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Pistons discuss Charlie Villanueva’s ankle injury

The mystery of what is going on with Charlie Villanueva‘s ankle gets some clarity, via David Mayo of YELLOWMLive:

The Detroit Pistons updated Charlie Villanueva’s status in a medical-lingo-heavy press release Friday, which essentially indicated he has tendinitis and bone spurs in his ailing right ankle and that he will be partially immobilized for “a few weeks.”

Here’s the “lingo-heavy” release Mayo referred to:

Following repeated imaging studies as well as multiple consultations from foot and ankle orthopedic surgeons, it has been determined that Charlie Villanueva’s right ankle soreness can be attributed to a resolving posterior tibial tenosynovitis with small talotibal spurs.

A few weeks of partial ankle immobilization have been recommended in an attempt to alleviate the soreness and discomfort.

That fits with what a team spokesman said the course of action would be with Villanueva, despite Villanueva possibly saying that he needs surgery.


  • Feb 4, 201210:26 am
    by Jakob Eich


    Spurs are really painful and I hope he recovers quickly, we can use him when healthy. I still think he can contribute for this team in a supporting role if we draft a decent big men. He won’t live up to his contract, but could still be a valuable player.

  • Feb 4, 201212:37 pm
    by Kk


    so I can tell you as a doctor, all this is medical jargon to more or less confuse people into asking less questions. 

    basically what he has is glorified tendon swelling, which sucks because its in the foot. It’s similar enough to plantar fascisitis (which I believe CV has had before) in that it just takes a really long time to adequately heal down enough to stop getting re-inflamed.

    Overall, the long term health consequences are not that bad, meaning the CV won’t be in a Brandon Roy situation or Chris Paul situation with no cartilage. He just needs to be taking motrin at consistent intervals and generally keep off the foot. But he will get out of shape and will lose a lot of muscle mass just from decreased activity.

    The bone spurs are something chronic that will always be there, a lot of people have bone spurs, it just sucks on where you get it. The literature on surgically removing bone spurs is like the debate on ACL repairs–we actually don’t need it unless you’re going to continue in high impact sports (which he will) but it doesn’t take out the bone spurs completely and there is no guarantee that they won’t come back.

    I think that his overall prognosis will be slow but good. Sorry, I personally am gonna do musculoskeletal radiology, so I find this stuff interesting.

    I actually think that CV is a solid synergistic piece next to Moose, by himself he’s sort of useless, but down low they could actually be a quite viable combo.

  • Feb 4, 20121:59 pm
    by MrBlockedShot


    Things doesn´t look good for CV, maybe he´s lost for the season…

  • Feb 4, 20122:06 pm
    by Max


    I can’t say I’m really unhappy about it.  Best case scenario before the season started: Charlie V plays so incredible that he is worth, what?—8 extra wins?—I know that’s too generous,   However, 5 extra wins could really hurt the Pistons lottery chances and I’d almost rather see anyone develop on this squad than CV.   He’s soft and as a Piston fan, I don’t like soft.

  • Feb 4, 20122:20 pm
    by frankie d


    when they signed him i said they’d spend the next 5 years trying to get rid of his contract.  which is exactly what has happened.
    is he totally useless?
    no.  but on a good team, he’s an 8th or 9th man the rotation who only plays if his shot is going down that night.  he was overpaid on the last year of his rookie contract.

    • Feb 6, 201212:28 am
      by apa8ren9


      I agree with your take on CV, I originally thought he was a better rebounder coming from the Bucks, but seeing a guy day to day you really get to see all of his flaws.  My problem with him is he is just too soft.  I feel betrayed a bit because I liked him coming out of college and I thought it was a decent signing for the money.  Any one that is over 6’9″ and can play a like seems to be getting 10 mil a year so I didnt think the contract was that bad.  I thought he could provide the type of spark that Corliss Williamson provided us in 2003-2004.  But he is just weak and too streaky.

  • Feb 4, 20123:11 pm
    by frankie d


    btw, it would be nice if the team treated basic news about the team as something other than a state secret.
    how long has CV been out and how many rumors, on twiitter and other places, have there been?
    this is basic info that should have been put out long ago.  at least, more info than was released, as it was known.
    i’m spoiled.  here in portland, we get too much info about the blazers.  everything from information about players’ dogs to whether a guy’s mother is coming into town for a game.
    it is nice, though, because there is never any lack of info about serious matters.  in detroit, the media lackeys basically act as guardians of information and only release what joe d wants released.

    • Feb 4, 20124:27 pm
      by Max


      In Detroit, the media lackeys don’t know in the first place and I like that Joe keeps a tight ship and the media never gets wind of the true info before Dumars makes his decisions.
      As for this medical matter, how do you know it hasn’t been a developing story?
      For instance, I thought down there in PO that Brandon Roy’s retirement was a very sudden development that was based on his meeting with a doctor the day before which totally altered his outlook.

    • Feb 4, 20128:47 pm
      by Patrick Hayes



      In fairness, you live in the devastating NBA injury capitol of the world, so they can’t really NOT be on top of injury news if they’re on the Blazers beat.

  • Feb 6, 20129:49 am
    by frankie d


    from the very beginning, from the diagnoses to the first slices of the scalpels, fans have known every single detail of both roy’s and oden’s – and every blazer’s injuries. from the surgeon to the exact number of days or weeks of estimated recovery. they even had the beat reporter travel out of town for oden’s recent doc visit which led to his latest surgery. the reporter interviewed a surprised oden at the doc’s office, and the reporter made an on-air radio report from the doc’s office.
    the papers report every single detail.
    with roy, the medical info was public from the start.
    the only thing that changed was roy’s response to a negative doc’s opinion on his injuries’ long term impact, that indicated that further wear and tear might cripple him for life.
    and the media reported on roy’s meeting with that doc, before and after.
    we get all of the medical info, down to the most trivial detail.

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