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Poll: Should the Pistons retain Joe Dumars as their general manager?


  • Feb 10, 20125:34 pm
    by Laser



  • Feb 10, 20126:42 pm
    by Davo


    Who are going to replace him with is the question you should be asking. For all Dumars mis-cues he’s hit a lot of homers with e moves he made bring that championship team together.

  • Feb 10, 20127:13 pm
    by b-money


    Ask this ? again in 12 months. He has this off season to prove he is not to stubborn to fix his mistakes. If it really was Karens fault he should have one off season to do something. He has make several bad moves the last two years though. One more bad off season is all the rope he gets.

    • Feb 11, 20123:28 pm
      by Laser


      His hands got untied when Gores bought the team, and all he was willing/able to do was pay Rip 3/4 of his salary to go away. This is insanity.

      • Feb 15, 20122:08 am
        by Dan Feldman


        Don’t you think Ben Gordon and Charlie Villanueva had more trade value in 2010 than they do now? While Dumars’ hands were tied, his assets went sourer.

    • Feb 11, 201210:36 pm
      by Birdman84


      How much more time should he have? He’s been awful for years.

  • Feb 13, 20129:47 am
    by Murph


    Wow.  That’s a pretty convincing vote of confidence. 

    Joe recieved a 69% approval rating from at least 570 presumably well informed Pistons fans.

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