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Should Greg Monroe have replaced Joe Johnson on the All-Star roster?

With Joe Johnson of the Hawks injured and out of the All-Star Game, the door was slightly nudged open again for Greg Monroe to maybe possibly get some consideration for the spot, although the league ultimately (and fairly) picked Rajon Rondo to fill the opening.

Zack Lowe of Sports Illustrated included Monroe, however, among his potential candidates for the open spot:

Monroe is having a splendid season and has already emerged as one of the league’s great big-man passers. But his struggles on defense are much more pronounced than (Ryan) Anderson’s, in part because Monroe has no Dwight Howard on whom to to lean. Detroit games are filled with breakdowns, miscommunication and flat-footed big men trying to contain guards. Monroe, for all his brilliance, has been among the guilty parties.

Lowe actually wrote that last line about flat-footedness before last night’s performance against the Raptors, when Monroe had another bad defensive showing. I certainly believe Monroe has a credible case to contend for an All-Star spot, and I’ve written ad nauseum about my belief that the team really should’ve built a campaign for him (because really, what else are you going to do?), but after watching that Raptors game last night, I’m a little less passionate about making the case than I was yesterday. Gotta work on that D.


  • Feb 23, 20121:55 pm
    by Mark


    So I guess getting snubbed for being on a losing team only applies to Monroe? 

  • Feb 23, 20122:21 pm
    by Moe


    rondo deff shouldnt have went. monroe deserves it but its only his second year him and stuckey will go next year and maybe a few more

    • Feb 23, 20125:31 pm
      by tarsier


      “Stuckey will go next year.” He could go for 18/4/6 for a team around .500 and he’d still be a long shot. The NBA has tons of great guards.

  • Feb 23, 20123:25 pm
    by D_S_V


    Another thing Monore has to work on: that beard.

    Please! Can we get a PistonPowered poll for this? I don’t like facial hair longer than the hair on your dome unless you go all out with it. Either get to James Harden status, trim the beard to match the length on top, or grow out a mini-fro. He’s obviously getting everything lined up on a consistent enough basis, so trim the beard, Greg! And bring yourself that much closer to stardom!

    • Feb 23, 20126:09 pm
      by Mark


      idk, but I just noticed his beard the other day, and since then he’s played like a beast the last 2 games, being way more aggressive than usual. Maybe it gives him an meaner attitude. If so I’m all for it.

      James Harden looks like an Ewok, btw, ugliest beard ever.

  • Feb 23, 20127:11 pm
    by dvs


    i think JSmoove should have been added to the roster…

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