position while Hamilton was the pricey veteran not ready to relinquish his role. Now, Stuckey is playing that Gordon role — younger, expensive new contract and appears to be viewed primarily as a shooting guard by the organization now. In the past, Gordon was quiet about his situation, seemingly content to bide his time until Hamilton was finally moved and he’d get the starting spot he’d long coveted.

He got it this season. For a minute. It will be interesting to see, if Gordon continues to come off the bench, whether he’s as mum on the issue as he’s been on the past or if he, like Hamilton before him, gets worried about the younger player at his position that the team seems more committed to at the moment.


  • Feb 9, 20129:50 pm
    by Max


    Gordon would do well to think of himself as a Jason Terry.

    • Feb 10, 201211:24 am
      by neutes


      as would Knight, and Stuckey. I’m hoping someday we won’t have to start 6th men worthy guards. All three would currently make great 6th men, not so good starters.

  • Feb 10, 201212:24 am
    by Tiko


    Gordon and Stuckey are 6th men. We don’t have a starting shooting guard on our roster

  • Feb 10, 20123:46 am
    by Mr BlockedShot


    Agree on that. There´s still a vacant in that spot. I´d like to see Stuckey or Gordon coming off the bench. They are useful and could give us some energy, but Stuckey is truggling in the mid-long range and Gordon is undersized and so streaky  so…I think if we can´t get a big in the next draft we better get a real pg. It must be someone within the first five picks that´s likely were we are going to go. I guess we´ll get rid via tarde of one of both players before the draft depending on our pick #

  • Feb 10, 20123:47 am
    by Mr BlockedShot


    Sorry, meant to say “we better get a real SG”. Knight must be our starting PG :-)

  • Feb 10, 20128:24 am


    The most potential is with Stuckey and Knight.  Problem is right now even with Stuckey at the 2 he still takes on more of the point guard role because Knight is like 15 yrs old.  Its going to take time to see if Knight can really get the knack for finding his open teammate’s while running a offense at the same time.  I see the scoring up side already but we signed Knight to be a point guard.  BG is a better bench player from the track record we have to look at.  And there is too many 2 guards on this team because Daye really plays the 2, so does Bynum.  The problem has been assist’s with this team for quite some time, last game was the first time the team really shared the ball all season.  You get some wins people start sharing the ball more…I like the formula, just have to keep plugging it in.  Not sure about BG comments too because the whole beginning of the season he all most word for word said My minutes are up know so yeah that’s what I have always needed to be successful.  But he did say its all right coming off the bench ….for now..

  • Feb 10, 20128:39 am
    by apa8ren9


    2 points.  1st Everthing is okay with Gordon because he is GETTING PAID.  2nd.  As has been stated over and over again on these forums you cannot pay your off the bench shooting guard 12-13 million a year.  Simply cannot be done.  So the day of reckoning will soon be here.  If he plays well and SURPASSES (my criteria) his Chicago days he will be here.  If not he will be gone in the off-season.   He will get plenty of minutes to show it since he is supposedly healthy now.

  • Feb 10, 201210:32 am
    by brgulker


    Quick fix:

    Get rid of Gordon and Stuckey as quickly as possible.

  • Feb 10, 201211:18 am
    by DVS


    I like Knight and stuckey starting together.
    BG has proven in the past that he can be a great 6th man, so keep him in that position.
    With Stuckey able to cover the back up PG duties there are enough minutes for each guy. I don’t see the problem

  • Feb 10, 201212:46 pm
    by Laser


    Oh for fuck’s sake!

    “For now, and as long as we’re winning.” Jesus fucking christ.

    At some point Joe D needs to pay for this.

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