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Greg Monroe to play for Team Shaq in Rising Stars Challenge (plus Shaq’s and Barkley’s full draft order)

Greg Monroe and Brandon Knight will both play for Team Shaq in the Rising Stars Challenge. Here’s the complete order of the draft Shaq and Charles Barkley held tonight:

  1. Shaq: Blake Griffin
  2. Barkley: Kyrie Irving
  3. Shaq: Jeremy Lin
  4. Barkley: DeMarcus Cousins
  5. Shaq: Ricky Rubio
  6. Barkley: Paul George
  7. Shaq: Greg Monroe
  8. Barkley: Derrick Williams
  9. Shaq: Markieff Morris
  10. Barkley: Marshon Brooks
  11. Shaq: Kemba Walker
  12. Barkley: John Wall
  13. Shaq: Landry Fields
  14. Barkley: Gordon Hayward
  15. Shaq: Norris Cole
  16. Barkley: Tiago Splitter

The final four players were randomly assigned to teams. I suppose that makes sense. This game is for fun, and no player should suffer the indignity of being the last pick. Here’s how the last two players were assigned:

  • Shaq: Brandon Knight and Tristan Thompson
  • Barkley: Kawhi Leonard and Evan Turner

Obviously, Monroe should have gone higher if Shaq and Barkley were both totally concerned about winning this game. Their true motivation is probably just to be entertaining, and given both of their shticks involve being semi-uniformed about the NBA, I’m not going to spend anymore time analyzing the draft order.


  • Feb 17, 20122:02 am
    by Ryan P.


    Klay Thompson seems to be the glaring omission from this list..at least should be on over Derrick

  • Feb 17, 20129:46 am
    by Steve K


    I wouldn’t expect Shaq or Barkley to pick Monroe any higher.
    To do so, they’d have to actually watch a Pistons’ game. Who outside of Detroit would want to do that?

  • Feb 17, 201211:27 am
    by Kdub


    tonight’s pistons-kings game matches cousins v monroe, which will the key matchup in the rising stars challenge.  Lets hope Greg dominates in both.

  • Feb 17, 20122:20 pm
    by frankie d


    it will probably be a rough night for monroe.  cousins is the type of big man who gives him trouble.  
    additionally, not only is he pretty athletic, but he strong like bull.
    and, he’s pretty smart – in terms of BB IQ – so it is unlikely that greg will be able to make him look foolish with his usual assortment of slick moves and tricks.
    cousins might rampage through detroit’s interior defense tonight.
    in fact, both jason thompson and cousins could end up playing volleyball at the rim.  no one really to stop them.
    and this could be a really, really tough game for detroit, if thornton gets hot.  they have no one who can come in and cool him off if he starts to get hot.  and isiah (sp?) thomas also….
    detroit fans expecting the pistons to waltz through sactown may be in for a rude awakening.  sactown is a feast or famine team.  if their guys are on their game, they are basically the washington wizards west, an athletic young team that can go on torching runs and blow a team out if they aren’t careful.

    • Feb 17, 20122:27 pm
      by Patrick Hayes


      Cousins out with back spasms tonight. Chuck Hayes starting.

      • Feb 17, 20123:09 pm
        by frankie d


        nice break. cousi

        • Feb 17, 20123:27 pm
          by frankie d


          weird…my posts keep getting deleted.
          to repeat, cousins is a scary guy, rampaging in the middle.  and against the pistons, who have no real legitimate physical force in the middle – absent ben w. – cousins would have a field day.
          hayes will drive monroe crazy, and make his life miserable, but he’s not an offensive force and will only play about 20 minutes.  thompson is more of a finesse player, though he will still cause trouble on the boards.
          but at least he won’t tenderize the pistons’ interior, as cousins would have done.
          this will still be a tough game, because evans and thornton and thomas can cause lots of trouble.
          fredette could get hot also.
          thornton is going to be a guy to watch.  he’s capable of a big night, especially because detroit doesn’t really have a guy who can defend him.

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