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Greg Monroe, Rodney Stuckey lead dominant team victory over Bobcats

Most Valuable Player

Greg Monroe. Monroe (19 points and 20 rebounds) edges Rodney Stuckey (29 points, four rebounds and three assists) because he played some of the best positional defense of his career. Monroe blocked a shot, took a charge and, overall, got to the right spots defensively. I’ve been critical of Monroe’s defense in the past, but he played well on that end tonight.


Bismack Biyombo, who blocked three shots in nine minutes, left left the game in the first quarter with a shoulder injury. Without him, the Bobcats couldn’t protect the rim or grab rebounds effectively. I doubt they would have won, anyway, but Boris Diaw, DeSagana Diop, Tyrus Thomas, D.J. White and Byron Mullens were pitiful.

That was… thorough

Aside from Jason Maxiell – who starts for his defense (four blocks) and rebounding (seven rebounds) – every Piston starter scored scored at least 14 points and made at least half his shots.

Rodney Stuckey drove to the basket relentlessly, and more often than not, made a layup or drew a foul. He finished 9-of-11 from the line.

Greg Monroe was active inside, often making himself available for passes from Detroit’s motion-heavy perimeter players, and finished well.

Brandon Knight (20 points, five assists, no turnovers) combined Stuckey’s and Monroe’s approaches, driving to the rim and taking advantage of teammates’ activity to find open looks for himself.

Tayshaun Prince made jumper after jumper, which I’m sure will be totally sustainable – as long as the Pistons don’t have too many games in a short stretch or too long a break.

Stuck on the bench

Neither Austin Daye nor Will Bynum played, and Vernon Macklin saw just two minutes.

I suspect the Pistons’ woeful three-game losing streak had something to do with that. Lawrence Frank has made clear how important winning is to him. I don’t think he wanted to risk letting the opportunity for victory slip away.

Really, none of Detroit’s reserves made a significant impact.

The Pistons’ starters played heavy, though not extreme, minutes. And they played hard for that time. It was a welcome sight, and I’m certainly not complaining. I’m just curious how they’ll handle such a strenuous load Saturday at Memphis.


  • Mar 1, 20122:18 am
    by zachb


    I read websites about the pistons all the time, this being one of my favorite. i dont understand though, how do so many people not see the bright light at the end of the tunnel? we draft monroe, he’s a stud. i’d argue that knight is showing signes of a bright future that’s similar to what monroe showed in his rookie season. idk if knight is the pistons pg of the future, but in my opinion, i’d like to think he is. im no expert but i think most people can see that stuck can fill it up, maybe not all the time, but he can do it. i see 3 out of 5 starters clearly established with knight monroe and stuckey, plus a bench that includes jj, and hopefully daye at some point. am i overly optomistic about thinking that we have rebuilt excellently via the draft? (i also believe we could get a forth starter out of this draft.. honestly i want barnes, with a FA signing of kamen i dont know if it’s possible tho.) hey, imo joe d has been dead on with his last two 1st rd draft picks, im not gunna doubt him this year. i think he is building something special. just hope he goes for another high character player.

    • Mar 1, 201212:13 pm
      by tarsier


      “just hope he goes for another high character player”

      like everyone he has ever apparently drafted?

  • Mar 1, 20122:36 am
    by zachb


    btw, i do recognize the need for someone to play alongside of monroe as our biggest need. i would pick davis or drummond and would take heavy consideration for robinson and sullinger before barnes or kidd gilchrist. im just assuming we wont have a chance at davis or drummond cuz i think we r better than top two unless we get lucky, and i also think barnes is just oozing with potential on both ends of the court. c’mon, you cant help but at least have a bit of confidence in knight. plus monroe has proven he’s a stud, stuck has shown his offensive ability along with his tendancy to get to the line (also our best perimeter defender). if we hit on this next lotto pick, i seriously dont think we will be out of title contention for too long.

    • Mar 1, 20125:12 am
      by Stuckey and whoever


      I do remember Monroe taking quite a bit to get his NBA legs under him last year.  Thats usually what happens with most rookies and even some that turn out to be great.  And I see the same thing with Knight, I actually think I seen more an improvment with Knight with less than 40 games into the season.  Consistant not really but what he has done scoring wise is pretty legit for a rookie.  And know the turnovers are dropping because he is getting used to the speed of the game.  Monroe, Stuck and Knight are a lock.  It is everyone else that is a ???????  I still have good hopes for JJ but Daye I think needs a trip to the euro league or something. 

    • Mar 1, 201212:14 pm
      by tarsier


      every team has to be lucky to get top two, even the worst team in the league has only about a 50% shot at landing in the top two.

  • Mar 1, 20126:35 am
    by gmehl1977


    Its hard to get exited about beating the Bobcats. Maybe this game will get Prince going after an inconsistent 1st half of t he season.

  • Mar 1, 20126:45 am
    by Daye and Knight


    Yea not gonna lie, I saw we were up against the bobcats and was like hell…no…I’m not watching this garbage lol good win but no way I’m getting excited over it or talking about this is a sign of things to come, not yet. We’re still destined to end up with a lottery pick that falls between the 5-7 range so it’ll be at least a few more year until we can make some noise in this league

    • Mar 1, 20128:12 am
      by gmehl1977


      I wouldn’t be sad if they put Monroe and Knight one ice with a dozen or so games left in the season. Call it 2 steps back to take 3 steps forward if yo must. Davis is going to the Bobcats, Wizards or Hornets so if Drummond doesn’t declare then I think we should take Barnes in the 1st round and Fab Melo in the 2nd if he lasts that long. If all the good bigs are gone then maybe we could see if Milwaukee would trade us Bogut for a combo players and our 1st rounder. I know he hasn’t been healthy since his dunk injury but Bogut would be a nice fit next to Monroe and would allow him to play the PF. C-Bogut PF-Monroe SF-Prince SG-Stuckey PG-Knight. Add a good perimeter defender (Trevor Ariza type player) and we start looking more like the Detroit Pistons of old.

      • Mar 1, 201212:16 pm
        by tarsier


        How do you know Hornets, Bobcats, or Wizards will win the lottery?

  • Mar 1, 20129:10 am
    by neutes


    I just don’t know what to make of this. The Bobcats are really bad; the Pistons looked good. The Bobcats just aren’t really bad either though, they have a -14.33 point differential. They right now would go down as the 2nd worst team in the history of the NBA. That’s bad.

    Monroe was awesome though. And without Biyombo they had nobody to protect the rim. Diaw can’t even jump. Stuckey and Knight could drive to the hoop at will. It was almost like watching the Pistons try to defend the rim, only the Bobcats guards don’t drive or create pressure so it didn’t matter.

  • Mar 1, 20129:35 am
    by apa8ren9


    Well the Bobcats are bad and we beat them like we were supposed to.   They are playing all of their rookies and they are just terrible.  A problem ive had with some of the posters here is that you want the Pistons to do what the Bobcats are doing and that is just counter productive.  They are tanking on purpose, playing only young players, traded all of their tangible assets away and Micheal Jordan just doesnt care right now about his on court product.  And then some how magically people think IF you get the number one pick it just magically all goes away and you become a good team in one year.  Good win, this erases the stench of the Philly loss.

    • Mar 1, 201212:25 pm
      by tarsier


      Nobody thinks you become a good team in one year. It takes several high picks usually. But getting rid of veteran talent and stocking up on youngsters to develop together can be a winning formula. It is basically exactly what the Thunder did.

      That is why I wanted the Pistons to do something similar. Not because it would make for one lousy year and then contention, but because three lousy years in (like we are at now), we could have the players of a contending team who just need one or two more years to get older and better. As things currently stand, the Pistons are only maybe halfway there. Was winning 10-15 more games each year worth dragging out the process for twice as many years?

      Understand that I’m not claiming to know that the Pistons would have lost 10-15 more games each year had they taken an approach like Charlotte nor do I claim to know that the rebuild process would really take half as many years. Those are just rough estimates I am throwing out as an explanation of why many of us fans do wish for such an approach.

  • Mar 2, 20125:09 pm
    by zachb


    @tarsier, idk if ur comment about high character draft picks was sarcastic or not, but i think joe d does pick quality high character players. honestly i dont understand why there is a big joe d witch hunt, sure we suck, but people forget all the good years. also noticed that many comments talked about the bobcats and how we shouldnt get excited. my comments were not about this win, i recognive it was the BOBCATS, just saw the forum as a good chance to express my thoughts with like minded fans. heres to hoping we get back to the top soon!

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