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Poll: Will the Pistons’ offense or defense turn around first?


  • Feb 8, 201212:49 am
    by Max


    Have you ever heard that the most underrated aspect of defense is offense? This is a difficult question because the two are interrelated but my guess is that if the Pistons draft at 1 or 2 or pick a shot blocker at any number that the defense will turn around first and if they draft a wing or a guard that the offense will turn around first.   So I’m just not going to answer.

  • Feb 8, 20121:46 am
    by Max


    Wow…..just had a positive Pistons moment.  Ryen Rusillo, my favorite NBA analyst or broadcaster, who used to host ESPN’s NBA TODAY podcast all week but now does it only on Tuesday’s gave out his top ten NBA players today and refused to name a 10th player as he thinks it’s somewhat up in the air.   He named about 6-8 players who could fill that slot and actually brought up Greg Monroe and said, “How about Greg Monroe’s numbers?  Greg Monroe has just been awesome this year”.  It’s been a very long time since a Piston has been brought up in such a context and while I love Rusillo, I usually feel like he gives the Pistons no love.

  • Feb 8, 201210:31 am
    by Jacob


    This is a good question. I picked defense for 2 reasons: 1) Lawrence Frank. 2) Because focusing on offense has been a disaster, Joe D might go extreme the other way and start finding defense first guys.

  • Feb 8, 201210:49 am
    by neutes


    I don’t know how you can answer this question. Neither is going to change without a change in the players, and since a majority of the players are signed through 2014 it could be awhile before we see some results in regards to this poll. Could a rookie or MLE signing change the identity of the team before 2015? And no, I’m not counting on a trade to do that, since there will be no trades.

  • Feb 8, 201212:36 pm
    by vic


    the answer just depends on if we get Anthony Davis or Andre Drummond
    If we get Anthony Davis our defense will get better first. offense will take a few months.

    If we get Andre Drummond our offense will get better first and our defense will get better towards the middle of next season. It may take him a couple months.

    If we get Jared Sullinger our offense will improve immediately next year and our defense will improve after we get a good trade. 

    Robinson/Perry Jones, offense will improve a few months after next season starts,  will need a trade for defense.

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