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Robert Horry talks about ‘the shot’ and playing defense against Rasheed Wallace

I don’t know if there are any names in Pistons history who bring up the kind of pain that Robert Horry does. The man who was close to becoming a Piston until the Houston Rockets bothered to check out Sean Elliott’s medical history came back to haunt the franchise about a decade later with a gut-punching shot and performance in game six five of the 2005 NBA Finals. I can’t rehash it more than that here, it’s too painful to think about.

But, for the people who love misery out there, Horry was a guest on Bill Simmons’ B.S. Report Friday and talked about that shot against Detroit and why it’s possibly the most memorable of his career.

The talk isn’t all depressing, though. He also is highly complimentary of Rasheed Wallace and calls him one of the most difficult players to defend that he ever faced. The podcast link is here and Horry starts talking about the shot and ‘Sheed around the 13 minute mark.


  • Feb 27, 201211:00 am
    by JT's Hoops Blog


    Personally I think Robert Horry has been WAY too overrated.  He was just always at the right time in the right place.  He was fortunate enough to be in the Houston Rockets during their 94-95 championship run, then on the Lakers for their three year run (00-02).  By the he reached San Antonio, he was already over the hill.  In my opinion, Robert Horry is an over glorified role player.

    • Feb 29, 20122:05 pm
      by tarsier


      Horry is an appropriately glorified role player. He has hit key shots in many championship runs. But he is also the everyday strawman grab for people arguing against the idea that rings are everything (e.g. so you’re saying the horry was better than barkley? omg/lol/smh you’re an idiot.). Anyway, I think most fans realize he played an imporatant role well but was no great shakes and was fortunate to be on the right teams at the right times. But much of that fortune came from the fact that those right teams wanted him because he was a reliable role player.

  • Feb 27, 201211:12 am
    by Serrano


    It was Game 5, actually. The Pistons won Game 6 in San Antonio.

    • Feb 27, 20121:23 pm
      by Patrick Hayes


      My fault. Fixed. Thanks.

      • Feb 27, 20124:32 pm
        by gmehl


        It’s ok patrick i have blocked out all major details from that game as well. Game 5…game 6 it all ended the same way…heartbreak

  • Feb 27, 20121:56 pm
    by Tiko


    most depressing game ever

  • Feb 27, 20124:50 pm
    by frankie d


    agreed.  no other game even compares.  incredibly depressing.
    great interview, however.  
    i definitely recall watching the game and being concerned when he made a shot, after being so cold, all game long.
    it was almost as though the pistons kind of forgot about him because he’d been so cold.  getting out on him did not seem to be a real priority, but seeing hit one shot and then a second shot gave me chills.
    i was thinking…this is robert freaking horry…this guy will kill you if you let him get hot.  and that is exactly what happened.   he even made an incredible dunk over i don’t remember who, but he went right at someone and just flushed it.
    it was almost like sheed forgot also, which is why he doubled and tried to trap the passer in the corner.  with any other shooter out there, that is a good play.  but with robert freaking horry out there, you just cannot give him an open shot in a clutch situation.
    heck, luck and just being in the right place at the right time doesn’t knock down all those jumpers in the clutch.
    it wasn’t like he was just hanging around, like john salley did when he won a ring with the lakers.  no, horry, at every step of his career has made a habit of knocking down clutch shots.
    luck has nothing to do with that.  just a coldblooded assassin’s eye .
    yea, i guess you can call him a “role” player if you want.  call him whatever you want.  fact is that robert horry made some of the most clutch jumpers in clutch situations over the last 2 decades or so.  and there are very few, if any players, who’ve made as many clutch shots.  he got his rings the old fashioned way…. he earned them.

  • Feb 27, 20126:22 pm
    by damian


    robert horry is the definition of a role player, one of the most clutch at that. he may be one of the best role players of all time. overrated? hell no.

  • Feb 27, 20127:39 pm
    by shawn brown


    not overrated at all.  perhaps the best role player of the 90s.   clutch shots defined him.

  • Feb 28, 20127:28 am
    by apa8ren9


    Yeah. that game was heart breaking.  Horry was clutch. I was in the stands with my best friend and all we kept saying during the timeout before was – whatever you do DO NOT LEAVE ROBERT HORRY!.  We knew if he were open he would make it. I mean they could have played diamond and 1.  We kept saying dont leave him under ANY circumstance, but like everyone else said,  Heartbreak.

  • Feb 28, 20122:33 pm
    by Max


    I took Bird’s steal on Isiah much worse but I was a kid.  Nevertheless, I think that game compared regarding heart break.  The ‘Stones had still yet to win a title and hadn’t just won one which took some of the sting for me in 05.

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