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Monty Williams wants Greg Monroe suspended (video)

Bradley Handwerger / WWLTV.com (hat tip: Brian Packey of Detroit Bad Boys):

Monty Williams has sent to the NBA film of the foul in the Hornets’ game against Detroit that sent forward Jason Smith to the injured list.

Williams believes Pistons center Greg Monroe, a New Orleans native, should be suspended for flagrantly tossing Smith into another player, giving the Hornets’ energetic forward a concussion in the process.

“I believe the NBA needs to look at that play and maybe suspend Monroe because it was a violent play that should have been penalized and the refs didn’t catch it,” Williams said. “I think that’s one of the things they have to look at on film because that can’t happen.  Those kinds of plays can cause fights in the game.”

Here’s the play:


  • Feb 6, 20128:42 pm
    by Shane


    Looks like Monty is just crying because he lost to the Pistons

  • Feb 6, 20128:49 pm
    by frankie d


    heck, maxiell gave him a much dirtier forearm to the back of he head a few minutes later.  maxiell’s forearm was much dirtier and seemed to have as much of an impact.  i wonder how he missed that one.  what monroe did looked almost accidental, in comparison.

  • Feb 6, 20129:51 pm
    by Mark



    What about Dajuan Summers’ recklessly throwing his elbows around and breaking Knights nose?

    Monty Williams has to be kidding himself. And he shouldnt have to send the tape anywhere, as the NBA owns his team.

    • Feb 6, 20129:52 pm
      by Mark


      I’m sure there was nothing more intentional about Monroe’s shove than Summers elbow. But Knight got a much worse outcome. If anyone should suspened from that game, which I don’t think anyone should, it would Summers not Monroe.

      • Feb 6, 20129:56 pm
        by Joe Dumars


        If Smith is out with a concussion, I’d say thats a worst outcome than a broken nose. Knight shouldn’t miss a game.

  • Feb 7, 20121:05 am
    by Anes


    He has a concussion because he flopped at least twice in the game, and tried to bang down low with the big boys where he cant compete. Get him in the weight room and have him man up.

  • Feb 7, 20126:00 am
    by danny


    Absurd. He pushed him, thats it. Its unfortunate, but doesnt warrant any suspension.

  • Feb 7, 201211:26 am
    by apa8ren9


    I thought we were playing big boy basketball, you know the NBA.  You get pushed all the time.  Elbows fly, people get hit and you have to deal with it.  Didnt you (Monty) play in the league?  Oh yeah, you were a scrub too.  You’ve got to be kidding me.

    • Feb 7, 201211:46 am
      by Shane


      He probably taught all his players how to flop

  • Feb 7, 20121:15 pm
    by D_S_V


    JJ’s staredown after the play was worth his contract.

    • Feb 7, 20124:25 pm
      by Blake


      JJ really just looks like a d-bag. He’s sooooo tough for shoving and staring down at a guy who had just suffered a concussion.

  • Feb 7, 201210:17 pm
    by Max


    I want Monty Williams arrested.

  • Feb 8, 20123:16 pm
    by Greg Monroe


    Are you serious Monty??? We were battling for position. Sh*t happens but not always on purpose. Just like your guy didnt mean to break my point guards nose. STOP CRYING

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