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Michigan men, women, whites, African-Americans, other races, young, middle-aged, old, Democrats, Republicans, John McCain voters, Barack Obama voters, liberals, conservatives, union members, non-union members don’t like Pistons

Public Policy Polling surveyed Michigan voters this month (hat tip: Detroit Free Press), and one of the questions was:

Is your favorite pro sports team in Michigan the Lions, Pistons, Red Wings, or Tigers?

The Pistons didn’t fare well in the results:

  • Tigers: 29 percent
  • Lions: 27 percent
  • Red Wings: 20 percent
  • Pistons: 6 percent

If that weren’t troubling enough for the Pistons, they finished last in all but one subset:

  • Women: Last (9 percent)
  • Men: Last (2 percent)
  • Whites: Last (3 percent)
  • African Americans: Second (23 percent)
  • Other races: Last (7 percent)
  • Those 18-to-29-years-old: Last (3 percent)
  • Those 30-to-45-years-old: Last (4 percent)
  • Those 46-to-65-years-old: Last (9 percent)
  • Those 65-and-older: Last (4 percent)
  • Democrats: Last (10 percent)
  • Republicans: Last (3 percent)
  • John McCain voters in 2008: Last (4 percent)
  • Barack Obama voters in 2008: Last (8 percent)
  • Very liberals: Last (4 percent)
  • Somewhat liberals: Last (12 percent)
  • Moderates: Last (5 percent)
  • Somewhat conservatives: Last (3 percent)
  • Very conservatives: Last (4 percent)
  • Union members: Last (5 percent)
  • Non-union members: Last (6 percent)

The worst news in that list for the Pistons: how few young people consider them their favorite team.


  • Feb 23, 20123:13 pm
    by D_S_V


    What do the other 3 teams have in common?
    Most recent season was a winning one
    Potential to contend for championship

    I wonder what the results would’ve been like in 2004.

  • Feb 23, 20124:12 pm
    by rick77


    Free press is garbage and I would not take this info as gospel because I know no one asked me.  Asking oh lets say 250 people this question does not constitute the entire black population of Michigan. Sorry but the free press gets no kudos! If out of your percent only 16 blacks partcipated in the survey how is this even relative rather informative to the Pistons? I know people hate losing but this is ridiculous.

    • Feb 23, 20125:17 pm
      by Patrick Hayes


      Yeah, I know I personally don’t trust any poll unless the pollster asks their questions to every person on the face of the earth. You can’t trust the results otherwise.

    • Feb 23, 20125:29 pm
      by tarsier


      The article clearly states that 560 people were polled. And it included the margin of error associated with not being able to poll everyone: +/- 4.1%. That is called statistics. Are you really gonna argue that you know better than those who made statistics into a science by being able to quantify said errors?

      However, that number will only apply to the overall poll. The demographic breakdowns, as they each include fewer people, will have greater error. But they should still be within 10%. And regardless, the take away is the same: right now, people don’t really like the Pistons.

  • Feb 23, 20125:22 pm
    by DadBoner


    Patrick, Has any team ever needed a star player more than the pistons do right now? Time to throw this trash of a team to the curb, You guys..

  • Feb 23, 20126:00 pm
    by Laser


    I’m black as night and i HATE them.

  • Feb 23, 20126:10 pm
    by kamso


    i’m black, pistons are my favorite team because I don’t like any of the others and I’ve never set foot in Michigan

  • Feb 23, 20126:15 pm
    by Josh B


    I don’t put too much stock into this. I think in this area the Pistons have always suffered the loss of fanbase during down years moreso than any other major team in this area. I’m sure whenever they become competitive again, then all the bandwagon fans will return. I don’t really see how this is even surprising

    • Feb 23, 20129:50 pm
      by Patrick Hayes


      Yeah, I agree. Pistons have always suffered from bandwagoners. I’m not shocked by the results, moreso just the margin. Michigan is a basketball state — Flint, Detroit, Saginaw and Lansing are all great basketball cities in terms of history of producing talented players/HS teams. I would think that would lead to more Pistons fans willing to ride things out through tough times.

  • Feb 23, 201211:46 pm
    by Anthony


    Im black and the pistons aren’t my favorite team but they are my favorite team to watch! lol

  • Feb 24, 20122:44 am
    by Jason


    The Presidental race is toast. We need to start looking at what’s going on down ticket.

  • Feb 24, 20128:43 am
    by vic


    They did this to themselves when they traded Chauncey. He was such a leader, everybody loved him, way more than I did. Kids especially loved him.

    Being the only team not actually in Detroit could be a factor too, since so many people go downtown for all their entertainment. 

    All we have to do is win to help turn it around. That starts with drafting a star big man this year.

  • Feb 24, 201211:55 am
    by brgulker


    I love the Pistons as much as anyone, but I really don’t care for this current team at all.

  • Sep 14, 201212:07 am
    by rascal


    i love the pistons forever

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