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Charting the Pistons’ progress at midseason

The Pistons’ season is midway over, and here are few charts to show how they’ve progressed in some telling statistics during their first 33 games.

The three horizontal red lines in each post represent the NBA minimum, maximum and average for each category.

Winning percentage

Offensive rating

Offensive effective field-goal percentage

Offensive turnover rate

Offensive rebounding rate

Offensive free-throw rate

Defensive rating

Defensive effective field-goal percentage

Defensive turnover rate

Defensive rebounding rate

Defensive free-throw rate



  • Feb 21, 20125:10 pm
    by Dynamizer


    Very interesting stuff DF. There definitely seems to be some progression being made. Thanks for all the work!

  • Feb 21, 201210:06 pm
    by Matt


    That pace stat is an absolute killer! When yur game is so bad on all other metrics, shouldn’t you push the pace to give yourself more of a chance?

    • Feb 22, 201211:50 am
      by tarsier


      In a vacuum, that should reduce your odds. It gives more possessions which increases the opportunity for regression to the mean (like having a best of 7 playoff series instead of a best of 5). However, pushing the pace won’t happen in a vacuum, so if your personnel is better suited to a fast and wild game, go for it.

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