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Poll: Will the Pistons make the playoffs in any of the following three seasons?


  • Feb 9, 20121:43 am
    by tarsier


    I don’t know whether you are counting this one or not. This one may as well already be chalked up as a no. But the odds of a team missing the playoffs 5 or 6 consecutive time sin the NBA just aren’t too great.

  • Feb 9, 20121:55 am
    by tarsier


    Also, when are you gonna “update standings throughout the year.”?


    • Feb 9, 20123:03 am
      by tarsier


      Incidentally, I’ve been independently tracking those stats just for fun. And we as the pistonpowered community are not too good at predicting. Thus far our predictions are a cumulative 98-97. Maxiell’s rebounding and Knight’s scoring are killing us.

  • Feb 9, 20124:05 am
    by Greg


    I think they will, if they do the right moves!!! Thats a BIG if I know…but if they get a real Center to pair with Greg Monroe it would be awesome. I love Andre Drummond here, but I think it would be wrong to go after Thomas Robinson if Drummond is gone. I´d rather take MKG then and wait for a BIG in 2013 or get one in a trade or via Free Agency. Do not take a Big just to take a Big, we need an athletic Center, and the next Centers behind Drummond in 2012 are the Zellers and thats not the type of Big the Pistons need!

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