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Jason Maxiell cuts 20 pounds

If Jason Maxiell looks like he’s playing leaner this season, that’s because he is. Vince Ellis of the Detroit Free Press:

Maxiell, who is listed at 260 pounds, entered training camp 20 pounds lighter than in previous years, and Frank has noticed Maxiell’s improvement through the season.

“It just talks about his commitment,” Frank said. “Max has made as much progress as any player from the start of training camp until now. It’s the work he’s put in, not just in the off-season, but from the time training camp started.”


  • Feb 10, 201212:58 pm
    by frankie d


    maxiell is exactly the type of player monroe needs next to him.
    it would be nice if max was 4 inches taller, with better hands, and a better rebounder, but beggars can’t be choosy.
    he’s the kind of physical, “athletic” big man who can block shots (sorta) that monroe needs to play with.
    in fact, considering what max is doing now, imho, fesenko would work very nicely and be a nice upgrade.
    its similar to what is going on with lin and NY right now.   while it remains to be seen whether lin will continue to perform at anywhere near his very high level, there is no doubt that NY needs the kind of player lin represents.
    they need a pass first point guard who can run the pick and roll.  if lin cannot be that player, they still need to find that player.  
    the same thing applies with detroit and max.
    detroit needs a player like max.  they just need a better player like max.

  • Feb 11, 201210:19 pm
    by Birdman84


    So, contract year?

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