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Lawrence Frank returns to New Jersey


  • Teams: Detroit Pistons at New Jersey Nets
  • Date: Feb. 1, 2012
  • Time: 7:30 p.m.
  • Television: Fox Sports Detroit


  • Pistons: 4-19
  • Nets: 7-15

Probable starters



  • Deron Williams
  • Anthony Morrow
  • DeShawn Stevenson
  • Kris Humphries
  • Johan Petro

Las Vegas projection

Spread: Pistons +6

Over/under: 180.5

Score: Nets win, 93.25-87.25

Three things to watch

1. A bad time for Deron Williams

Brandon Knight is struggling right now, so it’s perhaps not the best time to play against one of the league’s top point guards. Deron Williams is coming off a 34-point game in a loss last night to the Pacers (including this monster dunk over Roy Hibbert). He’s a big, strong guard and it will be a major challenge for Knight to defend him, especially in the third game of a back-to-back-to-back. Just another test in a season of getting thrown to the wolves for Knight.

2. A look at the Hump

Kris Humphries was signed to a bargain contract by the Nets in the offseason after reality TV attempted to ruin his career. Many fans wished the Pistons would’ve pursued him. They, like many teams, didn’t. So far this season, he’s averaging 12.8 points, 10.6 rebounds and a block a game. He’s a big dumb animal, but damn if I wouldn’t love that kind of production next to Greg Monroe right now.

3. Can Lawrence Frank get a win vs. his old team?

I’m sure Frank would like nothing more than to beat the team that fired him. Fortunately, things might be aligning for the Pistons to pull it off. The Nets will be playing without injured starters Brook Lopez, Mehmet Okur and MarShon Brooks. That still might not be enough for the Pistons to win on the road, especially if Williams has a big night, but it certainly gives some hope that the game can be competitive.


  • Feb 1, 20126:01 pm
    by Max


    I’d be there if I wasn’t so sick.

    • Feb 1, 20126:49 pm
      by Mark


      Actually, tou would have to be sick to go there and watch this mess, lol.

  • Feb 1, 20126:13 pm
    by gmehl


    I am going to go out on a limb here an say we will win this game an NO i will not bet my house on it.

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  • Feb 1, 20127:30 pm
    by frankie d


    joe d’s refusal to look at and go after guys like humphries is mystifying.  
    he’s relatively inexpensive, he produces, he plays a position of need for detroit.  
    a choice between tay and this guy is no choice.

    • Feb 1, 20127:37 pm
      by gmehl


      Exactly. It’s sad to think of the low cost team Joe could of built instead of spending all that money he did on CV and BG.

      • Feb 1, 20127:41 pm
        by Steve K


        And it wasn’t like this was a secret. The fact that many folks on this board wanted Humphries shows that it’s friggin’ common knowledge.

        Why Joe D stuck with the old guard is the last nail in his coffin. I defended the guy up until this year. After his bizarre moves, he’s completely un-defendable. He must go.

        • Feb 1, 20128:06 pm
          by gmehl


          I wanted Joe to go after David Lee and sit on that extra money until the season after. Heck i would of been ok if he just signed CV and kept the rest. As far as Joe getting fired i don’t think that will happen but you can bet your bottom dollar that management have him on notice. As a fan of Joe Dumars the player, i hate being put in the position of despising Joe Dumars the GM. It kind of makes me feel like i am being disloyal to him but i know i have to separate the 2. I too have defended him over the last 3 years and i am flat out running out of excuses for him. The part of me that was a big fan of Joe Dumars the player won’t let me stop rooting for him to get back to his former GM days.

  • Feb 1, 20128:39 pm
    by gmehl


    I thought Deron Williams was murdering us tonight then i looked at the box scores closer to see they actually have Jordan, Shawne, Sheldon and a Deron Williams.

  • Feb 1, 20128:42 pm
    by Shane


    Is it wrong to wish Knight shot more threes than midrange jump shots? It appears he has a better chance of making a shot beyond the arc than inside

  • Feb 2, 201211:41 am
    by Murph


    On Humphries, correct me if I’m wrong, but there seems to be an unspoken agreement among NBA GM’s and owners not to bid up other team’s restricted FAs.  I remember when David Lee was a restricted FA.  The only offer he got was from the Knicks, and Lee eventually had to re-sign with the Knicks for 1 year at $7 million, which seemed to be way below his free market value.

    Similarly, last off season, when Humphries was a restricted FA, no team besides the Nets bid for him.  The Nets eventually re-signed Humphries for 1 year at $8 million, which again seems to be way below his free market value.

    And finally, last year when Stuckey was a restricted FA, again no other team besides the Pistons bid for his services, and the Pistons eventually re-signed him for 3 years at $25 million.  It’s hard to say what Stuckey’s free market value really was, but 3 years at $25 million seems very reasonable.   (Although, I’m sure many might disagree.) 

    I’m sure there are other examples, but I’m too lazy to look them up right now.

    So my question is:  If NBA GMs and owners really do have an unspoken understanding to not bid on each other’s resticted FAs, why is that legal?  Doesn’t that represent collusion?  Why doesn’t the NBA players union sue the owners, the way the MLB players union sued the owners for collusion in the late 1980s, when Kirk Gibson, Jack Morris and Doyle Alexander were given low-ball offers, among others?

    • Feb 2, 201212:42 pm
      by Dan Feldman


      It would be illegal if an unspoken agreement exists. Any evidence of that? If the players had evidence, I’m sure they would sue.

      It’s just business. Why waste time with an RFA whom you probably won’t get when signing him to an offer sheet might make you miss out on UFAs.

      • Feb 2, 20121:31 pm
        by Murph


        “It’s just business.  Why waste time with an RFA whom you probably won’t get…”

        Yes well, whatever the reason, be it collusion or just business, it’s tough to fault Dumars for not going after Humphries, when every team in the NBA uses the same strategy of not going after other team’s restricted FAs. 

  • Feb 2, 20123:30 pm
    by Max


    I’m not sure, but it seemed like no team in the entire league was interested and while I don’t follow reality TV or the tabloids, I really have never understood, despite the constant putdowns, why everyone seems to hate Humprhries so much.
    That said, a big dumb animal that rebounds and everyone in the country hates: sounds like a Piston to me.  And I’ve wanted Reggie Evans on the “Stones for the last decade.

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