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Greg Monroe makes Tom Ziller’s All-Star reserve ballot

Tom Ziller of SBNation chose his backup All-Stars, including Greg Monroe:

CENTER: Greg Monroe. Detroit’s Monrobocop has been the conference’s second best center, no matter how bad the Pistons have looked. He’s averaging 16 points and almost 10 rebounds a game on 51 percent shooting while picking up more assists than turnovers. He edges Roy Hibbert, who plays for a much better team. But you can’t pick your teammates, unless you’re LeBron James or Stephen Jackson.

Earlier in the season, Patrick made the case that Monroe should be an All-Star. I’m not so sure. Since Patrick’s post, Monroe has tailed off a little and Joakim Noah has improved. It could come down to the wire.

Regardless, I doubt Monroe will make the All-Star Game. Still, it’s a credit to him that he’s in the discussion of who deserves to make the All-Star Game.


  • Feb 3, 20122:41 pm
    by Max


    I love Monroe, but they should just add more forwards.  Why have a backup center when doing so means either Carmelo Anthony or Chris Bosh, one or the other, probably won’t make the team?  Monroe will start making the team annually next year and this year, he’s got the rookie game.

  • Feb 3, 20123:43 pm
    by sebastian


    Max, agreed! Monroe should be anointed, naturally. He has yet to arrive to All-Star-level, yet.

  • Feb 3, 20126:59 pm
    by Max


    Besides which, I’d rather have Monroe be as far under the radar as possible until the Pistons are actually dangerous.   If he were to make the all star team this year, the collective “who” around the league could lead to a backlash and Monroe doesn’t need that,

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